Exclusive Footage

Welcome to the Exclusive Footage series henceforth referred to as ExFtg. Just as the name suggests, ExFtg is exclusive, subscriber-only, password-protected content.

The ExFtg series features photos and an occasional video clip of my feet doing cute and fun things published every third Thursday of the month. Perfect for my fetish folks who can’t get enough of my feet which you can also follow on IG: Pinklotussoule! Subscribe now and you won’t miss a post.

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If you love feet, you’ll definitely love my new series! I know I do, which is why I decided to make it a regularly scheduled gift to you.

I love taking care of my feet and taking pictures of my feet. I love making my feet pretty with polish and jewelry. I love it when other folks love on my feet.

It is an honor to share such a passion. Truly, it is. 

Let me know how much you are enjoying the series by leaving comments of appreciation, suggestions, liking the post, and leaving a nice tip (CashApp/Venmo $PrttyPnkLtsBd). Be sure to leave the kind of tip that makes me say, “Oh, how nice,” and especially the ones that make me say, “Niiiiice”.

At any rate, your feedback is both welcomed and encouraged.

The password for this series will be sent to those who have subscribed. It can be used to access all ExFtg posts. I reserve the right to change the password at any time at which point all those who are subscribed will receive notification of the updated password via email.