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#Summer100 Sex Bloggers Blog Challenge

Today marks the kick-off of the very first, annual Summer 100 sex blogger blog challenge. The #summer100 blogging challenge is all about bringing the sex blogging community together, building content, and growing your blog’s online presence. We currently have thirty-two bloggers (and growing) participating in the challenge this year.

summer 100 Pretty Pink Lotus Bud Presents sex blogger blog challenge

Over the course of the summer, sex bloggers are being challenged to publish one-hundred posts between June 1st and September 1st. During the challenge we will each backlink one another and share ours and the posts of others on our social media platforms.

We are accepting new participants until July 2nd. If you are a sex blogger and would like to enter, you can do that here. Don’t let the 100 post intimidate you, that part is mostly for fun. Our main goals are to connect with other bloggers and grow our blogs. We are expecting fifty percent participation at the very least as long as all the rules in the challenge are accounted for.

Being a Sex Blogger

I joined the sex blogging sphere in February as an advocate for sexual freedom and open sexual expression more than anything. I also thought it might be fun to do a few toy reviews like Amanda at Dirty Milf Next Door as well. Being here, I’ve learned so much about the various perspectives on sexuality and I haven’t even hit the tip of the iceberg; merely the waters around it. You can learn more about what I do and why on my about page.

I’ve learned about transgender sexuality, sexuality from the perspective of individuals who are disabled, actors and actresses, trauma survivors; from various lifestyle perspectives like kink and poly. I’ve explored and compared my own experiences with consent, slut-shaming and various other sexual social constructs. In the realm of sexuality, there is so much to be explored, which greatly fuels my passion for learning about people.

Blogging Infamy

I received the idea for this challenge after searching aimlessly for groups of sex bloggers that I could schmooze with according to some advice from a Pinterest post, Ways to Get Noticed as a New Blogger. We’ll wouldn’t you know that I could not find a single group. No, scratch that, I did find a single group. Yes, it was just that; a single group on Facebook.

When I came across the group, I was even newer to sex blogging that I am now and the rules said, “Only accepting established sex bloggers.” Now, I wasn’t sure about what they meant by “established” but I was certain it wasn’t me. So I did not request to join at that time. I recently requested to join maybe two weeks ago, now. And since I haven’t been accepted, I guess it’s safe to assume I’m not established enough for them. *shrugs*

In the meantime, I joined some other not so welcoming to sex bloggers blog groups. It was not a very pleasant experience and I ended up writing about it, Slut-Shamed for Being a Sex Blogger. Even so, I was not discouraged. The same quote that inspired me to launch this blog even though I was so afraid to, is the same quote that inspired me to create this challenge, “If you do not see the light, be the light.”

There was so much fear surround this journey as well; I must be honest. I’ve only been blogging four months and this is my first challenge; what if people don’t find me to be credible. I don’t know that many people and I know I’m going to need help promoting this; what if they won’t help. Shortly after, I was asked by Jazzmin to do a guest post on her blog for her pleasure crystals. I was extremely flattered and honored by her request and it just so happened I had written the perfect post just days before, Can Sex Be Spiritual.

Making Connections- because they are so important to our endeavors

Connecting with Jazzmin brought over a hundred followers to my instagram and about a dozen subscribers. It was like the Universe was answering those questions of fear. It made me recognize that when you are doing something positive, others will see and they will be there to support and encourage you but not if you don’t get out there and do it.

When I initially announced the challenge, I was so excited. I had four bloggers to sign-up immediately. It stayed at four for an entire week. No one else was signing up. I felt a bit discouraged but then I decided I would message bloggers to ask them to join the challenge. Again, fear crept in; what if they ignore me; what if they just think it’s spam; what if they say no. It’s ok. This request is absolutely genuine and those who are meant to will see that.

I sat at my computer and messaged over fifty bloggers and responded promptly to each reply and inquiry. Those who could not join, offered to help promote. I was super grateful for the early supporters including Jordan Tyler, Bella Rose, and Ducky Doolittle (even though she could not be a part of the challenge).

Special thanks to everyone who has joined the challenge and who has been sharing it with their tribe. I appreciate all the support and encouragement. If you have not joined, you still can right here. Although I did say the one-hundred post is just for fun, I am currently putting together an awesome three-part prize pack for our participants who meet the challenge goal of publishing 100 posts! So you definitely want to subscribe and stay tuned for the prize pack announcement. I did not tell the participants about this. So this is definitely a SURPRISE!

I mean, what’s a challenge without a prize, right? Also, I didn’t want that to be the motivation for signing up. Hopefully, that still won’t be the case. I want you here because you genuinely desire to be here and only under those circumstances.

Thank you all so very much!

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