Fuck me like you love me so I know it’s real.



I wrote this post awhile ago. Perhaps a year ago or more. It was about a lackluster sexual experience that seemed promising at first. I didn’t want to post it then because I was still in contact with the person and I was also aware of the fact that he read my blog regularly. We eventually had a conversation about this because he wanted to know why I had lost interest. Ha!

I wanted to sub title this post: When good dick just isn’t that great.

I mean, dudes stunt for the gram, for their friends, and fake ass politically correct ass corporate America everyday. Why is THIS so hard!? Is it fear? Are you scared you might get attached? Don’t worry, I won’t let you.

For the sake of pure pleasure, the purest pleasure– can we just pretend for bit? No strings attached.

Oh, you think I’m the one who’s going to get attached? Not likely. Don’t get me wrong. I love deeply as in my heart is buried deep beneath reluctance and suspicion that takes a diamond drill of authenticity to unearth. And let’s just be real, there aren’t many authentic ones. They’re too caught up in trying to fake it till they make it.

I’m not that emotionally strapped woman they warned you about, trying to hit up dudes for love, affection, and acceptance. Nor am I the heartless gold digger type. I’m not even convinced that either of these women exist at the extreme in which men attempt to portray us. I’m just here to fuck and at the very least, I need it to be worth my while. It’s a gamble at best.

He keeps asking when I’m going to write about him in my blog. Well, guess what sir. Today is your day, but you’re probably not going to like what I have to say.

Let the record show that he definitely has good dick but…

The first time was amazing because it was incredibly sexy. It involved being woken from my sleep by kisses down my spine, slow deep body shaking strokes, an eruption of orgasm rolling through my entire body and him whispering, “Fuck me back,” over and over again. Unfortunately, it couldn’t last.

I’m so over guys who learned to fuck from a porno or from his ex-girl who learned from her ex-dude who learned from a porno. And trust me, porn is not a substitute for good sex education. I found myself counting, one to two, two to four, three to seven. These were the ratio of orgasms: mine to his. And suddenly I’m bored and just a tad bit bitter. This is precisely why women’s orgasms matter.



He doesn’t last. Understandable though. This is not my first rodeo. I know I got good pussy and I own that. I know it ain’t easy to stand up against Desi, but by now, you know that, too. So one would figure that you would have gotten yourself together because they usually do. Alas, this could not be our fate.

I mean, do you think your dick is just so great that orgasms aren’t necessary. Not hardly likely, contrary to popular believe. I need the release just as much as you do and you definitely know how to make it happen but you don’t. You are 100% content with getting yours, being done, and promising to return later to finish the job *cough cough* I mean get another one for yourself. Nah, I’m good.

This dude needs to do some kegels. I bet he didn’t even know that men could do kegels. He probably doesn’t even know what is a kegel. While vaginal weightlifting can do wonders for a woman. We don’t hear so much about it as it applies to men. He’s walking around with an undesirable affliction of premature ejaculation syndrome and doesn’t even realize there’s a cure.

You think just because you have good dick that automatically makes the sex great? Good dick is good dick but it only plays a small part in amazing sex. You have not arrived.

Your sex is so inanimate, so rehearsed, so flat-lined, so boring…I think I said that already. I’m bored and obviously unfulfilled.

And I already know that this is my fault. Women set the expectation, men treat women how she allows him to treat her, any other cause you can come up with blah, blah, blah… This is a common experience even in marriages. Listen to me when I tell you that I am a woman and the fact that a man has no rhythm, stroke game, premature ejaculation issues, or just straight up selfish ain’t got shit to do with the woman. That’s on him.

All that being said, pretend for a moment. Close your eyes and visualize the woman you love. Imagine you are about to make love to her. Consider how good you’d want her to feel and all the things you would do to make sure she reaches her ultimate pleasure.

Now think about how you stunt for the gram. Think about how you play the part of professionalism knowing damn well that it’s not the real you. Now back to the woman you love. If not a woman, channel the passion for something you enjoy. Visualize how you go above and beyond for what you are passionate about. Imagine, imagine that is me, but only until I climax.

Yeah, fuck me just like that image you just got in your head. Fuck me like you love me. I promise you won’t regret it.

After that you can return to your regularly scheduled program.

Wale- Bad featuring Tiara Thomas

Is it bad that I never made love, no I never did it

But I sure know how to fuck

I’ll be your bad girl, I’ll prove it to you

I can’t promise that I’ll be good to you

Cause I have some issues, I won’t commit

No, not having it

But at least I can admit that I’ll be bad no to you (to you)

Yeah, I’ll be good in bed but I’ll be bad to you

Bad that I never made love, no I never did it

But I sure know how to fuck

Pretty Pink Lotus Bud for sex-positive spaces; #WomensOrgasmMatter; the sexually liberated woman, proheaux, sex magic

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