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Manifesting with Menses: The Copper Cup

I really need to ask y’all a question. How was your full moon release? Mine has been amazing. I have to say, letting go hasn’t always been easy and it has taken a lot of practice.

It’s still not always pretty, however I see it as necessary and this month’s double evening of full moon releasing has been incredibly liberating.

You may not recognize it, but the ability to release is a huge benefit towards manifesting. The way I explain it is receiving the things you desire becomes a more fulfilling journey once you let go of the things that do not serve you.

While release isn’t necessary in order to receive the things you desire regardless of what anyone says, and you can tell them I said it, it certainly works towards creating an open environment for receiving. This is helpful towards putting yourself in a space to be in joy in your life when you are being blessed so that you can then fill that space with gratitude. And I don’t know about y’all, but I definitely adore enjoying my life.

I know plenty of folks who receive in abundance yet they still experience loneliness, depression, anger, resentment, jealousy, and anxiety. It’s unfortunate, however not unconquerable.

This month, for the second month in a row, my menses coincided with the full moon. I love, love, love when this happens. Earlier in the week I did a video that reveals why I love this time of the month. I posted it to my IGTV as well as my YouTube channel. You are welcome to check it out as it may help you to better inner-stand this post.

I was prompted to record the video after my daughter started her menses while in school and called me panicked to come pick her up. While this isn’t her first cycle, she wasn’t expecting it and it caused her a bit of embarrassment which slightly irritated me because this isn’t something we should feel embarrassed about… Yet, here we are.

In light of the culminating of each of those things I decided I’d do a ritual of release for the current full moon… For myself and for my daughter.

Now, I don’t know what y’all were like under this full moon, but I had been an emotional mess. Everything was bubbling up to the surface and I was just randomly bursting into tears. I was waking from sleep crying and calling out to my mother. I didn’t attempt to make sense of it. Nor did I attempt to make excuses or find causes. For all the things I go through and have gone through, it could literally be anything. So instead, I examined those emotions while listening to Reiki and asked myself, “What would you like to do about this right now, Victoria?”

And this release ritual became such an incredible solution.

Here’s what you need:

If your menses coincide with the full moon like mine did, you’ll need an ounce or more of the shedding of the lining of your uterus.

If your menses do not coincide with the upcoming full moon, you’ll need to do a bit more planning and preparation. This requires a collection method of your choice; I use my menstrual cup.

You’ll also need a mason jar, oregano oil, and a paper bag. Collect your menses in the mason jar over the duration of your cycle and preserve using three drops of oregano oil per ounce of fluid. During and after collection, you want to be sure the mason jar is tightly sealed, close it inside the paper bag and store it in a dark place until the next full moon.

Once you’ve done that part, you’ll need a copper cup. You’ll also need a plant that is growing out of the soil, whether potted or in the ground, or a natural moving water source such as a creek, river, or ocean.

I did mine on the beach. I love going to the beach and just lounging during a full moon ceremony or not.

On the evening of the full moon, prepare a partition by ripping a piece of brown paper bag or parchment paper counterclockwise in a circle.

In the present tense, write down three things you’d like to release in detail. Besure to include the what and the why.

Example: I release shame around my sexuality inorder to feel comfortable fully exploring my sexual self.

Set your intentions and your space. Say a prayer to call upon spirit, the ancestors, and your guides. Pour your menses into the copper cup. Be sure the cup is pure copper and not copper coated stainless steel. I do have these available for purchase. Copper is a powerfully healing conductor.

With the cup in your hand began to speak your what you desire to release into the cup of fluid. When you’re done place the cup on the ground for a moment, then lift it back up and pour its contents into the soil of the plant or into the water… Whichever you have chosen to use.

Say a short closing prayer, shout, cry, and if you decide to do this with your people, embrace. You can add any elements you deem necessary to enhance this ceremony including crystals, candles, amulets, burning the paper you wrote your release on, images or photos. Add whatever elements align with your desires.

Happy releasing my loves! May the essence of abundance overfill your life.

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