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Treat Yo’self: A Valentine’s Day List

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Single or not here it comes. The infamous, notorious, love it or hate it Valentine’s day. I love Valentine’s day because love, duh. 🥰 Whether I’m partnered or single, celebrating this time has always been on my list of things to do. And I’m also very much into pagan holidays 💟☘️🐇🎃 so miss me on that platform.

I love treating myself. Patience is not one of my strongest virtues. I also don’t like to wait for stuff once I’ve decided I want it cause I’ve likely been considering it for sometime by then… And people rarely buy me what I want anyway.

They often buy what they can “afford” in which case I’d rather you just leave it in the store. Don’t waste your time or mine… If it’s the thought that counts and you couldn’t get me what I asked for, the thought was probably some corner cutting, lazy thought… And you can keep that, too.

The heart wants what the heart wants. 🤷🏾‍♀️ If you’re wondering right now what I might want, here’s my Amazon wishlist and cash works wonders like you wouldn’t believe. And don’t be judging my wishlist. 👀

Also, I’m more of a lover of intangibles… Stuff that can’t sit on a shelf and collect dust. Like this incredible sunset high upon Volcano Pacaya from my recent trip to Guatemala.

So whether you’re single or you just wanna treat yo’self for Valentine’s Day, here’s a helpful list to get you started on your adventure.

Get a Pet

Make sure you’re ready for the commitment, though. I was seriously considering Chester for a lovely birthday/Valentine’s gift to myself. Too, much of a commitment at the moment, but soon.

I wanted him even more after I discovered my Mayan day sign 😲.


Get Flowers delivered to you💐… I used to tell myself I didn’t like getting flowers. What was the point of lying to myself for so long!? I guess it just fit my persona.

I used to think, “What’s the point, they are just going to die,” in my depressed Capricorn way 😂♑ Clearly, I was missing the point by a long shot.

No need for personas, now. I’m too busy being my actual self. I had no idea I am this much fun.

Anywho, an ex of mine had flowers delivered to me at my grandma’s house. He made my whole life 😄! I’ll love him forever just for that.

My locs were so fierce at this stage! 🦁 I was around 8 months in.

So go order some flowers… Next time, schedule it months in advance so you forget all about it then BOOM; Happy Valentine’s day to you💞!

Is love in your future?

Tired of spending Valentine’s day alone? Wanna know if love is in your future?

Get a sex and love tarot reading done by yours truly and check in on what’s in store for your relationship. Plus some solid advice on how to make the best of it.

That would surely make a fine gift for the both of us. I enjoy helping others navigate sex and love.

And while this is a Valentine’s article, don’t expect me to chocolate coat anything because it ain’t happening 🙅🏿‍♀️.

Spa Day

Spa day— getting decked out in glittery, kinky nails, deep tissue massage, bottomless white wine, and Ms. Tina asking me if I want to get my legs waxed every time.

BRING IT ON  and on and on and on. I spend an entire day in the spa and be ready to nap when I leave. Spa day is always money well spent. You deserve it and I do, too!

Gimme Some Shuga

Not much into getting things for yourself? I feel that. It does feel awesome to know others are thinking of you. In that case, you might want to grab a membership on one of those sugar daddy websites .

Now, I don’t know much about sugar baby dating, but it would be fun to find out. Don’t you think so? Check out this handsome fella on Twitter. He may be your type.

I feel like a sugar mama might be more your thing, no? I’m gonna be a sugar mama when I grow up.

We’ve got those, too. 😉

Or perhaps independent escorts are a better connection for you. You might even consider treating yo’ escort. You can even find escorts by location to check out ones in your area.

Bee Mine

Remember in elementary when we brought Valentine’s to pass out in our class. I loved doing that so I did it in high school. I made Valentine’s for my friends, people I genuinely liked, and my favorite teachers. I’d just buzz around school handing out Valentine’s to seemingly random persons.

Then when other people would ask for one, I’d be all like, “nope, I didn’t make one for you.”


Perhaps you should try it. Maybe hand them out at work, around campus, or in your community. Everyone was always pleasantly surprised to receive their unexpected Valentine’s.

Seeing other folx enjoying life is high on my list of things I love. Hopefully, it falls somewhere on yours, too

Toys aren’t just for Christmas

Who would I be if I didn’t recommend my favorite toys and some steamy erotica or queer porn, whichever you prefer.

For my favorite toys at the moment, check out my most recent review (and while you’re there, leave a comment for other suggestions on toys I should try).

Here are a few of my favorite blogging erotica writers that I got to meet last year during my trip to London. You’re welcome.

And do check out CrashPad for the best porn money can buy. #payforporn

There are few things I love more than relaxing to some live THC vibes and passing out to porn with a Zumio between my thighs. Pure Bliss!

Fun and Flirty Gift Ideas for the Valentine's day single

Self-Care Compilation

Self-care rituals— mine can get elaborate from oils to bath bombs, candles, and discount app getaways. Here’s a simple self-care compilation that will last you for time to come.

You will need:

  • A voice recording app
  • A music mixing app
  • A media player app

If you have an all in one deal, even better!

Step 1 Write a letter to yourself bragging about all of your accomplishments (Go as far back and be as random or simple as you’d like). Make the read time 10 minute. Make a list of 15 things that brings you joy. Make a list of 15 things you are grateful for.

Yes, there can be more than 15.

Choose 10 inspirational quotes or a short inspirational read you love. I Am Peace is a great example. Write a “You are wonderful because letter” to yourself. A list of affirmations work well for this project, too. 📝

Mike made me this one back in 2013.

Step 2

Record each of them as a separate file on your voice recording app. Edit as necessary; then mix them with some free instrumentals on the mixing app.

Step 3

Next, gather a list of about six songs that get you fired up and ready to conquer life. Like Diana Ross’ I’m Coming Out.

Step 4

Organize your tracks by alternating between your mixes and your songs. Create an intro to give it a true LP feel. Burn it to a CD for extra special feels.

Bonus Step

Create an album cover on Canva.

A powerful way to manifest love into your life perpetually. It really works.

Get Some Action

Ok. Ok. I can admit that all this self-care can get lonely. Buying up a bunch of shit for yourself can seem pathetic. And no Love on Valentine’s day can leave you feeling left out.

Why not get in on some action…Lights, camera, action that is 😘 and go show a cam girl or guy some love.There’s someone for whatever you’re into. #sexworkiswork

Her, him, they, or them; everyone deserves love and attention. Now go pay ‘em some🤑. They put lots of time and effort into putting on a great show for…yep, YOU!

If that doesn’t make a lonely Valentine’s day special, I’m not sure what will.

That’s it for my list. Valentine’s day or not, invest in self-compassion. Take the time, put in the effort, spend the money, go on the trip. Just in case you were wondering, you are so worth it.

Someone needs to hear this. Don’t let capitalism guilt keep you from enjoying life. Maybe it’s me 😄💋


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