Abundance Ritual and Money Potion

Not so long ago, I was very confused about my spirituality. I wasn’t sure what to believe in. I knew that I did not believe in Christianity, Buddhism, and all of the other high profile religions. I didn’t even realize that religion and spirituality, although related, were two different things. I was lost at so many depths. I had no spiritual practices, no rituals, no formed (or forming) beliefs. I’d stopped going to church because once again, I didn’t believe in any of it. I felt like I was mocking other people’s beliefs by pretending to believe. I lived inside my head a lot and wanted no part of the life I was living. In all parts, I felt stuck.

I truly thought I was lost, but in reality, it was the first step to finding myself. Now, I am here; realizing that I have always been here and gratefully so.

Faith in the Physical

I started creating healing potions while going through a yucky divorce. I’d recently lost my mom to cancer, four months later my son was born, and then four months after that, my divorce was pending. It was such a place of growth, a place of transition; a very stressful place, yes, but not dark or harsh as one would imagine. There were a lot of tears, but there was also a lot of love, encouragement, and support from people and places I never thought they’d come.

Because of everything that was going on, I had nothing…I had no place to live, no car to drive, no money, no job, no possessions. Hell, I didn’t even have my mother; the one person I knew who could help me get through anything. I had nothing but my faith which I already told you was so fickle during this part of my life. I began creating healing potions and recorded audio as a physical representation of my faith, attracting strength and confidence into my journey.

Today, I want to share with you an abundance ritual and money potion that I created during the recent full moon in the video below. You can discover more on sex magic and potions from Carly Sex Worker Witch: Magic Potions for you. Enjoy and thanks for watching.

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PPLB Abundance Ritual GiveAway

The final potion is infused with the delicious scent of cinnamon and ginger. It smells absolutely yummy!

This giveaway features:

One- Green Aventurine abundance and wealth bracelet features smooth, rounded green aventurine and etched wooden beads.
One- 5ml glass spray vial containing an abundance (money) potion created on the June 9th full moon using Ruby in Kyanite, Citrine, Green Aventurine, Garnet, and Pyrite in collected rain water.

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PPLB Abundance Ritual GiveAway

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Goddess Tarot Reading

**Just want to give you a heads up. There are some affiliate links in this post.**

When I embarked on this journey at the start of February, I was a bit apprehensive, but there was so much energy surrounding it, I just knew this was something I had to do for me. The energy surrounding this journey is so strong that spirit told me to do a reading for it.

You know me and if you don’t, I can be such a procrastinator due to my fear of failure; a fear that I am conquering little by little every day. Admitting our fears can make us feel so vulnerable. I shudder at the thought of it.

Finally, I decided I would do it on the full moon, but wouldn’t you know it, I forgot. A part of me wanted to forgo it once again for the next full moon. Then spirit came to me again, as SHE often does in my times of self-doubt and naiveté, and tells me something so obvious yet so profound, “Now, is just as powerful a time as any; besides, we’re still experiencing the power of the full moon.” She stresses to me that NOW is the perfect time for this reading. Remember, spirit does not communicate in words, so whenever I talk about what spirit has told me, recognize that it is my interpretation.

I have been doing tarot for about three years. In that time, there hasn’t been any consistency at all. I usually do readings only for myself when I am uncertain about things, in order to gain clarity, or when I feel so certain about something, and I want to gain reassurance. I’d originally had my eye on the Rider tarot deck however I felt an attraction to the Goddess deck when I came across it at the Crystal Garden, a new age metaphysical store in Boynton Beach, Florida; owned by Margaret Ann Lembo. She is the author of Chakra Awakening: Transform Your Reality Using Crystals, Color, Aromatherapy & the Power of Positive Thought

This book has had such a powerful influence on my current spiritual journey.

Should you decide to purchase this book (or The Goddess Tarot Deck), I would greatly appreciate if you would do so through my affiliate link. I’ll get a small commission and as always, I will never vouch for anything I don’t have personal experience with and do not genuinely recommend. Thank you in advance!

Why was this full moon the perfect moon for this reading?

I wasn’t quite sure in that moment. However, later as I was researching to write this post, I came across this article on Collective Evolution that goes into great detail about how the full moon in Scorpio is all about acting on your passions and desires.

Scorpio is complex, deep, real, and raw. Being traditionally ruled by Mars, it is assertive, intense, sexual, and passionate. Scorpio is more concerned about merging with another, whether sexually, resourcefully, or collaboratively. Being sub-ruled by Pluto, it is a powerful and mysterious energy associated with transformation, purging, death and rebirth.

