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Review: Zumio and Satisfyer for Blended Orgasms 🌊

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Yay me! This is officially my first toy review ever. Why oh why did it take so long? I’ll tell you why.

Many people pride themselves on being thrill-seekers. Me, I am the ultimate pleasure seeker. I need everything to feel better than good or else it isn’t worth my time. I haven’t quite had these toys for a year, but you better believe that I have been putting in work with them. Experimenting with them and my body in every kind of way 😏

I needed time to develop my pleasure-seeking technique with these toys.

Another thing is my body requires dual stimulation in order to reach my pleasure peaks. I went through a lot of trying this with that and that with this and this with this and that with that… Yeah you get the point. 🎯

The toys that I am reviewing live in my bed and I never let them die. I mean, this combo is way too good for top drawer action 😂😂. Yes, this thing is serious. Both are rechargeable. Because I only fux with rechargeable toys The End…

I just learned about a new thing a few days ago… Blended orgasm. That resonated deeply for me. That is why I enjoy using two toys at once. Talk about the ultimate blended orgasm… sheesh!

No wonder the CES banned this mouth simulating robotic sex toy for women. When more women start having blended orgasms and entering new realms of pleasure and manifesting their most innate desires… It’s over with for patriarchy and believe the time is drawing near.

I’m going to go ahead and get into this review. As I mentioned before if you are a regular consumer of my content, I don’t do a whole lot of details so if you have specific questions upon the conclusion of this review, feel free to ask. I love answering questions 🥰. It’s free… For now 🤑

Zumio and Satisfyer Pro 2 for Blended Orgasms Adult Toy Review

Zumio X

I received a Zumio as a gift when I attended Eroticon in London March of 2018. Although it did not seem very popular among some of my peers, I adore the Zumio. And it’s in my favorite color. BOOM! 💥

It’s tiny little vibrating head is perfect for my tiny hidden hooded clitoris. It allows me to identify my pleasure zones with pinpoint accuracy. I’ve never had the opportunity to get to know my genitals so well in my life. I mean, besides my 30 day orgasm challenge.

I’ve spent a lot of time in my mirror exploring the full span of my clitoris, and not just the part that’s visible, in order to discover new pleasure sensations within myself. I have done that and so much more with the Zumio. Mission accomplished. It also does wonders for nipple stimulation, too. 😊

Rechargeable and water proof although I cannot personally vouch for this feature because I’m just not into water play. It has two buttons; a power button and a hi and low setting button shaped like an infinity symbol or the number eight 😁. The buttons are on the front and the power button is located just below the hi-low button.

I sometimes confuse the silver 3d logo button for the power button and wonder why the damn thing isn’t turning on. But that may just be me 🤷🏾‍♀️.

It’s Ugly but it does Beautiful things 😍

I also like the Zumio because it has a large handle. I have large hands. When I first saw it, with it’s tiny buzzing, vibrating head and proportionately large handle, I was like, “What is this ugly little alien-looking thing👽.” The handle makes it easy to hold onto when my body is spasming through my climax.

This makes for a better orgasm experience when it comes to clitoral stimulation. Unlike with the Satisfyer Pro 2; I damn near always lose suction and it’s hard to keep my body still during orgasm 😩.

No worries though. I’ve found the Satisfyer to be good for other things. It’s also still a good clitoral toy despite its shortcomings. Kinda reminds me of everyday people.

Satisfyer Pro 2

I enjoy using the Zumio alone, but it is so much more enhanced with the help of the Satisfyer Pro 2. I like all the Satisfyers that I’ve tried. It’s usage comes with a bit of a frustrating learning curve, but once you get over that hump you’re home free.

You got to find the right spot to get the right kind of sucking action going. That part is relatively easy. If you’re a whining hip thruster like me, keeping the suction is the less easy part. The shape, handle, and large suction silicon makes this particular Satisfyer the optimal choice for such a task. Trust me, you know when you found the right spot.

The Satisfyer Pro 2 is a suction toy as Angel tells us, “with pressure wave toys, the stimulating effect is only achieved when there’s an air seal around the area you want stimulated.” This is how it achieves that sucking sensation… No seal…no suck 🤷🏾‍♀️😆 You can read more Satisfyer reviews on Lupe.Space.

New Discoveries

While using the Satisfyer, I learned something new about my body. Something that I was familiar with yet unaware of.

My vaginal opening is highly sensitive. 😮

I learned that I can bring myself to orgasm just by playing around with that area of my vagina. This is an awesome thing because when it comes to sex toys, penetration is not very high upon my list of things I enjoy.

While the Satisfyer Pro 2 may have been designed for clitoral stimulation, I also recommend it for nipple and vaginal opening stimulation as well.

You can control the suction with a simple few clicks of the plus or minus control setting. It has exactly two buttons and it’s rechargeable. One button is the power button and the other button is the hi-low control setting button.

You don’t have to look at it to work it, basically.

The way I use them for dual stimulation is first I place the Satisfyer to my vaginal opening and I’ll do that for a little bit and use the Zumio to stimulate my nipples.

Whew this toy review getting explicit! I might have to put in a session after this 😉

After I’ve gotten myself to where I need to be I transition the Zumio from my nipples to my clitoris while still stimulating my vaginal opening with the Satisfyer Pro 2.

The Resolution

Things peak pretty quickly after that; A perfectly blended buzzy, rumbly clitoral, vaginal orgasm 😌😴. I’m totally immobilized. And I’m not moving from my bed. Which is why these Afterglow cleansing tissues are so great and so appropriately named.

I got these from a vendor at Woodhull SFS 18, and I love them for convenience. They’re pretty odorless and they don’t leave behind those white little fibers. The package recloses well so your wipes don’t dry out quickly. The packaging is really sturdy. I can say that because I travel with these as well and I’ve thrown them into bags and suitcases and they still come out wonderfully intact.

This flavorful review has been brought to you by none other than the beautiful, Qu33n Victoria.

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