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Spread Luv, Not STDs; Get Tested

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Have you ever had an STD? I have. And the entire situation left me feeling icky af.

Not so much having the STD as opposed to being made to feel like you’re such an awful person for having an STD and being accused of giving it to someone else. Which may or may not have been the case for my specific situation, but what is pointing fingers going to solve?


STDs happen to the best of us.

According to the officials that research these things… like the CDC, one in two people will contract an STI at some point in their life with nearly 20 million new cases each year just in the US. Apparently, we love to fuck raw for some ODD reason and I just don’t foresee that changing too much.


No one owes you disclosure as to their sexual health status. Many folx aren’t aware that they have an STD to even disclose. How do you disclose what you don’t know? Many STDs are without symptoms (asymptomatic). Some people suspect they may have an STD and are too ashamed to go get tested…A shame that is pervasive in this society… Just keep reading.

Hell, I still struggle with trying to figure out what’s normal or not for vaginal discharge. Apparently, my pussy discharge does not fit the textbook description. Shit is cray, cray. (No shade to my mental health peeps.

It’s important to be vigilant when it comes to your sexual health and set appropriate boundaries.

And yes, this can be especially difficult for young women in our hyper-masculine, patriarchal society filled with men with penises trying to control women’s bodies through psychological and emotional manipulation and ridiculous fucking laws. Which is why empowering women and girls is so important to me


Because of that whole STI witch trial I endured, I’ve since had a lot of anxiety around getting tested. On a number of occasions, I’ve set an appointment and just didn’t show up. That’s how bad my anxiety gets sometimes.

The dread of walking into a testing facility. Especially when you don’t have insurance and you go to one of those public health clinics that are specifically for free STD testing so everyone in the room knows exactly why you’re there.

Talk about the red carpet of scarlet letters and the ultimate walk of shame.

And despite them meaning well, the doctors don’t make you feel any better.

I had an icky experience as recently as five years ago. I was recovering from my divorce. I had some fancy overpriced insurance and was headed to visit a gyno my aunt had recommended. As I waited in the exam room, the doctor entered, “Victoria, what brings you in? We do paps (and a few other things she listed that I can’t recall). We do STD testing as well, but I’m sure you don’t need that, do you?” she asked.

Oh, fuck! Of course not. In fact, that is exactly why I’m here.

Shame and stigma is not the answer!


That is why I love my experience with STDcheck.com soooo much: quick, easy, convenient

I ain’t gonna lie, I initially had anxiety about it even after reading about the anonymity of the process on their website. But in the end, it was all good.

You get to choose a local testing facility. The best part about going to a testing facility is that it isn’t specifically for STD testing. There are pregnant women, new hires, and all types of people getting tested for a great variety of things… Not just STDs. In fact, I’d been to this particular facility a few times unrelated to STD testing whatsoever.

After receiving my lab sheet and instructions, I was able to go anytime I chose; no appointment necessary; no id required. You are asked for an address and you are able to use a PO box of you’d like.

I got blood drawn and peed in a cup. The tech barely said a word to me. So no uncomfortable conversations about how many partners you have or sexual health history disclosure… THANK GODDESS!

The tech let me know my results would arrive in about two days.

Any anxiety I might have had, didn’t even have an opportunity to manifest due to speed and ease of the process.

In two days time, there were my results in an easy to read format; two columns, one that reads detected and another that reads not detected; each marked according to your test result.

This is beautiful because in the past I’ve gotten online results that were so difficult to read they left me wondering, “Do I have an infection or not?”

That process was so easy…Maybe a little too easy.

Thanks for reading, my loves.

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