Women’s Orgasms Matter

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WOMEN’S ORGASMS MATTER is a community campaign about exploring the orgasm gap and a better connection through sex.

What is the orgasm gap? You ask.

In 2009, the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior (NSSHB) did a survey. What they found through the survey is that 94% of men and ONLY 64% of women reported climaxing during their last sexual encounter.

The WOMEN’S ORGASMS MATTER campaign takes on the responsibility of addressing this gap.

We provide those spaces to hold meaningful conversations. . .to hold healing conversation and to provide the education necessary to have both an EMPOWERING and a PLEASURABLE sexual experience.

Orgasm Gap
Image by O.school

What is the psychology behind the orgasm gap?

What conditioned beliefs about sex, women, and relationships enable the orgasm gap?

How can we fill this gap?

Women’s Orgasms Matter is a campaign created for sex positive and body positive sex education advocating for sexual freedom. Our focus is sexual pleasure and sex-positive sex education.

Our goal is to promote sexual empowerment by giving individuals what they need to make informed decisions that contribute to better sexual health and the confidence of being sexually aware of your own as well as your partner’s sexual pleasure. Specifically, if your partner is female.

Our goal is to create a society in which everyone climaxes every time. #Yassssss

Happy Orgasms!

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