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Respect ALL Women

Then go beyond that…Celebrate ALL women. Worship ALL women. It doesn’t matter whether you find her attractive or who does or who doesn’t…or why. To me, that is an excuse you gave yourself to make you feel ok about your choice. That is irrelevant.

I’ve always held the belief that the respect or lack thereof that you choose to show towards a person is most reflective of who you are and has nothing at all to do with any person or anything outside of yourself.

I’m exhausted from folks who believe that respecting women is optional based on preconceived bias. I was inspired to write a fun little verse as a guide.

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Respect All Women

When it comes to respect perhaps it’s hard to choose,
Which women win and which ones should lose.

Respect is straight forward; nothing to hide;
But if you’re having trouble, here’s a little guide.

Classy or nasty; half or whole;
Quiet or meek; young or old;

A dress so long or clothes so tight;
Early to bed or up all times of night;

And if you’re out late, then you should know,
There’s nothing open, but legs and the liquor sto’.

[At least that’s what my grandma tells me.]

No matter who she fucks or who she dates;
Whether this number is small or whether it is great;

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Whether she dates a woman or more than one man;
Whether she has a vagina or is nonbinary or trans;

Whether she’s fat or athletic; average, or slim;
Whether she’s differently-abled, stud or femme;

All people have feelings and we ALL deserve respect;
And if that isn’t what you feel, get those feelings in check.

Even if you don’t find her attractive; Or she turns down your advances.
Whether she’s a doctor; Or does erotic pole dances;

Prude or nude; Broke or rich;
Nice or rude; Easy or a bitch;

Respect says more about you than it does anyone else.
The respect you give reflects your love of self.

All women deserve respect; Indeed this is true;
No matter what they wear or the things they do.

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