You can read more about it on their blog: http://www.collective-evolution.com/2017/05/10/full-moon-in-scorpio-acting-on-our-passions-and-desires/

Nope, I could not have picked a more perfect full moon to do this reading even if I’d actually intended to do so.

Things being aligned as they are, merely a few hours into a waning full moon in Scorpio, I did a tarot reading on my vision for this blog and it was indeed an extremely powerful reading.

I wanted the conditions for this reading to be supremely ideal so I did a pre-ritual smudging, lit two white candles, honored my ancestral mothers, calling each one by name, and held the deck between my palms as I took a moment to channel my passion and meditate over my inquiry. The energy felt amazing.

For this reading, I did the Celtic cross pattern. According to learningtarot.com, The Celtic Cross is probably the oldest and most popular pattern for reading the tarot. It has survived so long because the layout of the cards is simple, but powerful. A strong energy has built up around this spread due to its use by so many people over the years.

I am such a believer in relics and rituals holding strong innergy, which is why I believe highly in the power of the dream catcher. And no amount of commercialization can make that less true. Perhaps another post for another day.

If you’d like to learn more about interpreting the Celtic cross spread, learning tarot offers a simple straight forward guide. This Guide by Stefan Stenudd, Tarot Celtic Cross, offers more detailed, comprehensive info and some mentions of the history. Although I will warn you, very little is known about the origins of the Celtic cross method of reading.

Ok, ok, I’ve kept you waiting long enough. When I say the reading was amazing, I mean I had to pause several times to take it all in as I was doing it. It has been my most positive, straight forward, clear reading to date. Many warn about doing tarot for yourself however, I’m confident that those reasons do not apply to me.

The way the Goddess tarot works is you do the layout and you also choose a goddess card to be the influencing Goddess over the entire reading. I was so excited when I choose Lakshmi, Hindu goddess of fortune. In traditional decks, this one represents the wheel of fortune. She is heavily associated with the suit of Pentacles which was also very prevalent in my reading.

“Lakshmi is believed to be attracted to sparkling jewels– which are like the riches she bestows upon worshipers who have pleased her.” I won’t go into the full details of my reading just because it was quite lengthy but I will share my favorite parts. The cards that manifested in my reading are:
The Eight of Pentacles, Goddess Gwenhwyfar, Two of Pentacles, Ace of Cups, Three of Cups reversed, Seven Swords, Princess Swords, Queen Staves, Ten Swords, Princess Pentacles.

I’m sharing three cards from my reading below.

Eight of Pentacles in the 1st position: If we know anything about numerology, then we know the number eight is the number for material wealth. And once again, the pentacle suit is directly associated with the Hindu Goddess of fortune, Lakshmi. The eight of pentacle is an affirmation of talent and skills. “As she works, she loses herself in creativity’s flow; she feels blessed as she draws upon the talents give to her by the Divine Feminine.”

Ace of Cups in the 5th position. When I pulled this card from the deck, I was immediately mesmerized by it. A bright and shining full moon sitting inside a golden goblet that runneth over. I knew this card symbolizes something quite grand and truly spectacular. “Here the full moon is contained–but not captured– within golden cup surrounded by the ocean, source of all life. Engraved upon this ornate goblet are ancient symbols of the Divine Goddess.”

It goes on to point out the ancient triangle (delphos). The Ace of Cups represents the beginning of a new cycle, great happiness, creative inspiration, and receptivity.

Three of Cups, reversed in the 6th. The three of cups represents three women drinking and dancing in a circle. Each woman representing the three stages of life. Remember that thing I mentioned about procrastination earlier? Well this card is essentially warning me of overindulgence, procrastination and distracting oneself with pleasure. Oh, yes. I can clearly see how that could go when it comes to me and sex and then writing a blog about sex. Double trouble for sure.

This reading is so powerful. I receive it, claim it over all areas of my life and extend this omen of fortune to all who have the opportunity to read and interact with this blog in anyway. Special thanks to you all for sharing in this journey with me. I appreciate you.

Pretty Pink Lotus Bud for sex-positive spaces; #WomensOrgasmMatter; the sexually liberated woman, proheaux, sex magic


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Pretty Pink Lotus Bud for sex-positive spaces; #WomensOrgasmMatter; the sexually liberated woman, proheaux, sex magic-a sex blog about feminine sexuality, relationships, and spirituality

Burning the Midnight Sage: 3 Ways to Clear Toxic Sexual Energy

The evening is my sexy time. I’m such a morning person but I cannot deny my lifelong love affair with the night. I come in from work and take care of my evening duties. I shower to rinse the day away, kindle my tea light oil diffuser, and smudge in the nude.

