Happy 32nd Journey Around the Sun

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At the start of 2017, I was in such a crappy mood. I didn’t celebrate my 31st birthday. I just wasn’t feeling it and I gave myself permission to be in my feelings. I felt like something needed to change, and things were changing in that precise moment.

I was born on this day. It was Friday, January 17th 1986 at 22:26.

As we approach the astrological location of my birth, I’d like to take this time to thank year 31 for the many gifts it brought.

★Thank you for revealing my passion. My greatest gift in year 31. #WomensOrgasmsMatter

★Thank you for the magic of being able to wear my heart on my sleeve, and granting me the freedom to love without attachment.

★Thank you for my new found confidence and sexiness that gets on everything and everyone around me. Mommy bodies are STILL sexy bodies.

★Thank you for my subscribers, those who support my message, and seek me out for advice, support, and collaboration.

★Thank you for believing in me and trusting me with these gifts.

★Thank you for a healthier version of me. #vegangains

★Thank you for the magick.

★Thank you for guidance, peace, and the support of my tribe in the midst of a literal storm: Hurricane Harvey.

★Thank you for all of the wonderful friendship from those who were once strangers.

★Thank you for bringing me grand spiritual understanding.

★Thank you for my greatest income yet and more where that came from.

★Thank you for bringing me courage as I strut into year 32.

I am so grateful for this last year. There has been exponential growth in the most profound and unexpected ways. I have not felt more ready, more prepared for the things to come. Year 31 has inspired me so much in the pursuit of my purpose. It has shown me that I am my greatest discovery.

No, this isn’t a very long post. It doesn’t need to be. Besides, it’s my bearth day. I gotta go do birthday shit!

I encourage you all to join me on this powerful journey. I welcome you on this journey. I want you on this journey with me. As I approach 1k followers on Instagram, I invite you to witness my joy and excitement in year 32.

I don’t want to do this without you. All of the follows, likes, shares, comments, they encourage me so much. Although, I am mostly on Instagram, follow me on all of my social platforms and if you want to get the best parts of me…SUBSCRIBE!


Pretty Pink Lotus Bud for sex-positive spaces; #WomensOrgasmMatter; the sexually liberated woman, proheaux, sex magic


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