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Sex Academy International Offers Workshops for Women’s History Month

Hollywood, FL, March 05 2020— Guilty Pleasures in Hollywood, FL and Sex Academy International is bringing a powerful line-up of pleasure centered educational workshops in honor of Women’s History Month. 

Victoria Wray, sexuality writer, orgasm advocate, and pleasure educator, is offering her workshop on Femme Sex: Reframing Womanhood and Feminine Pleasure. Victoria is a sex blogger and co-author of Sex After Divorce. As an advocate for sexual freedom, Victoria openly shares her journey of sexual exploration through her blog

Femme sex is an interactive workshop exploring what it means to be a self-identifying femme. The workshop addresses outdated, misinformation about pleasure as it pertains to femininity, womanhood, and female gender assignment at birth. It addresses the pros and cons of personal and social perspectives of female pleasure, and the way each of these reflect in how we define our individual sexuality. 

The event is Saturday, March 28th from 7p to 9p at Guilty Pleasures novelty shop in Hollywood, Florida. Tickets for this event are $20 and can be purchased at

Sex Academy International offers a range of activities, courses, and workshops related to sex and sexuality. All of this is possible thanks to a team of professionals that is extremely passionate about their work.

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We are committed to providing quality, professional and fun sex education. Who said sex education has an age limit? Sex is something natural and present in our daily lives. Discover how to enjoy it to the fullest with us!

At Guilty Pleasures, our drive is that everyone deserves sexual satisfaction and our main objective is for everyone to have a better sex life. We provide an upscale and comfortable shopping environment, where our customers can converse with our friendly and knowledgeable staff to discuss tools that will help them explore their needs and desires.

Our goal is to help every customer that comes through our doors to find the products that will aid them in achieving sexual satisfaction.  Whether you are having sex alone, with a partner or with a group!

To get tickets and learn more about other workshops for Women’s History Month visit

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