Love or Lust

If you’ve read my blog, then you already know I love sex. What you probably didn’t know is that I also love poetry. From time to time when I’m feeling inspired, I enjoy writing poetry as well. After all, sex is poetry in motion, right.

It being April, National Poetry Month, I’d like to share this rare side of myself; this poem that I wrote. Enjoy!

Love or Lust

What is it about you, this attraction? It makes me forget the ways of this world.
I am drawn to you as we embrace in a kiss, I forget.

I forget that I was supposed to make you wait.
To let you ask me out on a date.
Somehow this, this just feels like fate.
Like we were meant to mate.

In the primitive way that predates time.
When our preoccupations with our mannerisms didn’t consume our mind.
If only we’d choose to strip away this mask, what would we find.

Humanity in heat.
Standing naked, bare feet. . .
to the ground
becoming one with the sound. . .
of a heartbeat.

We dance in that rhythmic way we once knew
before things became new.

Mixing energy,
a perfectly balanced chemistry or
like an anemone;
wild, brilliant, and free.

A biological attraction of love or lust?
Perhaps the perfect combination of both.

What is it about you that makes my vulva swell like the evening tide.
That makes me want to climb on top as I slide you inside.
I scream in passion as I arch my spine,
my body twists with pleasure as your eyes meet mine.
I dig my nails into your back and you yell out in pain.
My love showers you like a monsoon rain.
Passion, pleasure, pain. Passion, pleasure, pain. Passion, pleasure, pain.
Passion pleasure pain. Passion pleasure pain. Passion pleasure pain.

It all becomes a blur.
A blood rushing, juices gushing, no one shushing blur.

Let us be loud.
Let us soar high as our judgement clouds.

Our breath, our bodies, hot, wet, mangled.
I love it when we dance in this way and get tangled
in pure ecstasy
that requires no nominal fee,
no college degree,
nothing that we should be
except Be. . .
nothing require except you and me.

What is it about this attraction that makes me want to abandon my inhibition.
To lose myself in blind ambition.
To journey into nothingness and find what I’ve been missing.

To embark on this mission reaching new orgasmic heights
when nights become days and days blend into the nights.

I want to forget all of the things I think I know
Exploring the part of myself I’d dare go
extending into the beyond as we explore the sensuality below.

Between you, between me, between legs and lips,
feeling the pulse as we thrust our hips.

As we stare into the eyes of the universe,
we play the parts of a script unrehearsed.

“The Passion of Life”

I’ve been where others fear most to go
because I don’t want to be afraid, I only want to grow. . .

more in this light, more in this love, more in this lust if you must.


Did you enjoy this poem?

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