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The Book: Sex After Divorce

Guess what y’all. I did a thing. I am officially a first time, certainly won’t be the last time, published author. I got an author’s central profile and everything!

I’m super excited for what I hope are obvious reasons as I am so glad that Chasity invited me to be a part of this project which I thought was an opportunity I had missed. Y’all will be hearing this story real soon, so stay tuned for that.

The book is Sex After Divorce: Been There Done That and Had The Orgasms to Prove It! Hallelujah, I know when ya right! *TWIRLS* Yassssss!

Get your copy right now signed by me.

The book is a beautiful collaboration of ten different authors brought together by Chasity Chandler telling their stories of introspection, self-exploration, and healing after the dissolution of their marriage.

Now before you start thinking that this book is only for divorced folks, YOU COULD NOT BE MORE WRONG. This book is for anyone who is curious about the journey of introspection, anyone who desires to explore and discover more within themselves, anyone who seeks authentic means of healing after loss.

These are jaw dropping, real life personal accounts of how we each worked to rediscover and redefine ourselves; something we all go through whether it’s by divorce or some other catalyst. With that being said, this book is for EVERYONE.

I know that when my divorce was finalized, the document that I was given said that I was “hereby declared single”. So if anything, these are the stories of single folk who had once been married. What I wouldn’t give to have had this book available to me prior to getting married.

These tellall never before told stories of trials, triumph, and transformation are so necessary for our collective healing at depths I could not understand before right now.

This is the first time I have ever, EVER told my story and I am proud of the sheer courage I have displayed in doing so.

Chastity did an incredible job of bringing us all together. There is a launch party happening on October 26th in Stone Mountain, Georgia and I would love for you to join. It’s a MASQUERADE theme in celebration of my favorite pagan holiday.

There will be light bites, drinks, entertainment and an opportunity to meet the superstars contributing on this project.

Grab your Ticket Here.

If not, the book tour will be taking us to several different cities across the U.S. with a special South Florida edition. Hopefully, one of them is yours.

Make sure you subscribe for those updates. It’s all the same email list as that is just easier for me because I’m a one woman team at the moment. However, I do see an assistant nearby.

Get the book. Get one for your friend, your mother, your father, your brother, your enemy. Suggest it for your book club. Support black authors doing work to break generational curses and heal the community.

We have done a great service to ourselves and others by simply telling our stories.

This book is effing incredible!

Another thing, I’m using my maiden name on the book and the tour. It was important that I do this in honor of many things. My “wasbeen” will get no glory from putting his name on my work in love and light always.

Blessing and abundance to all those who purchase the book. Specifically to those individuals. Look out for more to come. We’ve only just begun.

Woooooooo. I’m ready!!!!

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