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Traditional Nigerian waist beads.

Traditional Nigerian waist beads are made from palm nut shells. They are called Lagidigba. Cotton strung traditional waist beads; theses cannot be taken on and off. Once tied they are meant to break or slip off.

Yoruba women wear waist beads because they believe it attracts the opposite sex and stirs deep emotional responses. The waist beads accentuate the figure and draw attention to the movement of the waist. It is believed that some women lace their waist beads with love spells to evoke deeper sexual attraction.

Waist beads are 34inches in length with 10 inches of tie-able string. They only come in one size. If your waist is less than 32 inches, you only need one depending on where you would like the beads to fall along your waist.

These are traditional Nigerian waist beads strung with cotton threads. They cannot be removed once tied on.

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