Ideally, my favorite time to have sex is between one and four am. I say ideally because given my current work schedule, unfortunately, it is likely that I’m long asleep at those hours.

Being both clairsentient and clairaudient, it is the time when I feel the deepest and hear the clearest. It is the time I feel most connected to my creative, sensual, and sexiest self. My thoughts roam openly with minimal interruption as all the world is quietly sleeping.

In case you missed it, I recently had my guest post cherry popped. I had the honor of writing an amazing piece on whether sex can be spiritual. In the post, I talk about toxic sexual energy. As an empath, I realize how easy it is to become inundated with emotional information whether through intercourse or other means.

I would love for you read it and let me know whether or not it resonates with you.

I wanted to share these ways that I limit, manage, and discharge toxic and excess energy that I take on throughout the day.

When it comes to my spiritual upkeep, I prefer to keep things simple. Everything has energy and because I’m still learning about myself as an empath, I still haven’t quite learned to manage these energies.

In light of this, I gather spiritual materials as needed; I keep few things on hand. For the sake of simplicity, as a rule of thumb, I follow this guide for managing, limiting, and discharging toxic sexual energy or any toxic energy for that matter.

  • Water for cleansing
  • Salt for protection
  • Sage for clearing

They can be used interchangeably and I’ll share the ways I use each.

Water for cleansing

Water is life; water is refreshing; water is rejuvenating. We are made up mostly of water.
In the early stages of my sexual debut, particularly as a college-aged young adult with open space and complete freedom to have sex with whomever I desired, how often I preferred, in whatever manner I choose, I enjoyed showering with my partner before and after intercourse. I could tell from their surprised reactions that apparently this was not a normal gesture. But of course, they didn’t turn it down.

I felt it for sure, but I didn’t know then what I know now about how those pre-sex rituals were affecting my sensual energy exchange. I don’t doubt they contributed positively to my amazing sexual journey even when I had limited knowledge about spiritual cleansing.

I’ve always been who I am even when I didn’t always do me the way that I do me now.

There are many cleansing water rituals to try; do a simple Pinterest search and you’ll discover this for yourself. I’ve looked into quite a few that I’d like to try.

In the meantime, a simple shower infused with positive, high energy and mindful intentions works amazingly. I just visualize myself rinsing away any stress and excess energy that I’ve collected throughout my day. And if you’re able to, as often as I’m able to, I love to swim in the nude; also known as skinny dipping. It completely enlivens your beingness.

I convinced my friend to go skinny dipping with me last summer. Although she’s a bit timid and reserved, even she admitted that she enjoyed the experience.

I am a huge fan of crystal charged full moon water for its healing power. Depending on what I need, I usually infuse it with oils, herbs and of course mindful intentions. I plan on sharing a recipe very soon. I usually collect rainwater for such occasions as the more natural your water source, the more potent the healing potion.

I’ve heard great things about rose water and I’m looking forward to trying this recipe I found on Pinterest very soon. I feel like you need to create a certain atmosphere when you’re making such a thing (as with all rituals, right) which is why I’ve been postponing it; timing seems off.

Salt for protection

I don’t use salt very actively but I use it daily and consistently as my Himalayan salt lamps release an aural, hypnotizing glow. I love them for meditation. Sometimes my kids unplug them and I can always tell when they do.

Salt is amazing protection against low energy sexual experiences. Low energy sexual experiences are caused by ego and not spirit. All higher being experiences are benevolent anything else is ego using energy in a negative way. So regardless of how evil or how angelic a person might seem, we all have the capacity to be the complete opposite of that within ourselves. It is all about choice and balance. Make higher choices. Regardless, spirit and ego are yin and yang in our physical form, one is nothing without the other.

I have this enchanting ability to read through ego to the innermost desires of a person’s sexual beingness and I still have some wondering how I do it. It is the power of seduction. From a sexual perspective, I love showing a person this version of themselves. Essentially, I do it by simply mirroring their “thought” energy. Another awesome empathic ability that I have often taken advantage of even when I didn’t know I was an empath. A person is much more open and unguarded in their sensual state.

