7 Places I Love to Fxck
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Seven Places I Love to Fxck

There is something incredibly erotic about having sex in places other than in the bedroom. Something so sexy, so juicy, so exciting that it makes my entire body shift into orgasm without ever being touched.

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I’m a homebody so I don’t venture out very much. Oh but when I do, it is quite the adventure. I love public sex. I enjoy the adrenaline rush that comes with the risk of being caught and all the other feels that come with outdoor sex even when there is no risk.

OMGush! Writing this post is turning me on just thinking about all of the places I’ve fucked, all the places I plan to fuck (coming soon to a blog post near you), and all the places I love fucking over and over and over again.

Having sex outside of the bedroom has always been ripe with passion. Sometimes there’s the unexpected idea, the plan, the execution, and the climax. I love that it all flows. I’m often intrigued by how our bodies know what to do and sometimes it does get awkward and that makes it fun…sometimes.

I like my sex to be sexy, though. That’s just me, and I am an entire experience. An experience excited to be had.  I leave an impression for a lifetime and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Not in any order, here are seven places I love to fuck:

In a car

Sex in a two seater

In a car, with a spacious interior; a car with lots of “legs wide open and in the air room” hahaha. I love having sex on the front passenger seat with a pillow under my butt. Cause that, my loves, is how the magic in the car happens. And by magic, I mean the sparkling fluid that projects out of my pussy. Also known as squirting. You might wanna put something down to protect your interior. This link is for waterproof bedding on Amazon, but trust me when I tell you that the fitted edges fit perfectly around the corner of the seat to keep the covering in place. They’re actually good for anyplace you don’t want to make a mess when you’re having sex, especially the blanket ones.

Outdoors in high places

I love having sex outdoors in high places. A balcony qualifies as outdoors right? I’m pretty sure it does. Way up high…I love rooftop sex. OMGush! Mountain hikes…Ooooh. This one takes me back. There’s something magical about being above it all. I mean that in so many ways. 

7 Places I Love to Fxck

In a sex swing.

In a sex swing. This is truly a magical, magical invention, and praise the mind that invented this method of having sex. The first time I tried a sex swing I was in a swinger’s club. Can you imagine the level of the high I was experiencing? I was screaming so loud in that club. The owner came to see who that was. He was like, “Girl, you are the loudest thing in here,” with a deep southern twang. I couldn’t help myself. The swing was such a glorious experience and then the folks standing around watching me. *SWOON* An unreachable g-spot becomes reachable in a swing, I promise.

On a washing machine

On a washing machine and it doesn’t even matter which cycle. It has to be the old school top-loading washer. It’s something about the movement and the sound. There’s some element of ASMR involved in fucking on a washing machine. Make it in a stranger’s house and I’m there all day. Don’t judge me.

On the beach at night

Sex on the Beach At night

On the beach at night or by water at night. I’ve only had sex on the beach, by a pool, and also by Lake Mead. They were each magical in very different ways. The first time I had sex on the beach, it was awkward. The second time which was many years later, I fell in love with sex on the beach. It’s a favorite getaway, now. When I had sex on Lake Mead it was with a guy who had been a stranger before that week. That was one of the [I don’t know the word] experiences I’ve ever had. I felt so connected to the Universe. The penetration part didn’t last long and I was so ok with that because all of the before…the build-up was intensely passionate and breathtaking and then the next morning. Please, please take me back!

On a king-size bed.

On a king-size bed. After talking all that shit about outside the bedroom, here I go! Ok, ok, y’all got me. I fucking love bedroom sex. Sex outside the bedroom is a rush indeed yet, that does not negate the fact that I love bedroom sex. Because my bedroom has a whole extra-dimensional vibe you really aren’t gonna be in the bedroom. I promise we are gonna be somewhere else. My sex is truly an intergalactic experience. I promise you!

On an orgie pallet.

On an orgie pallet. Cause if you are lying on an orgie pallet then there has to be an orgie happening; HELLO!


And that is really the only reason I love an orgie pallet. I just adore how creative you can get in all the open space and when bodies start to overlap and touch. So for those who are wondering what is an orgie pallet. It’s basically when you make the floor nice and comfy with blankets, quilts, comforters, and some special pillows for a more wide-open area that can hold a number of bodies. And everybody’s fucking on the floor.

Ok Beloveds, that’s all for today. Remember, pillows help you do magical things and you can find all kinds on Amazon.

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