The Erotic Musings of Qu33n Victoria
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The Erotic Musings of Qu33n Victoria

Sex. Sensuality is a powerful conduit for revered transformation and radical self-healing. This has certainly been my takeaway from having indulged so many aspects of my erotic self. Even as it is such, there are so many layers to those two things that start at a place of inner-standing. Once I was on that journey, I began to watch myself transform, and here is where I found myself on a journey of healing.

I want to take y’all on this journey with me back to where it all began. Back to where this journey in sexuality blossomed and flourished. Back to where I began getting better acquainted with my erotic beingness.

How this story is structured:

The story begins with It All Came Crashing Down, a short story about the dissolution of my marriage, and branches out from there. Links will be placed throughout each article, to other random erotic rants in this compilation I am entitling “The Erotic Musings of Qu33n Victoria”.

I recommend subscribing so you don’t miss a thing because this ride is definitely gonna get wild and you definitely wanna keep up. Previous posts are going to be updated with new links as new articles are published. Think of each one as a living document which means the article may change and grow with time.

I’m looking forward to sharing all the things I’ve learned through this journey in truth, self-acceptance, and self-love; in this journey of pure and genuine, raw transformation.

I’m gonna request one thing from you all as I open myself up and tell you this story so real, so raw, and so human. I ask that you give me grace and that you show me compassion. I ask that you consider your own shortcomings as you have navigated life whether accidental or intentional secret or public. Consider the things that happened when you weren’t being a loving, kind, and compassionate being to yourself or the people around you. Make these considerations regardless of whether you believe one form of unkindness is less harmful than another, no one deserves to continue to be pressed down by rightfully human mistakes.

It’s important to inner stand that we are all capable of feeling the same feelings. We are all human beings, however we perceive those feelings differently according to a bunch of external influences. 

Life’s a Rollercoaster

I know rollercoasters are the worst for me. I really don’t like that feeling that you get in your stomach some folks describe as their “heart dropping”. However, I’ve discovered that some folks who love rollercoasters enjoy them exactly for that feeling. Life experiences and relationships are exactly like this. We’re all working to protect and preserve the version of “Me” we hold in our minds regardless of how distorted it may be, regardless of how many people we harm directly and indirectly by our action or our inaction.

This Buddhist Path of Life Symbol looks very similar to a rollercoaster.

So I just want you all to think about all the good things we say like “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes before you judge”. We never know all the things that are affecting a person’s decision; the conscious stuff and the unconscious stuff. I know that even as I’ve been in the process of making a decision I wasn’t aware of everything that was factoring into the decision. Sometimes I didn’t have all of the information and I was still required to decide.

Later when I think of it in retrospect, because we know hindsight is 2020…(No pun intended, I swear…jajajaja) I’m saying to myself, “OMGee, that is something that was affecting that situation.” Yet, at the moment, I wasn’t aware of it. This is true for me. This may not be true for everyone. 

I know that it’s not easy for me to speak on things when I haven’t had the time and space to process. And some things take me a little time. 

Now that you have a better inner-standing of me, I’d like to invite you to stay a little while as I share my most erotic and intimate treasures with you.

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  • Lisa Stone

    Yes, you are right in saying that sometimes, and maybe always, we have to make certain decisions. Many of them later can radically affect our life and the lives of those around us. Indeed, at the time of making these decisions, we do not always have the fullness of the knowledge necessary for them to be correct. And we have to accept them intuitively. Looking back very often, you think – “Here it was necessary to act differently.” But life is not film. And it’s impossible to rewind.

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