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Erotic on UK was so freaking awesome! Oh my gosh! I have spent the last few days processing and writing down all of these wonderful ideas. It was my very first trip to London and I cannot wait to go back next year.

Okay, so how did I even get to London in the first place?

I happened to be having a chat with my good friend Isabelle of IsabelleLauren.com. We were discussing the details of the Summer 100 Sex Blogger Blog Challenge. You should join this year. It’s a great way to build relationships with other sex writer and creatives as well as SEO for your blog. I was also sulking a bit over the overwhelmingness of my life. 😔

During our conversation, Isabelle started talking about Eroticon UK and how she was a bit nervous to meet everyone, but very much looking forward to attending. I had heard of a Eroticon but I didn’t know much about it. As she was explaining to me about the sex writers event, I immediately begin looking for flights to London so that I could attend. It was so random and so spontaneous. It was precisely what I needed.

Eroticon Selfie

This being my first Eroticon, I had no clue what to expect.

When I arrive to the mixer on Friday, I was promptly and warmly greeted by Molly and Michael. It was such a wonderful experience. It felt so awesome that they knew who I was and the conversation just sparked. It was just such a welcoming experience; such beautiful, beautiful hospitality.

I got the opportunity to chat and have drinks and eats with so many other sex writers and creatives.

Meet and Greets

One thing you might notice about me is anytime I go anywhere it’s my connection with people that I enjoy and value the most. I love that Eroticon had so many awesome people that there was just not enough time to connect with everyone. There’s always next year, though.

I had a little photo op with Aurora, Petra, and Sarah.

I enjoyed sweet potato fries with the creators of the couple’s app Desire, and lots of orgasm talk with Tabitha.

Tabitha invented the Ruby Glow which I cannot wait to try, and if you haven’t signed on for the #30-dayorgasmfun, you should.

After the self-editing workshop, I got to chat briefly with Mia of Mia-More. Thank you so much for that conversation. She is such a beautiful, beautiful spirit.💖


Favorite Displays

There was such a great mix of products and companies.

I really enjoyed my chat with Mark at the Fetish.com display. We had an insightful conversation about SEO, and I later attended their workshop which just added icing to the cake.

At The Bijoux display, I was so excited to learn that all of their products are 100% vegan. Oh my gosh! Love, love, love it. I cannot wait to plan this trip to Barcelona.

Also I cannot wait for the launch of Love Giver. I know it’s going to be such an awesome sex creators community. I was jumping up and down at the table because I was like, “Oh, we really really need this.” Plus, I love, love, love this mug!!!

Eroticon UK LoveGivr mug

Of course, Tabitha was super awesome at the Rocks-Off display. I kept coming back because her energy was magnetic. The table was quite colorful and attractive. I am so glad I got the pleasure to meet her and hang out with her several times; Friday at the mixer, Saturday at the conference, and then Saturday evening at The Edinboro Castle pub social.

Sex Talk & Takeaways

We all deserve to make money doing something we love. 🤑💦 I love orgasms and I love teaching people about orgasms. That’s what I got from the “How to Make Money from your Blog Without Losing Your Soul or Your Audience”. Kayla Lords gave so much awesome advice that I plan to put to use immediately.

Vlogging is something that I really enjoy doing so I couldn’t wait to hear Hannah Witton’s talk on Vlogging 101. I got so much great insight. I am seriously considering starting a vlog. Who knows, perhaps I’ll launch this summer…🤔

As a storyteller who is constantly writing in passive voice, perhaps too often, I really appreciated all that Anna Sky had to offer in her Self-editing Tips and Tricks workshop. Remember, if you can add “by a zombie” to the end then it’s in the passive voice.

Wishful Wishlist

In the beginning, I wasn’t sure I wanted to get too involved in sex toys and such. However, after an entire year of deliberation (and trying a few toys on my own), I feel like I’m ready.

I had a great talk with Alex at the 🐙 Hot Octopuss table. He really knows his shit and I was so sold on the Hot Octopuss that I cannot wait to try it.

After being wand shamed by William at the Doxy display, I’m so ready to get my hands on the Doxy to truly experience what all the hype is about. *Rubs hands together cynically* After all, I’m from America, home of the wands…according to William anyway.

I fell in love with harnesses after wearing one in my recent photo shoot. I currently have eyes for this beauty by the the all vegan Bijoux Indiscrets. YASSSSS! I love their products simply because I love pretty things…including an adorable vibrating diamond we got in our #swagbags.

Bijoux Indiscrets Eroticon UK display

Me Things

I was so excited that my #WomensOrgasmsMatter badges were such a huge hit at the conference. Everyone was looking for me to get their hands on a badge. I ended up running out. Next time I’ll be better prepared.

After attending Eroticon, I’ve learned yet something new about myself. I’m totally into kink. 😲As I’ve been sharing this with my friends, none of them seem to be surprised 😆. So then, why am I so surprised? 🤔 I truly enjoyed making my mini flogger with Kink Craft.

Finally, I learned that I share so many parallels with Girl on the Net when in comes to sexual pleasure. That being as it is, I am so excited to have this work of art in my possession. It’s already sooooo good.

Girl on the Net- Book- Eroticon UK

Eroticon UK has been such an awesome experience. I cannot wait to next year!

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