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We have decided to create themes for each round. And since there are six rounds there will likewise be six themes. Special thanks to Carly of Dildo or Dildon’t for coming up with (most of) these themes. Isabelle and I got together to finalize which themes would be broad enough to allow for the most creative freedom.

If you have questions about how long each round lasts, be sure to visit the FAQs.

Coming out of May (Masturbation month) I’m certain many of us have lots to write about from the toys we’ve used, to tips and techniques, erotica stories, personal journeys and more. So we figured this would be an appropriate way to kick off our Summer 100.

  • Round One– Masturbation/Self pleasure/Self-care
  • Round Two– Oral Sex
  • Round Three– Relationships
  • Round Four– Kink/Fetish/BDSM
  • Round Five– Sex Toys
  • Round Six– Sex Education

You only need to write one or two posts for each theme per round. That way we can be sure that there is enough related content for others to link to. I also took out the time to create a blog catalog of sorts by grabbing posts from the blogs of each participants and organizing them by categories. You can find that catalog here.

Yes, you can link to older content. Just in case you were wondering. I only took a few from each participant, however there is so much more awesome content to link. I encourage you to visit each site on your own to discover for yourself.

Finally, please include this link & graphic to the guestbook at the end of each of your posts inviting your visitors to view more posts by summer100 participants. Grab the code below to do this effortlessly.


Pretty Pink Lotus Bud for sex-positive spaces; #WomensOrgasmMatter; the sexually liberated woman, proheaux, sex magic


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