If you couldn’t tell by now, intimacy is my favorite way to use my empathic abilities. Because of them, I have had a totally different sexual experience than that I had been taught to expect. An experience I have come to crave over and over again, which is one reason I’m so against the social narrative of sex as it currently exists. People are missing out on so much because we are all empath, you know.

I use this ability to draw on high energy emotion in combination with salt, to ward off low energy emotion, for a higher sexual experience even in a casual context.

I use salt to line entrances to my home: doors and windows. I use salt circles during meditation, card readings, and consulting with spirit (which I do often). I use salt around my bed. Not only does it protect you from low energy sexual experiences but it also keeps the nightmares at bay along with the added protection of my dream catchers.

In general, salting usually follows cleansing and smudging for me. Unrefined salt works best. Paakai or Hawaiian salt is my personal preference; no specific reason that I’m consciously aware of. If you want to learn more, I found this article about the spiritual power of salt to be very useful, and I’m certain you will, too.

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Smudging for clearing

Since discovering the why of my longtime, uncanny ability to read people, I have been slightly obsessed with developing my psychic gifts. I almost feel like I attract more energy now. Either that or I’m just more sensitive to the energies I attract and carry. Because of this, smudging is my favorite method of clearing energies. It covers a larger area over a shorter period of time. There’s less residue. It’s quick, easy, and it lingers.

I love watching the smoke rise as it dances to energies in the atmosphere.

I stick with White Sage and Palo Santo. Simple is easiest for me, however, there are so many different types of herbs for smudging. I smudge very often, as often as necessary, rarely going a week between smudgings.

You can do it anytime. I’ve discovered that the best time for me is evenings around midnight hence the title burning the midnight sage. This time is perfect because, at this point, my children are asleep, the businesses in my area are closed, most of my neighbors are asleep, my cleaning is done, and the world around me is still.

It is a good idea to smudge anytime you move into a new place or if you will be staying in another place, at a hotel or as a guest in someone’s home, etc. As a cutesy, ask if it is ok. It is also good to smudge before, after, and between all rituals; before and after house guest. I don’t just smudge my space but everybody in my home including my children and pets.

Lately, I’ve been having crazy dreams so I do a Palo Santo smudge before bed. Being an emotion magnet has its benefits, however, residual effects are not fun at all. It can be overwhelming in many cases.

It’s an infamous movie cliché to smoke a cigarette after sex. Me, I prefer to light up the sage and enlightenment my lover on its purpose and benefits. Burning sage is calming. I’m up writing this post right now as my children sleep, but I’m sure I’ll be editing later and finding other mistakes long after this.

Pretty Pink Lotus Bud for sex-positive spaces; #WomensOrgasmMatter; the sexually liberated woman, proheaux, sex magic

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Can Sex Be Spiritual? 

It is often questioned whether sex can be spiritual. Well, I am here to set the record straight, once and for all. No, sex cannot be spiritual. Sex is spiritual. Every single act of sex is spiritual. Mindful acts of sex are high energy spiritual experiences. Less mindful acts (coerced, forced, passive, obligatory etc.) are low energy spiritual experiences.

Believe it or not, we have the exact same high and low energy experiences with every other act we perform: eating, grooming, daily tasks, raising our children. Even something as simple as walking is experienced as high or low energy. You ever notice how much more confident you feel with a raised head and little switch in your hip? Maybe it’s just me. This is why self-care and self-compassion is so important.

In the realm of what is spiritual and what is not, sex is no different than any other act. What is different is our cultural perspective. Sex is however, experienced at a different energetic frequency but this doesn’t make it better or worse, just different. Like light and sound, one travels faster but neither is more spiritual than the other. Each has its own role to play. Like running compared to walking, you’ll cover five miles faster running than walking however, you cover the exact same distance with either.

This has been my experience with sex and spirituality.

Transcending Shame

On my current spiritual journey, I kept running into spiritual blockages. It was frustrating and mildly discouraging. I wasn’t sure what the issue was; then suddenly it became clear. FEAR; what was I afraid of; what of myself was I holding back? I had renounced dis-serving cultural beliefs, acknowledged my spiritual gifts, and began exploring my own truth and creating a custom experience around that truth. So, what was missing? Something definitely felt missing.

Then one day a friend of mine, whom I had not spoken with in some time, asked me a very simple question. He asked, what I had done over my summer break. All of the wonderfully, euphoric memories came flooding back however, I was hesitant to provide him with a true answer. But why? And there was the answer to my spiritual blockage.

