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Relationship Astrology by Experience

At this point in my life I’ve dated, had sex with or shared an intimate relationship with every sign of the zodiac. Just for fun and in honor of that fact, I put together a short relationship blurb of my summed experience with each sign.

I’ve been studying astrology (as it applies to relationships) a lot more lately in preparation for some upcoming workshops. I plan to share that material here on the blog as well.

It was very insightful to think of my interactions and consider the aspects which made me compatible with some signs yet not so much with others. Of course, relationships are much more complicated than this however I was quite surprised by how accurate each of these summaries are even when referencing different individuals of the same zodiac.

I wrote a post once before on Signs of Men I’ve Loved . Well, this post is inclusive of all gender of folks I’ve engaged with which happens to be mostly men and second women. You could consider it an extension of the post…a further analysis.

For perspective my own sun is Capricorn. I have a Libra ascendant and a Taurus moon.

These are not in any order. They are grouped by element. I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I enjoyed writing them. 朗

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Handle with care but I’m not a very gentle woman. Seekers of opposing truths.

The sex is multiple orgasmic, but the chemistry is null.


Go crazy for me. Loyal and loco , they are riding forever, no matter what. They know everything about you and your secret is safe with them. Come and go as you please. They’ll always take you back. A privilege I won’t abuse.

I’m intrigued by how much they’re into me. Sex can be hit or miss.


Adores a public relationship, but I’m not with it. I do love their confidence because it takes confidence to maintain a public relationship. Careful though the break-up is just as public.

Confident and brave… Not so much sexually.



Low-key and mysterious is a shared trait that ignites curiosity, but you are likely mysterious and low-key for two very different reasons. It’s interesting to discover how and why. Teeter-toter but balance can be achieved.

Brief yet deeply passionate and pleasurable. A little goes a long way.


We know so much about “us” the real real intimate stuff. Sometimes we use it to hurt one another; sometimes we use it to heal one another.

Seems to internalize pleasure. All things reciprocated times two. The more they get, the most they give.


Very traditional (spouse and family type); thinks I’m not. Oh, but I am.

A Cinderella slipper, the perfect fit. Effortless satisfaction.

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They feel like we’re soul mates. They are not wrong. My Libra ascendant attraction is real strong. They’re captivated by my beauty and intrigued by our conversation– it goes on for hours.

I never realized that sex is a strategic process for some folks… honestly a bit robotic.


So Uranus, flying all out of this world. It only works if I’m into what they’re into as much as they are into it. I’m usually not. Another alternative is if I’m just really into them which is also a very rare case or for a limited time only. I bore quite easily.

In my opinion, a put on and a somewhat selfish lover.


Charming little devils. I never fell for any sign faster. There’s another side to that proceed at your own risk or reward! 

If at first they don’t succeed, try, try again. Persistence is a unique kind of pleasure.



Prime providers- they make sure I’m comfortable and safe; one night or long-term. They feed me and f*ck me good. Shows themselves a friend first. They feel familiar because I guess they are.

Naturally dominant. Sex can become a battle of who’s in charge; for better or worse.


Thinks they know me, but actually have no clue. Constantly sticking their foot in their mouths.

Good at what they know and knows they’re good at it. Stubborn AF when they don’t know.


Full of motives, many of them beautifully intentional and others not so much. We have many parallels and common interest, obsession ensues. 

Sensual lovers, their attention to detail can be such a turn or but usually it’s a turn-off.

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