Five Questions to Ask Your Guides Using Tarot Cards
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Five Questions To Ask Your Spirit Guides Using a Tarot Deck

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Recently, I was in a mood. I couldn’t pinpoint the mood, but I felt pressed for answers. I needed some. Some guidance at least. Some confirmation to let me know what to do next.

Also, I needed to connect with my guides. I pulled out my Modern Witch Tarot Deck by Lisa Sterle. I smooth out an area on my bed. Smudged the deck, lit incense, and prepared to ask these five questions to gain some perspective from my spirit guides of course.

Spirit guidance and tarot (or oracle) decks are amazing resources for intuiting the guidance you need to navigate life. Trust me, I call on my guides often. My emotions are sometimes everywhere leaving me confused and overwhelmed. But then I remember, I have help.

And there are actually six questions and not five. By the time I realized that the last question was actually two questions, I had already created the cute text graphic that you see as the leading image and I wasn’t feeling up to making a new one. You can still appreciate this list and think of six as a bonus unless you were looking forward to five. So, here goes.

What can you tell me about myself right now?

two of wands Modern Tarot Deck

What should I focus on for the next 12 months?

Modern Witch Tarot Page of Cups

What is something from my past life that is affecting my current life?

What is my true life purpose?

Modern Witch Tarot Six of Pentacles

What is something to know about my soul partner? Is my current partner the right one?

Modern Witch Tarot

I thoroughly enjoyed this activity so much so I’m going to meditate, form new questions, and do it again with the two new decks that I’ve purchased. I’m excited!

If you decide to try this out let me know what answers you get in the comments.

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