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It’s my first travel guide!😁🤗 And it’s from my recent trip to London for Eroticon 2018. I had such an amazing time. Take me back!

It has taken me way too long to write this short travel guy and I promise is going to be short. This is not a post to keep you on my blog past three minutes. Although, I do have some crazy long pieces like my 7 Truths About Being Non-monogamous post and the To Be a Sex-Positive Parent post. In my defense, they’ve been think pieces where I’m deep in thought processing my experiences through my writing. Such a thing could never be captured in a 500-word post. At least, I don’t think so.

Safe Travels:

The British Airways flight (connecting from American Airlines) was a 7-hour flight and it was a bit more pleasant than I had expected. Also because I was flying at night; so that was a plus. I slept most of the flight; probably would have done that anyway regardless of the time of day.

Although, I was a bit annoyed at the placement of a screaming baby on the seats in front of mine. Fortunately, I can sleep straight through almost any noise. It’s only touching me while I’m sleeping that I cannot tolerate.

Ways to Pay

So first things first: passport, boarding pass, — check, leggo. When traveling in London on the railway system and lines, it’s best to go Contactless. You can even do Contactless from your phone via Google Pay. Awesomeness and hella convenient. You set up your cards on Google pay. Once it’s all set up, you simply unlock your phone and tap it wherever you see the Contactless symbol.

Prior to this trip to London I had no idea about Contactless. I hadn’t heard about it. I had occasionally seen that little symbol  but all I hear is Apple pay here in the states.

And if you don’t have a Contactless card or access to it via Google play or just don’t feel comfortable setting that up that way, then you’ll do just fine with an Oyster card. Be careful on your travels on the tube. I found that it was difficult for some people to muster up an excuse me or maybe they just didn’t speak my language. And stand to the right on the subway escalator because the left is for people that are going to keep moving instead of just standing. Such etiquette over there! I love it.

The underground subway lines are called the tube and different lines have different names. You’re going to need a map.

Place to Stay

While visiting London I stayed at the Generator Hostel. It was pretty nice. I have zero experiences with hostels so this was my first. I’ve gotta say I’m really impressed. I also enjoy being in communal spaces like these particularly for the enjoyment of people watching.

As an Empath, I really enjoy being around different types of energy. It’s an enlightening experience.

Anyhoo, if you’re going to stay at Generator Hostel make sure you bring toiletries, shower tote for your bathtime goodies (I’d say a caddy that’s much too bulky. Unless it’s one of those foldable caddies) towel, and shower shoes and cap.

They serve breakfast and have lockers where you can lock up your things but that’s extra. If you don’t want to purchase a locker, they do have like these little rolling drawers under your bed that you can put a lock on. So you could very well just empty your suitcase into those drawers and then put a lock on your drawer. That way you can just have the suitcase there in the room with you. It took me a day to figure that out. Ahh, well.

The hostel was very nice and they even call a taxi for you but I wouldn’t recommend it for people with fragrance allergies. Random, I know. I have a sensitive nose, but fortunately for staying in hostels, no fragrance allergies.

Easy Peasy

Before traveling, I thought I was going to have to like call my credit card companies and let them know that I would be out of the country and call my cell phone company and go through all of that yada yada yada but I didn’t. (total run-on)

My credit cards are with Capital One so I have the Capital One app. There was simply an alert sent to my email to ask whether or not I was making certain transactions. Once I hit the little “that was me” link in the email I was good to go. Way convenient. My phone plan is through Verizon and I was able to get the daily Travel Pass which is like $10 a day for talk text and data only on the days you use it. Extra awesomeness!

If you don’t have access to travel pass or something similar, you can always download WhatsApp because they have lots and lots of free Wi-Fi access.

I really thought I was going to have to bum Wi-Fi the entire trip which had me so bummed out. No pun intended. 🤣

For the Sake of Convenience

Three apps that you might want to download for your trip includes the my taxi app, National Rail, and you probably already have Uber. Downloading the app for the airline company you’re flying with would be pretty convenient as well.

I’m not really one for seeing the sights when I visit places. For some reason I’d rather go shopping and mingle with people. But if you do plan to get out and see the sights, prepare to get pushed around by tiny, older Asian women when exploring tourist areas.

There are lots of cash machines with free cash withdrawals (no ATM fee) that will give you the British money for the American money that’s from your debit card. Best of all they advertise how much you have to pay before you even stick your card in the machine. Take note America. It’s the little things.

Random Tidbits

Just a bit of signage as we come to the end of this post… The lift is the elevator the toilet is of course the restroom and the way out is the exit.

People often ask me if I had a difficult time understanding their British accents. Honestly they have more trouble understanding this slight southern drawl American accent and my nasally descent from a cold I took on before I left the states.

I truly enjoyed Eroticon and London was so good to me. So looking forward to my next trip.

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