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Twerk is International

When I was in second grade, I won my first twerk contest. Yes, you read that correctly. I doubt I had anything to twerk, but I definitely had the technique down packed.

My friends and I loved to twerk. They even let us do it at school dances. It was definitely the culture of my city despite religious saturation.

When DJ Jimi’s Where They At started playing… It was over with. Then came Juve’s Back That Ass Up… These are two of the most prominent ass shaker twerk songs for my generation and region.

Sex wasn’t a thought in my mind; at least not consciously 😉. Twerking from my perspective is cultural…black culture… and many other things for me personally as I am recently learning.

Once sex did enter my mind, ya girl had the moves…already. Twerking is deeply feminine, exotic, and ritualistic. It’s not for everybody. Understood. Still not a reason to demonize it.

Twerking is lyfe

I do not care what anyone else thinks about it. Y’all gonna learn to stop factoring other people’s opinions into your experience.

This is a key reason why most people are confused about their bodies and their purpose and the purpose of their bodies.

I’m gonna tell you right now. In the grand scheme of what is YOUR life, they don’t matter. 🖕🏾

I get my twerk in every morning, sometimes at night depending on where I am. I almost dropped my phone a couple of weeks ago trying to twerk in a parking lot, knowing I don’t have a screen protector. That could have been TRA-GIC. But hey, 😜 #twerkislyfe

I got a little bit of skills. And most of the time I enjoy the attention. Just don’t touch me 🤬

Twerk is Spiritual

While in Guatemala, I am learning about the Mayan calendar and the Mayan zodiac. Mine is Nawal Kan which is the serpent or the snake. If you are into spiritual awakening and you’re thinking Kundalini energy, you’re exactly right. So you see, sex means more to my purpose than I could have ever conceive. The Mayans knew it even before I was born.

For the last few weeks, I have been playing the City Girls featuring Cardi B Twerk song on repeat. Watching the video gave me so much life 😍 I’m definitely trying to get flewed out (all expenses paid) after that one.

While hanging out with a couple of the locals in Guatemala City, Jose and Daniel, one of them asked what genre of music I enjoyed listening to. I responded by playing a couple of songs from my playlist and City Girls, Twerk was one of them. Daniel immediately identified it as a twerk song and asked if I had any twerk videos. I laughed.

I had been conversing with Daniel and Jose for almost an hour. Neither of them spoke English well as I do not speak Spanish very well either. Un poquito…however he had no issues making that request clear and I had no issue understanding it 🤣🤣🤣 #twerkisinternational

I felt so inspired by the request, I wrote a status update on Facebook 😆🥰

Unfortunately I have no twerk videos to share at the moment but that will soon change. 😁

Who wants to hold the camera? 😝

Modesty ain’t for me.

✌🏿 Enjoy…

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