I had been afraid of the judgment and shame that accompanies those epic acts that I had the privilege of taking part in over the summer. I had not fully accepted myself as the sensual goddess that I know myself to be and was thus afraid of presenting this sexually liberated woman to others. I knew that I no longer wanted to be a prisoner of my own fear so I told him everything I had done over the summer. I told him that I had been hesitant to reveal this to him and I also explained why. His response was beautiful, reassuring, encouraging and quite inspiring; a message directly from spirit. I receive it.

Shortly afterwards, I started the Pretty Pink Lotus Bug blog to be a beacon of courage to guide others on their spiritual journey of unabashed sexual exploration; to embrace their sexuality, and redefine what it means for them.

Just recently, I visited my good friend Bree to have an oracle reading done that truly spoke to my spiritual awakening and sexual reveal. The cards spoke directly to severing ties with old beliefs and relationships that do not serve my journey as well as embracing the sexual being that I am (going with the flow) and discovering inner peace. My final card said, “Stand tall, don’t give up”, a highly reassuring message. If you are interested in learning more about her readings, I encourage you to visit MagicallyBree.com. Let her know I sent you.

Sexual Debris

We often speak of or see memes floating around the Internet regarding the exchange of toxic energy when engaging in sexual intercourse. These memes often present the idea that energy exchange through intercourse is more menacing than other forms of exchange and that we should be more careful and limit our engagement in energy exchange of the sexual type.

This doesn’t resonate as my personal truth.

Any energy exchange, including toxic energy, can happen under a variety of circumstances, not just sex, not necessarily more with sex, but it can definitely happen faster through intercourse. As a clairsentient empath, I know that we exchange and absorb energy from others without ever coming into physical contact with them.

Often you can limit or manage the exchange but we cannot prevent it whether we are having sex with a person or simply sharing an office space at our place of employment. Because of our social conditioning, we like to convince ourselves that there is a difference however, that is not fact. Simply put, you may claim it as your personal truth however; it is not a universal truth and should not be dictated to others.

Here, I’ll give you an example from my own life, unrelated to sex.

My marriage was a toxic and abusive relationship. Once my family discovered this, they quickly encouraged me to leave even though I had no income, no job, and essentially no other place to live.

A few years later, I was employed by a toxic and abusive employer. Even so, friends and family discouraged me from leaving out of the necessity for a source of income to care for my children.

From a cultural perspective, I get it. We are encouraged to leave toxic romantic relationships and tough it out with toxic employers at least until we find another option. From a spiritual perspective, it made absolutely no sense to be encouraged to leave one toxic relationship yet remain in another because of the cultural context when they both have the ability to inflict an equal level of harm from a psychological perspective and result in similar consequences (even when we tell ourselves otherwise).

For me, this scenario applies to sex and sexuality as well. The depth to which we are affected by certain experiences is highly influenced by our cultural perception. Declare that your spiritual perception vibrates higher than your cultural perception and it will be so.

It’s not about being careful about whom you exchange energy with, sexual or otherwise, it’s about learning to limit, manage, and discharge toxic energy effectively. Regardless of how it originated, this needs to happen across all social interactions and not just sex.

Am I telling you to be more promiscuous and engage in sex in a way that you wouldn’t usually? Not at all, unless that is what you feel compelled to do. I am telling you that one form of energy exchange is not more important than the other. Having fewer partners does not give you the increased ability to attract a more positive spiritual experience just has having more or multiple partners does not decrease this ability as we are often guided to believe.

We carry spiritual debris from all forms of social interaction simply because we do not discharge it appropriately. We must take care in all forms of energy exchange and not give sexual intercourse such a hard rep when it comes to aural energy. The law of attraction works the same with sex as it does with all other nonsexual acts regardless of your number of partners. Focus on the negative and that is what you will receive. Channel the positive and that is what you will meet completely unrelated to how many people you have or haven’t had sex with.

Culturally, we have taken on a very negative perspective when it comes to sex, and it is time for us to relinquish this dangerously self-critical perspective. Such a limited perspective of sexuality invalidates the experience of non-monogamous individuals. Know that these and other restrictions on our spiritual essence is simply the human mind’s way of making sense of its own reality by attempting to confine unbridled divinity.

Human is your form. Spirit is who you are. Sex is spiritual. I encourage you to embrace who you are in your current form and inevitably you shall transcend it.

This post was originally posted on House of Hathor. You can view the original post by following the link provided.

Pretty Pink Lotus Bud for sex-positive spaces; #WomensOrgasmMatter; the sexually liberated woman, proheaux, sex magic

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