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Thank you, loves, for reading my art. I appreciate you so much. 

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted to my blog because I’ve been preoccupied with another project I’ve been working on. I’m only one person building this vast empire fit for a Qu33n. I honor you for being patient with my debut.

This new project I’ve been working on, Yoni Uncensored, is about healing through sexuality…specifically erotic expression and uncensored womanhood and this includes things like “being lady-like’…seen not heard, it includes menstruation, motherhood, miscarriage, childbirth and other forms of the feminine expression. 

It’s all about my own healing journey and the things I’ve learned and am learning as I figure a way to authentically express my beingness. I started a podcast: anchor.fm/yoniuncensored. I’m so hard on myself when it comes to production because I don’t like to edit. Because of this I get caught up in a spiral of thoughts that goes something like this:

“Damn, I fucked up a lot.”

“I don’t feel like editing.”

“Ughhhh, I hate editing.”

“Fuck it, I’m just not going to edit.”

Which is good because it means I get to hit the publish button even if it’s not the best.

It also could go like this:

“Damn, I fucked up a lot.”

“I don’t feel like editing.”

“Ughhhh, I hate editing.”

“I’m just not going to publish this episode.”

“Why do I have to edit?”

As you can see, I have a huge aura blocking dilemma with editing which includes videos because I really, really, really, want to post to my youtube channel. I just get so discouraged by the thought of editing that I just end up with a bunch of video clips in my phone that never make it to edit or publish.

Then one episode turns into two months have gone by turns into an incomplete or abandoned project. It’s difficult to stick to things without the proper encouragement and I’m still figuring that out for myself. I’m constantly being inspired with ideas, however the motivation to remain consistent is elusive at best.

Another thing is that I want to make sure that it is something I am passionate about. Another huge reason for “failed” projects. After some time, I get bored with the topic or the activity and I want to do something different that still aligns with my theme, topic, genre…??

I’m so afraid of being successful at something I hate. What a fucking burden!? Is that better than being successful at nothing thought…? A thought.

I was thinking of doing videos about dating very, very seriously. Heavy thoughts…I think I might do that and then I’ll let yall know.

With the project I’m working on now, I’m building up to something very special and I’m excited about it. I created an instagram for it and right now I’m building a community around the organization. It’s very much in a “Coming Soon” phase, but I didn’t think that necessary to say. 

My boyfriend and I visited Wynwood in Miami to do a cute little photo shoot. Neither of us are professionals and I think we did pretty well. Our working relationship is OK. Maybe it’ll get better.

I’m kinda taking my time because fools go rushing in…Nah, I’m just that way naturally…slow and steady. 

While this project is unfolding, stay tuned and follow me on twitter, IG and FB if you’d like. 


And if you’d like, you can subscribe to my youtube as well. I’m going to figure that out. A routine might help…even if it’s just a no-pressure practice routine. I need something…Any suggestions?

Thanks for reading!!!

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