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Healing Ritual for Sexual Trauma

I once listened as guy brag about raping a girl. He told the story of how she had agreed to have sex with him, got in his car, and they started to drive to his house. During the drive, she changed her mind. He then pulled the car over in the middle of nowhere, told her she could have sex with him right there or she could find her own way home. I imagine she must have been horrified.

The most ironic part of that story is that he became offended when I told him that he had raped her. He had used sexual coercion to force a girl to have sex with him and believed it was perfectly acceptable!

Full Moon Healing Ritual for Sexual Trauma

Sex and intimacy was divinely designed to be a pleasurable, enlightening, and euphoric engagement. Achieving this state can be difficult when we suffer from sexual trauma that cause stress, anxiety, depression, anger, resentment, and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Take responsibility for our own healing.

Whenever we embark on new healing, it is ideal to bless the journey. Healing rituals are a great way to do this as I have found them very effective in providing me with the courage to overcome. Today, I am honored to share the ritual and potion I used to help me heal through my childhood sexual experience which I wrote about in the Healing Victimization article.

Healing Ritual and Potion

Generally, healing potions have a strong focus around release and protection, however you may add any intent that you prefer. You can follow the recipe below to make your own healing.

Potion ingredients you will need:

  • Crystals ideal for healing
  • Smudging or chimes for clearing
  • Stone or metal bowl
  • A flat, 12×12 mobile surface like wood
  • A small piece of note paper and pen
  • 5oz/150ml glass bottle (for your oil)
  • Match or lighter
  • Small glass spray vial (5 to 10ml)
  • Essential oil & herbs ideal for emotional healing
  • A carrier oil
  • Light of the full moon

Step 1

First, gather everything you will be using in your potion.

Then, choose three healing crystals that most closely reveal your healing needs. You can find them by searching “crystals for healing” on Pinterest. This is what I did.

Make sure they are cleared and charged which you can learn how to do on 18 Crystals Cleansing Techniques.

Step 2

Set up your alter or create a healing space. Make sure all the items you need are at the alter and then clear your space of any energy that might interfere with your intentions.

You can kneel or sit lotus style at your alter on a pillow or cloth. Close your eyes, press your hands flat to the floor, fill you lungs completely, concentrating on the depth of each breath to clear excess energy.

Step 3

Meditate, for as long as you decide, on what you desire to achieve on your journey of healing. Then, summarize it on the piece of note paper. Keep it simple, clear, and concise. Put it aside.

Next, place your note underneath the bottle, and the three crystals in a circle around the glass bottle. With your intentions in mind, begin composing your oil potion as you would like using your carrier oil, essential oils, and herbs.

Do this on your mobile surface because you will need to move it later.

On the evening of the full moon, place your oil and crystal alter underneath the full moon. Burn the paper in a stone or metal bowl, or in a abalone shell.

Sexual Trauma Full Moon Healing Ritual & Potion

Step 4

In the morning, say a small prayer of gratitude for your potion. Use a medicine dropper to put some of the oil into the small spray vial. Add the ash from your note to an outdoor plant.

This ritual is ideally performed leading up to a full moon during the waxing phase and placed outdoors on the evening of a full moon. Although this ritual is most effective under a full moon, it can be performed anytime.

Finally, this ritual and potion can only serve you if you recall it often. The more often, the better. I use my oil as a part of my after bath or shower self-care routine, pouring it directly from the bottle. I also added liquid bronzer to one vial as a part of my beauty routine.

Let me know how this ritual works for you.

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  • Kim

    Thank you for sharing this ritual. I’ve held on to pent up trauma my whole life and have been studying Herbology and witchcraft to try to develop my spiritualism. Herbology is actually a family practice that I never had the pleasure of being included in. I look forward to learning more from your posts.

    • Victoria

      I can absolutely relate to that. Over the years I’ve had to learn many self-healing rituals and witchcraft has certainly been helpful. I’ve been learning about herbs and doing my own infusions lately so I know herbology is going to do well for your journey. Thank you for reading.

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