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It’s FINALLY done! Non-Monogamy & Polyamory Resource.

This post is simply to announce that I finally finished the non-monogamy and polyamory resource. I will be adding more as I discover them or per recommendation. So if you know any good resources place them in the comments of this post because I don’t believe you can leave comments on pages.

I’ve been working on this resource for a little over a week now. Mostly due to working on other things. Thank goodness it’s done for the most part.


Polyamory has been such a hot topic since I moved here. I’ve been getting lots of questions and it’s been making me dig a little deeper into the variations of polyamory. It’s interesting and I’m always glad to be the hub of the conversation.

Also, as relationships in my own life get serious I have to dig deeper into polyamory as there are so many more questions in the thick of it. I’m learning more about myself and I’m better able to verbalize my desires. I’m still navigating the why’s and how’s just to understand people in general because understanding people helps me understand mySelf.

Check out the resource here.

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