Let’s Talk Menstrual Cups & Sex

Can you have sex with your menstrual cup in?

My greatest obstacle when navigating my cycle as a girl and even now as an adult has been management.

It seemed as if no matter what I did I somehow managed to bleed all over myself in the process.

Just last year at work I had to make a dash home to change my clothes, fortunately I lived nearby.

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In high school, tampons seem to be the one thing that help the most with my management issues; plus pads and liners for backup. I honestly didn’t care for them. I don’t really care for anything being stuck up my vagina besides a warm, erect penis attached to an actual person. 🤷🏾‍♀️

I’ve tried the period panties. They work wonderfully for my daughter’s baby cycle so I bought her several pair, but they do nothing for my fully vetted “mama” cycle outside of lying around my place for a nice free bleeding session. And for $30+ a pair “around the house” doesn’t work for me.

I’m pretty sure cups may have come before the panties 🤔 but like I said, I don’t care for things being stuck up my vag. So like other things I passed them up. Also at $40 bucks for two pieces of silicone to slide up my pussy!? Nah, I wasn’t feeling it. I hate capitalism… Sometimes 😒😏

Cheers! 🥂

I didn’t think about cups again until my friend, who loves them for her ability to easily collect menstrual blood for her spells, begin raving about them. #witchshit “Maybe I’ll try them,” I thought. But not for $40.

I was on a mission to find less expensive menstrual cups and I did. I even listed them in my store and you can purchase some there, too.

The cups I purchased came in two sizes, small and large made from body safe silicone. Cups are recommended only for adults. Small is for adults who have not given birth vaginally and large is for adults who have given birth vaginally… And this is just what the instructions say and not a personal recommendation.

My instructions for insertion are pinch, fold, tuck, twist, and push. In that order. Sounds complicated and it really is until you practice a bit and you’ll have plenty opportunities for that.


With your leg propped up, side of the bathtub, toilet, or if you’re like me and you need a greater access, prop that leg up on that sink if you can reach…Pinch the cup, fold it and tuck it into the opening of your vagina. Then twist while pushing the cup all the way up until it cannot go any further.

Leak proof suction is what you get if you did it correctly. If you didn’t, you’ll soon find out 😈.

The instructions says up to 12 hours of leak proof protection. I’ve discovered that this might depend on how heavy your cycle is because gravity is a thing. Also vaginas don’t tend to care for things stuck inside them either; so She will, with the help of gravity, work to push out things that she feel do not belong. This cup is not the exception.

On my heaviest day, I empty my cup one to two times a day. Other than that, I forget it’s there. Excellent source of menstruation collection 🧛🏾‍♀️.

Even if you find that cups aren’t for you but you are interested in specimen collection, I’d recommend wearing it if only for a few hours on your heaviest days. Easiest way I know to collect.

Sex and cups

My favorite thing was discovering that I could have intercourse without having to remove my cup 😲. I mean when you think about it… Why not. A whole 7lb human being did come through.

Vaginas are actual magic.

How this goes depends on a couple of things

  1. The size of the penis
  2. The weight of the cycle

A larger penis on a heavy day is a bit more of a clean up than a smaller penis on a heavy day. Put a towel down 😁

A smaller penis on a medium to light day is little to no clean up besides the usual after sex clean up. If you do after sex clean up… I should do a post about this 🤔.

A larger penis on a medium day is light clean up.

I do not feel the cup at all with a smaller penis. I can feel it with a larger penis. I enjoy this feeling though, particularly when the cup is tucked to the left. That bit is very specific to my body, though.

I highly recommend experimenting with your own body to see what works best for you.

All of the above statements remain true even when I am straddling my partners. You can be the judge of what is larger or smaller when it comes to penises based on your personal experience. If not, catch me on another post ✌🏾.

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