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Speaking & Workshops

I offer a variety of workshops and speaking engagements on self-exploration, polyamory, and career sex blogging for conferences, retreats, and private events. Custom workshops are also available. Book me to teach at your upcoming event.

Most of my workshops are designed to be interactive. Participants can expect to leave with a fresh, awakened perspective and a wealth of applicable knowledge. Check out these testimonials.

Heal Anyway- affirming our truth through the act of forgiveness

“It is said that a wise person learns from their own experiences, but a wiser person learns from the experiences of others.”

Sometimes the truth is in a hard to reach. Our truth is often hidden from us like a riddle. The Heal Anyway workshop helps us identify our truth through shared interactive experience. This is the most intelligible step to transforming our truth into healing for ourselves and others.

The heal anyway workshop is truly an adventure to behold as it brings to light what has been done in the dark giving us the opportunity to practice authentic acts of forgiveness.

Empowered Erotic Expression

highlighting shamefree, victimless, unapologetic, and body positive expression as a source of healing and empowerment

Why do women, whether they are paid or not, share revealing or risque photos online? Are they just doing it for attention?

Come learn how this and other forms of erotic expression empower women on a journey of reclaiming their sexuality in a way that is free of shame, unapologetic, victimless, and body positive. This workshop takes us through a brief history of our bodies and affirms who we are as sexual beings.

Drop Shipping and Sex Toys

Did you know sex toys are one of the few sales that remain the same or increase during a recession?

Learn the ins and outs of drop shipping, the best hosting, ethical and body safe sourcing, where and how to market, plus how to be an unaffiliated sex toy party rep.

The Business of Sex Blogging

Everything you need to know about being a sex blogger. What you need, what you don’t need, and things to be wary of. Getting connected and growing your traffic. How to choose sex blogger friendly hosting, and pitching companies for free and reduced price toys.


Prior to identifying as a polyamorous person, I had so many questions with a limited availability of resources. Turns out, I just didn’t know where to look or what questions to ask.

Join me in a live action “que and aye” in my adventures of self exploration as a queer polyamorous cisgender woman. Learn my personal tools for navigating polyamory. Get tons of resources to embark on your own adventure or at least enough to satiate your curiosity even if you do decide it isn’t for you. Here’s an opportunity to get the answers you desire and deserve.