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Experiencing Sex as a Spiritual Calling

Spiritual calling. Do we believe in such things anymore? Beyond preachers and pastors being called to minister in church, I’ve rarely heard anyone speak of something being their spiritual calling. Even if we do still believe in a spiritual calling, it is something we are deeply out of touch with. I recently read an article that proposed spiritual gifts or spiritual emergence being mislabeled as mental illness.

Well, I definitely believe in it.

Have you ever had the pleasure of experiencing sex as your spiritual calling? Well, that is precisely where I am now.

My interest and desire for all things sex, from education to orgasms and all the kinky things in between, is much deeper than a few inches of penetration and beyond an adolescent hormone phase. Here’s how I know.

For my birthday, I visited Guatemala. Why Guatemala? Because I wanted to hike a volcano. Simple as that and I did. Almost died, not an exaggeration at all.

While in Guatemala, I met up with a friend I’d connected with online. We had lunch at a local restaurant as I told him about the work I do. I expressed to him that I felt purpose in this work, that for me it was much more than a physical act between a man and a woman as I had been taught. For me it felt like the path to my divine purpose even as I am uncertain about what that may entail.

As the words left my mouth, consciously I had no clue what I was saying to this guy, yet he became quite intrigued and began educating me on Mayan astrology.

He told me the Mayans had a way of identifying your life purpose through their 13 month calendar comprised of 20 day signs called the nawal. You can find your day sign by looking up the day, month, and year of your birth in the Mayan calendar. You can discover your Nawal here. It’s in Spanish, but you can translate the page.

He expressed that it would be interesting to know whether what I felt was my spiritual calling matched the purpose expressed by my day sign.

On this day, I happened to be on my way to Antigua, one of four former capitals of Guatemala. The perfect place to learn about all things Nawal. He let me know where I could find out more about my day sign while in Antigua as well as where I could obtain a day sign glyph necklace like the one adorning his neck. And to clarify, no, I do not believe in coincidence.

Before this, I had no idea about the Mayan calendar and day signs, but by the end of our conversation, I too was intrigued. Ready to embark on my newest mission, I boarded a chicken bus to Antigua.

Once in Antigua, I visited Casa del Jade, a beautiful jewelry store of Jade gemstones that told the history of different Mayan tribes including one I’m particularly familiar with, the Olmecas.

Here I learned about the Nawal Khan (Chiccan), the serpent. Without needing any further explanation, I immediately recognized the serpent representing sex throughout many cultures and spiritual beliefs.

Nawal Kan is no different:

“KAN is the energy of the internal fire, which is based on the spine. It is the energy of knowledge, the transmutation to wisdom, strength and serpentine power, sexual magic.”

This made me smile. It was so much confirmation of what I felt against everything I’ve ever been taught about sex and about myself.

The decision to launch a sex blog was directly inspired by spiritual journey hence my original subtitle feminine sexuality, relationships, and spirituality. At the time, I wasn’t sure how it was related, I just knew that it was.

It is my spiritual journey that brought me on this specific path of sexuality despite the fact that I attempted to talk myself out of it on several occasions. No worries because that is long in my past as I have fully embraced this journey.

At this time, I would like to express how proud I am of me for choosing me. It’s not easy, but it is necessary. I’d like to express how thankful I am for trusting me against what others believe is ideal for me or my livelihood. Expressing my gratitude to the ancestors for their guidance and my courage to follow willingly.

Experiencing sex as a spiritual calling requires a great overcoming… Overcoming myths, overcoming religious trauma, overcoming stigma, overcoming archaic social norms… Overcoming all the pushback and everything you’ve been taught is wrong, bad, evil, and inappropriate about sex!

Experiencing sex as a spiritual calling requires a deep immersion into Self.

Cheers to being an overcomer!

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