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Soft things are pleasant. That’s the general thought that comes to mind when I think about the adjective soft. I’m often told my skin is soft. Soft is good for most things except for soft penises.

Flaccid dicks get a bad rep. From the very first time I encountered a soft penis in a situation where it should have been hard, there has been anxiety, teeth smacking, frustration, and abuse from the incessant yanking and tugging in an effort to get it back up. On rare occasions, there has even been anger. 

I’ve found myself, consoling men whose egos have been badly bruised by a soft penis. Frustrated by its inability to perform as they believe it should at the most inopportune time. I mean, sex just can’t happen with a soft dick. Factz! I don’t make the rules, I just follow them.

Actually, it can. Sex CAN happen with a soft penis.  A soft penis is the perfect opportunity to exhibit your best sex performance. Certainly, pleasure exists beyond a hard dick. In my experience, sex can be at its best with a soft dick. Once during sex, I asked a frustrated male partner, what’s so bad about being soft. It’s not the end of the world. It can and will eventually get hard. We’re not in a hurry. 

For the most part, it’s just as I mentioned before, an ego thing. More than anything they seem embarrassed as expressed in this article by Women’s Health Magazine. You aren’t the first and you certainly won’t be the last.

Making the most of a soft penis

I personally love soft penis. It slows things down in a way that I can appreciate. It’s like once the penis is hard, it’s time to put it in whether the vagina is wet or not. A soft penis presents the opportunity to use other means of stimulation: hands, fingers, lips, teeth, tongue, voice, breath, toys. It’s a perfect situation for conversation and creativity. All the ingredients you need for long lasting vaginal moisture…A WET PUSSY. More than a hard penis, it is my personal belief that wet pussy is ESSENTIAL to penile-vaginal intercourse.

We all know about the ORGASM GAP right? Right! According to related studies, many women require stimulation and cannot orgasm from penetration alone. While this is true, only about 20% of women receive nonpenetration stimulation. Bummer!

If you need some help on tips for stimulation, I have two articles I’ve written related to that, Make Her Cumm without Using Your Tongue and 9 Tips to Improve Your Cunnilingus Skills.

Women are like ovens…

And men are like microwaves. While this isn’t true across the board, it is generally true for me. I might feel aroused and my vagina just isn’t there yet. It takes at least thirty minutes of bodily stimulation for me to relax unless something else is coming into play like alcohol or marijuana. Other times, my vagina might be dripping and I’m just not in the head space to really get into the act. I don’t have these things figured out. I trust my body, though.

The first orgasm I ever had, happened without penetration. My first vaginal orgasm happened alongside stimulation. With the help of stimulation, I’ve reached orgasm with a soft penis simply tucked inside my vagina. Basically, it wasn’t necessary for my orgasm. All of these experiences have led me to conclude that a hard penis is not necessary for amazing sex. I mean, that and my experience with folks who don’t have a penis anyway.

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