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PSA Polyamory

Shout to ppl who think I shouldn’t be taken seriously just because I’m polyamorous. Just cause I make porn and date seven guys at once. That last sentence may or may not be true… It’s just one of the reasons I’ve been told that I shouldn’t be taken seriously.

Guys are not looking to play around, Victoria… They’re looking to settle down. Well, first of all who says I even want that life or those guys. Cause although I don’t date women as often, I like them just as much. Secondly, another person’s desire to settle down or play around doesn’t sound like my problem. That ain’t my bizniz.

As I mentioned in my bio, I am an advocate for every womxn who has ever been hoe-bashed or slut-shamed into believing there was something she needed to do or be in order to acquire the love and respect she deserves. That statement starts with me. So all of this low-key slut-shaming and hoe bashing has to end. I taught myself years ago that that was not a requirement for my happiness. Now here I am living my best fucking life. You think I’m finna go back to those old ways 💀

That just doesn’t sound anything like right. There is nothing wrong about the way I do things. It only requires a change in perspective which I can offer as well. That’s right folx. I communicate with my partners. I let them know wtf is going on. Oh the beauty of a well informed choice without all this business of tricking and trapping potential partners.

They may not know that I am a porn producing, multi-dater the moment they approach me…. oh but they will definitely find out. From there, they’ve got decisions, decisions. Honesty is indeed the best policy particularly when it comes to personal relationships. I encourage you to use your discretion in other areas of life 😉😆

My chosen lifestyle does not make me a less suitable partner. Trust me, I’m not trying to convince you. I’m telling you what I know from my own experience. A friend recently asked me, “How are you finding all these guys that want to marry you!?

Do they really want to marry me though? Unlikely. I’ve found that many of them just want to try their hand at taming a wild woman just to say they did. That’s my theory anyway. The added Bonus; I am such lovely arm candy 🍭! Blame my Libra rising

Nude art; lying in my bed

Honey, they are finding me. I’d tell you how I do it, but you probably wouldn’t believe me… They rarely do. They still believe in “No guy wants to date a girl that (You fill in the blank)”

They’re still questioning why all these “hoes” getting wifed up and they’re still single. 🙄

Take it from the pickiest hoe I know. Regardless of who you are; regardless of what your lifestyle is; regardless of whether you want to settle down or ho around, be honest and up front … From the very beginning. And this advice is best when used by all parties involved 💯

An added bonus is that the more honest you are the better you can spot a lie. Honest isn’t necessarily truth though … Something to also keep in mind.

Be discerning of those attempting to convince you otherwise; Those attempting to convince you to play a (gender) role you were not meant to play.

And yes, you’ll encounter plenty of ppl who will just want to exploit your lifestyle in whatever way for whatever reason. And it doesn’t matter what your lifestyle is…I just stick to my guns and trust my intuition. I hold myself accountable. And I do not compromise. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with compromise, I’ve learned that compromise is a thing to be earned. In some cases, it’s simply not an option at all.

Yes, I am polyamorous. That does not mean I’m playing around. That does not mean I’m not serious about my relationship(s).

So when I ask you about your friend’s marital status don’t go telling me how they’re such a sweetheart and doesn’t deserve to have their heart broken 😒🙄. Let me shoot my shot; then let them decide.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk. 😘

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I am an advocate for every womxn who has ever been hoe-bashed or slut-shamed into believing there was something she needed to do or be in order to acquire the love and respect she deserves. Sexually Empowered, Millennial Mom. ProHeaux Sex Witch. Intuitive Empath. Sex Writer + Orgasm Advocate + Community Healer.


  • Mx Nillin

    “There is nothing wrong about the way I do things.”

    Exactly! You’re doing shit ethically, respectfully, honestly, and if there are folks who don’t like it, too fucking bad. I love that you’ve found the relationships that work for you, and that you are so confident in what YOU want through polyamory and non-monogamy.

    Fuck anyone who “disagrees”, it’s none of their business.

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