Signs of Men I’ve Loved

Spending this last week with my love has me thinking about all the men I love and connecting the dots of what they all might have in common. I absolutely love the way we do relationships in a variety of ways including this way as expressed by May More.

One thing I’ve noticed is that I’m forever falling for society’s weirdos. The ones that have been called “Gay” “weird” “Black Sheep” etc. They move differently; all of them sensing or sensitive type. I would even venture so far as to say they are all Empaths like me… Perhaps.

As we all know by now if you follow this blog, I am polyamorous. When I fall in love, I don’t fall out or at least I never have. I might grow apart from the person I love, however to this day I love them still. I think about them often and some are still in my life. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

One thing I love about me is that I love in the moment and without attachment. If my journey with the someone I love has ended, I accepted it as such because I know I can never lose that love. They may have brought it out, but that love originates in me. At its source, love is infinite.

So without further Ado let’s get into this, shall we.

The sign of the first guy I ever loved at 14 years old. Yeah, I know too young blah blah. Yet, here I am at 32 still claiming him as my love and he claims me as well. We know what it is… anywho.

Leo a fire sign— what did I love about this guy. First of all, needless to say weirdo 😆. He was/is a “fuck you looking at” class clown type to make me laugh until my stomach hurt. I love the things he said about me; the way he talked about me to other people when I wasn’t around.

The messages would always get back to me. In my head, I would be like, “Aww, he said that about me.”

I’ve always expressed my love through touch and words of affirmation. I like writing letters and almost every man I love his gotten a letter in some form from me.

Today, I’m learning that my love is actually in writing down my feelings.

Next up, the Sagittarius. I fell in love with how this man was on a mission to find out who I was before ever approaching me. He interviewed a couple of folks from my neighborhood. I thought it was the cutest thing ever. I also love the way he’d stare at my lips and into my eyes as I was talking while actually listening because you know I test for these things 😆. Again, he was constantly verbally expressing what he loves about me and why he loves me. What can I say, I love hearing beautiful honest and unusual things about myself. 🤷🏾‍♀️

Next up, another Sag. He once said to me, “You are so beautiful.” I said, “I know.” He responded, “No, you don’t have a clue.” I knew in that moment that he could see who I am. He took such care with me. He was corny level hilarious and I was partly laughing with him and at him at the same time. He’d often share the private men-folk conversations that were being had about me. People didn’t know we were dating so he enjoyed listening to the conversations. We’d laugh about them later.

If you’re noticing, all of my lovers so far have been Fire signs, but this one is a Cancer.😭 My first water sign. Seeing him cry was a beautiful experience. It’s funny now because the interwebs are always talking about Cancers the criers.

I’d rarely seen men cry outside of the death of a loved one. I loved his effort. His willingness to step outside his comfort zone. So sensitive 😍, verbally expressive of his love for me, very protective of me, defending my honor when I wasn’t there to speak for myself. You know the type.

Them : Shut up, you just saying that cuz you like her.
Him: So

I love a man with integrity. Obviously here in lies a trend. He could read me like a book and I loved it because it meant he was paying attention, close attention to the things I didn’t say.

Water sign once again, this time a Scorpio. This one doesn’t do much talking, but his expression towards me and to the things I say are everything. His smile, his eyes, his laugh, his eyebrows say it all. The way he reacts to me, staring at me when I’m asleep, and kissing me awake. The Cancer would do these things as well. All the PDA is my fave. He once made me a mixtape. It was actually a CD; mixtape just sounds better.

He loves to kiss. ‘Kisses all ova’ is what he text me. The way each of them expresses his love is what I seem to be falling in love with.

And Sagittarius is up once again. Could you guess that he’s a clown; silly and sensitive. Fire signs aren’t known for being sensitive, but they are… at least the ones I’ve dated. His words, his integrity… very protective of me and he expressed his love for me through the care of my children and of course of me. He was so selfless in his love for us. I never experienced that before; Even being married.

Then there was a Pisces; the briefest love affair I’ve ever experienced… I’m still in love with the magic of how it all went down. When we touched, energy surged through my body. I never had such a physical reaction to someone before. It was instant and we were inseparable for about 36 hours give or take. Once again, protective of me always in a chivalrous way. The way he talked about me with his mother 😍 He is super silly, resourceful, talented, skilled and also a clown.

They’ve all been the resourceful and very family oriented: home, children, siblings. I tend to attract men with historically (not scientifically) feminine characteristics.

Some might say that I couldn’t possibly have been in love that many times, but I say love is a friend that I’d recognized anywhere and it was so easy to identify in these men that I love.

These are all the signs of the men I love. What patterns do you notice? People boast of falling in love twice in their lifetime or three times. I guess I’m lucky in love; currently at 7. Oh My polyamorous 💓.

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