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Shocking Penetration: Review for the Mystim Sassy Simon

I’m an adventurous masterbater. You’d likely have to be an adventurous self-pleaser to want to feel shocking sensations inside your vagina. Right!? I surely think so. While my mind was questioning whether I was seriously going to do this, my body had already decided.

I was first introduced to a bit of shock therapy also known as electrostimulating toys at a pool party in Dallas. It was cute rainbow wand meant to touch the skin producing a shocking sensation.

As I watched the bodies reacting, I ran up to join the lineup shouting, “Do me, do me.” The wand grazed my skin as a tingling sensation that left me slightly gasping for air with goosebumps over my body. I’m not sure what I was expecting to feel, but this was quite surprising. It felt good and I certainly hadn’t expected to feel pleasure.

So when I was introduced to Sassy Simon, an electrostimulation or E-stim vibrator by Mystim, I was quite intrigued. It’s very unique and I haven’t seen many, if any, like it.

Having tried the electostimulating wand, I was very curious as to what that might feel like inside. May sound out there to some, but I was completely drawn in imagining it.

I was excited to add this new and very different toy, that can be used inside and out, to my modest collection of sex toy favorites. No, it did not disappoint.

Initially, I didn’t realize it was an E-stim vibrator. The associate seemed excited as he asked me to wrap my hand around the shaft and subtle electrical impulses entered my body. I lit up in surprise (no pun intended). I felt like I had to have it.

I was really thinking…”If it had such an effect as it had on my body, what would it do to my vagina?”

I found the Sassy Simon to be very attractive, but then again I just truly enjoy and appreciate big black dick so I might be a tiny bit bias. It has eight different vibration settings with five levels of intensity. The electrostimulating side of things has ten levels of intensity. It can do both at the same time and yes, it is completely wireless.

The Mystim collection comes in other colors and textures as well. It comes in a few different designs including Electric Eric, Daring Danny, and the Tickling Truman which you can find here, if you’d like to purchase or get more details.

I chose Sassy Simon because ridges and ribbed have always done me well in the bedroom. I’ve found that my body responds well to ridges versus other types of textures. Although, I haven’t tried as many different textures as I’d like to.

The shaft isn’t spectacularly smooth. It’s stiff, hard, solid meaning not very bendy or squishy the way that some silicone toys are. I prefer bendy and squishy but that may not be something achievable with electrostimulating toys.

Even so it wasn’t uncomfortable or painful.

If you follow me on Instagram, which you should be if you’re there, you may have seen this one in my stories.

It’s very straightforward and simple to use. In phallic fashion, you make sure your toy is lubricated so that it glides smoothly when you insert it into the vagina.

When I inserted Sassy Simon, it was turned off. Once it was inside I turned it on and began to increase the sensation slowly. At first I only tried the tingling then later added the vibration.

I’ll admit penetrating toys are not my favorite and I don’t usually enjoy them without clit stimulation, however this experience was different.

I notice the electrical sensation was helping my vaginal muscles to contract and relax. You know what that means!? ORGASMS! Yes, the Sassy Simon was contracting and relaxing my vagina into orgasm and it felt so cool and effortless. It does claim to strengthen the pelvic muscles making orgasm easier to achieve. Although, due to too few usages I can neither confirm not deny this claim, however there does appear to be evidence to support this.

I was experiencing orgasming from a different perspective. My body was having an orgasm without me… If you can imagine that cause that’s the best way I can describe it.

While I enjoyed the sensation, I wish it was squishier. Bonus is that you can also use it to stimulate other areas of your body like boobs, nipples, and thighs. I’ve spent time just exploring and I think you should, too. It’s a pretty cool you if you like adventurous.

Thanks for reading. If you enjoyed this review, sharing is daring. Tried this toy? Let me know how you enjoyed it.

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