Abundance Ritual and Money Potion

Not so long ago, I was very confused about my spirituality. I wasn’t sure what to believe in. I knew that I did not believe in Christianity, Buddhism, and all of the other high profile religions. I didn’t even realize that religion and spirituality, although related, were two different things. I was lost at so many depths. I had no spiritual practices, no rituals, no formed (or forming) beliefs. I’d stopped going to church because once again, I didn’t believe in any of it. I felt like I was mocking other people’s beliefs by pretending to believe. I lived inside my head a lot and wanted no part of the life I was living. In all parts, I felt stuck.

I truly thought I was lost, but in reality, it was the first step to finding myself. Now, I am here; realizing that I have always been here and gratefully so.

Faith in the Physical

I started creating healing potions while going through a yucky divorce. I’d recently lost my mom to cancer, four months later my son was born, and then four months after that, my divorce was pending. It was such a place of growth, a place of transition; a very stressful place, yes, but not dark or harsh as one would imagine. There were a lot of tears, but there was also a lot of love, encouragement, and support from people and places I never thought they’d come.

Because of everything that was going on, I had nothing…I had no place to live, no car to drive, no money, no job, no possessions. Hell, I didn’t even have my mother; the one person I knew who could help me get through anything. I had nothing but my faith which I already told you was so fickle during this part of my life. I began creating healing potions and recorded audio as a physical representation of my faith, attracting strength and confidence into my journey.

Today, I want to share with you an abundance ritual and money potion that I created during the recent full moon in the video below. You can discover more on sex magic and potions from Carly Sex Worker Witch: Magic Potions for you. Enjoy and thanks for watching.

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 I am also offering the opportunity for one lucky winner to win the prize in the photo below (cash not included).

PPLB Abundance Ritual GiveAway

The final potion is infused with the delicious scent of cinnamon and ginger. It smells absolutely yummy!

This giveaway features:

One- Green Aventurine abundance and wealth bracelet features smooth, rounded green aventurine and etched wooden beads.
One- 5ml glass spray vial containing an abundance (money) potion created on the June 9th full moon using Ruby in Kyanite, Citrine, Green Aventurine, Garnet, and Pyrite in collected rain water.

Complete your entry below (When visiting on IG, please comment the giveaway photo so I know you were there) Bueno Suete:

PPLB Abundance Ritual GiveAway

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