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Moon Time Must Haves for Period Management

I’ve written about my moon time before. I still haven’t quite mastered this thing and it’s been 22 years since She made her debut. It’s my personal suggestion that persons having periods should not be required to “function normally” while on the rag. I mean really, it’s a total fucking drag.

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I don’t know about other folks periods, but mine…whew, chil’. For 24 hours it’s like a Typhon, ripping everything to shreds and leaving a trail…not massacre level, but blood everywhere. The kids are constantly like what’s this…they know what it is. I roll my eyes in my head and I say out loud, “I’m on my period; It’s blood”. It’s a wonderful opportunity to normalize folx bleeding from their vagina(cervix due to the shedding of the uterine lining). Thankfully, this only happens for the first 24 hours because I’ve heard menstrual cycle stories from many woman that have scared me a bit.

the many moods of Qu33n

The mood swings are not my highest Self and the migraines are excruciating. Ohhhhhhh, the cramps. I’m getting no sleep that night and neither is the person sleeping next to me. My body won’t be still. Those usually happen during those first 24 I mentioned earlier. The migraines happen towards the end.

On the other hand, I get super horny during my menses. So thankful that my partner doesn’t mind running stoplights. I have an “after the first 24” rule because that is just too messy. The sex is amazingly orgasmic, though. It’s so interesting that menses cramps (contracting) are painful yet orgasms also cause cramps (contractions) yet that cramping is pleasurable. Something to contemplate. Because it is all about what chemical signals are being sent to the brain, right?

I also dream most vividly when I’m on my period. I remember my dreams in greater detail and I can control or shift my dream. I can’t choose what I dream however, I can do what I call, change the channel. At times when I’m unable to change the dream, I’m not in charge. Usually someone is visiting, ancestors, guides, I haven’t quite learned to distinguish them, yet.

Must Haves Start Here

To manage this time, I must have a “Happy” playlist and my Bose bluetooth headphones. Upbeat music does something to get the blood flowing without much movement. I haven’t quite figure that one out, yet. So if you know something let me know something. Last week my boyfriend taught me that Reggae mimics the rhythm of a beating heart. That was fun to learn doesn’t even matter if it’s true.

How do ya’ll feel about period cups? I’ve done an article on cups. I was just beginning to use them then. I’ve been using them for a while now. They have their pros and cons. They come in different sizes and I definitely always need the large during my the first 24. However the smaller sizes are more comfortable as your menses get lighter. The larger/thicker cups will dry you out on a light day; you can feel the cup and it feels quite unpleasant. The small ones fill up too quickly on a heavy day. Other than that, you don’t feel them. Well, I don’t. Large is 25ml and small is 15ml. Although, this can vary by brand and style.

diva cup, period cup

So far, I’ve tried three different size and types of cups. I use each of them at different times of my cycle. I may look for one more to add. You can see one type I use pictured above and the other in the Can I Have Sex with My Period Cup In? article. Also, cups can be messy so if that’s not your thing you may want to skip the cups altogether.

I also like to wear Thinx underwear. Yes, they are expensive and you can click the link for $10 off when you decide to purchase. Worth it…maybe. I’ll need to check out other brands to make a final decision. I saw the ones I’ve linked here on Amazon. They’re much less expensive and have good reviews. They’re on my wishlist. I wear period panties only at home, though.

She Thinx Period panties

I also use these bamboo charcoal reusable sanitary pads. They are awesome back-up for cups, because while cups are fantastic for the most part, they always need back up. Better safe than sorry I say. This is one risk you don’t have to take. Take my word for it.

I love a nice heating pad. I appreciate electrical when I’m just in the throws of menstral cramps however, I prefer this little gxly I’ve linked here from Amazon. Yes, that at a nice cup of Elevationz tea.

Tarot decks and oracle decks are something I love to have during my menses. The messages come through very clearly during this time. It is indeed a magical time, in all it’s pain and gore. Y’all must, must check out my newest and favoritest deck right now, The Modern Witch Tarot Deck. This deck truly speaks to my essence. And where there are tarot decks, there must also be a journal and pen. Well, I’m a writer so that’s automatic. I must be prepared to write down all those little random ideas I find floating around the universal conscious.

King of Pentacles Tarot

I’ve also found that exercises that tone the torso are very good for menstrual cramps as well. My top two are hula hooping and poll dancing. I’m so excited to get my poll installed finally.

While all of these things work well in harmony to comfort me during my moon time, I am still looking for other things to that can soothe my aching womb. What are some of your favorite period hacks? Share them with me in the comments. I’d love to try a few things out.

ThanKs for visiting and do come back.

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