Qu33n Victoria

Hey y’all.

I’m Victoria, a dangerously seductive, wonderfully confused bisexual, vicariously promiscuous sexually liberated, nonreligious spiritual, black woman. I am a contradiction. I am soft and sensitive yet strong and fiercely independent.

I help women and mothers find pleasure, power, and purpose through sexual expression. I help men find the clit.

I am sex-positive. I am body positive. I am a polyamorous relationship anarchist. I am a parenting millennial. Your pleasure consultant.

Founder of the non-profit organization, Empowered Erotic Expression and creator of the Women’s Orgasms Matter campaign.

Why I created this blog

I created this blog because I love sex; passionate, intimate, romantic, and occasionally reckless sex. I love femininity. Quite simply, I love being a woman.

Sexual expression is important to me; I believe that everyone should have the freedom of open sexual expression without social persecution. In fact, that is the vision of this blog.

My mission is to revolutionize widely accepted ideas of feminine sexuality by sharing the experiences and desires of the sexually liberated woman; This sexually liberated woman and any others who would like to share through Pretty Pink Lotus Bud; always in confidence because I realize that we all arrive in our own time.

The Writer. Lake Mead. Vegas

Since starting my blog in 2017, my entire life has opened up. More than anything, this journey has been one of spiritual growth and introspection. Through this experience I fall in love with travel, laughter, adventure, thrift, markets, discovery, language, food, ideas and more than anything…my connection to the people.

Cheers to unabashed sexual expression!

Learn more about my #WomensOrgasmsMatter campaign.

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