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Let’s Get Loud: J.Lo & Shakira Superbowl LIV

J.Lo and Shakira’s superbowl LIV performance. Did I miss something? 

I know it’s been weeks since the Superbowl. Old news right? Perfect!

Ok. I didn’t get to watch the superbowl performance when it aired. I’m not much into sports, but I do love an entertaining performance so I was definitely hoping to catch. I was too busy running around. Superbowl Sunday was a very busy day here in SoFlo. I got to meet Irv Gotti; That was really cool. In the end, I only caught the final three minutes of the fourth quarter which turned out to be very entertaining to my surprise and enjoyment. 

Within the next couple of days, I logged onto social media greeted with a flood of articles, arguments, and comments about J.Lo, Shakira, and their too sexy for family T.V. performance. There were discussions on the curves of women of color compared to non-women of color (white women). …How there was no uproar over Adam Levine’s shirtless hip-stirring performance and how the world just seems to have a problem with women of color expressing ourselves in a way that is very natural for us.

There were discussions about morals and our public responsibility to our youth. I rolled my eyes as I slammed my laptop closed. Are we…still…seriously!? I’m over it. Still curious though, I went to check out the performance on YouTube.

J.Lo’s performance was nice. Not quite my cup of tea but nice. Shakira’s performance sucked me in. It was a musical smorgasbord of traditional African and Indigenous movements and sounds: native calls, drums, belly dancing, hip twisting, and twerking. All on live television for the world to witness. All of it resonated! It screams, “We Are Here!” And I was here for it.

The final performance with J.Lo and Shakira combined all of the above mentioned sassy, colorful tribute with the lyrics “Let’s Get Loud”. The message could not have been more clear to me. 

I pondered for a moment and thought to myself, “Are we seriously arguing with these wytepipo about the outfits J.Lo and Shakira were wearing in the face of such a POWERFUL message?”

Are we seriously allowing them to continue to distract us from the task at hand? Did I miss something or am I hearing things that just aren’t really being said?

Seriously that message resonated with me on a Beyonce, Get In Formation vibe. No!? Just me?

I heard what I heard. And I think it’s past time for us to “Get Loud!” What did take from that performance? My comments are open.

And just in case you missed that bold and beautiful message by two powerful Latina women.

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