June 2020 Pride Month
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Pride was a Riot!

In the best way.

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The month of June is usually a big one for me and this one had not disappointed. There is much happening in the world. With a quick scroll through social timelines, you’ll see what I mean. I have certainly played my part in the madness.

June marked the anniversary of my mother’s ascension and I celebrated her life with a spectacular amateur photoshoot and I love the way it turned out.

stamping out oppression with black girl magic

Rainbow over the knee socks are from Amazon as well as the Purple hooded cloak in XL. Click the link to make your purchase.

Since we’re two days into July now, last month, I managed to churn out two awesome podcast episodes and be a featured guest in another. I think I’ve been the most active in June that I’d been in a while. I say we keep that same momentum because I am absolutely enjoying myself. Like I mentioned in my blog keeping article, I have lots in the works so I trust you reading this have already subscribed.

June also included a brief, impromptu road trip to the beach. I fxcking adore the beach. I’m going to buy a home right off of the beach so I can look at it every day and visit as often as I’d like. New content got put up on my OnlyFans as well and I woke one morning to my first subscriber. Delightful! All the makings of getting to know me better.

Destin, Florida beach road trip

I’m thinking of offering a short promo. Just a thought for now. Remember, feedback is always helpful.

If you’re following me on IG or on Facebook, you didn’t miss any of the adventures I mentioned above. Lucky you!

I’m going to keep this post short and sweet so y’all can enjoy my June Pride photo opt. Wait! Not before I tell you about my live unboxing this Sunday (that’s in 3 days) on my YouTube Channel. You can click the image below to go there now and subscribe.

I almost didn’t remember to mention that I got a new tarot deck that I am super excited about. Yeet! Yeet! jajajajaja. I’ll be introducing it to you all soon along with another deck I am expecting any day now from a wonderful and talented friend of mine. And check out the very first card to reveal itself to me…Exciting!

King of Pentacles Tarot

I love this deck! This is the Modern With Tarot Deck and if you identify as LGBTQIA^, as BIPOC , or just enjoy seeing diversity in all things, I honestly feel like you’ll love this deck, too.

Ok…I’m done. Enjoy this photo collage, comment, share, and subscribe. Next time, my loves.

Pride in Purple photo shoot

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