7 Ways to Discover the Joy in Fellatio

Welcome to Day Five of our blog series. Yesterday, we had the pleasure of discovering the anatomy of passion, learning that finding joy in fellatio is much more than learning tips and techniques on how to bring a man to his knees. Although, there is great joy and power in that as well. Be sure to check it out if you missed it.

Seven Ways to Discover the Joy in Fellatio

I’ve heard many stories of women who don’t enjoy fellatio for whatever reason which is just too fucking bad. I’m certain some guy projecting feelings of obligation who refuse to take no for an answer through direct or indirect, non aggressive body language, snuffed the desire right out of her. Perhaps even a sexual trauma she had to endure has left her with a bad taste in her mouth about fellatio.

Every woman is different however, I can relate to a lack of desire to perform the act. My personal lack of desire always arises from a man who might be too presumptuous and aggressive. I know exactly where the penis is located; I don’t need any “guidance”. I also do not care to have the back of my head held in place while a penis is being thrust into my mouth. I got this.

I can totally relate to the eternal turn-off of having unsolicited dick whipped out into your face with the expectation that you should happily slide it into my mouth. With that being said, the suggestions I’ve listed in this post would have a woman like me eager to fulfill my desire to share my joy of fellatio with my guy. Ladies can initiate these suggestions as well should she be interested in finding her own joy in fellatio.

Here goes.

Get reacquainted with the penis. One of biggest pet peeves about adult sex is going in with expectations. How about we not do that for once. How about we truly let “what happens, happen.” Let’s just feel, observe, taste, listen, and smell. Take it all in selflessly without the expectation of sex.

Communication is always my very first go to. As Mrs. Mayweather explains, you may not be there because you aren’t talking about it. Doesn’t always work but you should always try it first. Talk it out. Explore her desires with the goal of uncovering what might have her against the idea of fellatio. Explore your mutual desires. Talk about what you want yet let her know you won’t move on any of those without her green light. In a world of assumptions, reassurance is comforting. Talk about trust, talk about openness, talk intimately about things indirectly related to sex.

Learn together. Learning the male anatomy (and female anatomy) and exploring those parts interactively is a highly intimate engagement. Talking purely from experience here. Allow her to come into her own. Let her touch, rub, feel and explore your penis uninhibited and without pressure to put it in her mouth. A well-lit room, light music, drinks, lots of playful laughter always gets the joys of fellatio flowing.

Put her desires and pleasure first. Let her know you care about how she feels and you want her to feel good. Help her feel relaxed. Keep a bit of distance and allow her to come to you but let her know you’re interested. Anticipation can be quite the mood heightening tool even if there’s no follow through. If she refuses you verbally or through body language accept that without taking it personally, without pressure or continuous inquiry. Most of the time, it’s not about you, and it’s just not worth snuffing out her joy.

Genuinely sweet talk her. Tell her she’s beautiful. Tell her things you honestly enjoy about her unrelated to sex. I have had guys tell me they sense a beautiful soul within me. That guy is more likely to get his dick sucked than some some guy telling me I have nice legs because guys tell me that, too. Once again though, context is everything. Ask her to share her fantasy of cunnilingus: the when, the where, the how. Ask her for all the details. Add to her details, suggest some things that you might do to her. Once she’s done, ASK her whether she minds if you share yours.

During the act, play with her ass and around her pussy; Not IN but AROUND her pussy. Hopefully, you follow the earlier suggestion of putting her pleasure first so that pussy is nice and wet when you go to play with it. It’s not easy to play in dry pussy and it’s honestly a turn-off (for me anyway). Moan loud enough that she can hear you from down there. Let her know how much you’re enjoying it. Tell her you like what she’s doing and be specific about what that is. Tell her how good she is at sucking your dick. Offer her verbal, seductive guidance, rub her back, play in her hair and if you’re on that level, tell her you love her. Let her have her way. She’ll let you have yours soon enough.

It’s praise time. When she’s done, tell her how much you enjoyed her sucking your dick. Grab her face, kiss her deeply, and tell her, “thank you for sucking my dick so good”. And if you make it to intercourse, give her long deep strokes. Squeeze her ass and ask her if she enjoyed sucking your dick. Look her directly in her eyes and tell her she sucked your dick so good. Even if she didn’t; she’ll get better and it will all be worth it.


I was reminded of to add this tip by my sex blogger buddy, Jordan; one that I mentioned in the introduction.

Own it! Yas, ladies. Once you’ve discovered your joy in fellatio. Own that $h!t. Show him who has the power and who is in control. You don’t like when he’s grabbing your head or hair? Let him know that hand has to go if he wants things to continue. Want him to move faster or slow down grab him by the hips and guide his body. You hold the pleasure therefore you have the power.

On the contrary, she might be the total opposite of all I just explained and enjoys her man aggressively telling her what to do and how to do it. Kind of like they do in standard porn. Not really my thing but hey it could be hers. Again, communication is key here. Remember, fellatio is not all about HIS pleasure.

If this doesn’t work, Carly gives some amazing BJ tips on After Market Cocks.

This marks the end of the Joys of Fellatio blog series. Let me know how you enjoyed it in the comments and whether you’d be interested in another series. I’m open to receiving ideas. Tomorrow, I will be concluding the series…a summary of sorts. Once again, subscribe, subscribe.

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