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Pretty Pink Lotus Bud

Feminine Sexuality, Relationships, & Spirituality

Pretty Pink Lotus Bud is all about creating sex positive spaces and advocating for sexual freedom.

Here, we celebrate sexual liberation, empowerment, open expression, and feminism.

  • We raise awareness on social and health concerns.
  • We explore our sexuality, both anatomically and psychologically.
  • We bring sex out of the darkness of secret and shame.
  • We recognize the connection between sex and spirituality.

We work to empower individuals through self-love and sex education with a focus on body positivity, sex positive parenting, activism, and sex magic.

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Sex Positive Parenting 101

I don’t raise my children to view nudity as sexually explicit. They arrived in this world…naked. They were conceived in nudity. They were birth from my nudity. Naked. No, I don’t raise my children to view nudity as sexually explicit. Perhaps you shouldn’t either. More about sex positive parenting