Does “too much” Masturbation Make Me Less Sensitive?

The theme for the last couple of months has been masturbation. It all started in April with the 30-day orgasm fun followed by May’s Masturbation Month. I got to try out a few awesome toys. I am so excited 🤩 to share via my YouTube channel launching this summer 😍.

Go on over and subscribe. It’s going to be wildly entertaining.

So with all of the reviews I have in the works, it is safe to say I have been doing quite a bit of masturbating. Yes, indeed.

Before the 30-day orgasm fun and masturbation month, I had never masturbated this much in my life. And never this consistently. So when someone following me asked whether a woman could become less sensitive due to “overstimulation” from masturbation I had no clue how to answer.

I ended up posting the question on my Instagram for others to answer. The spectrum of responses was so broad, my proposed solution didn’t get me any closer to the truth of whether “too much” masturbation causes you to become less sensitive.

One follower suggested that it might require more stimuli and more work to reach orgasm in the future. Another theory I was testing out for myself.

Now, this is the part where I tell you all about my experience.

For 30 days every single evening, I watched porn and entertained my followers on IG half expecting that each new climax would somehow cause me to become less interested in the next. To make a tall story short, that never happened. With each new climax, I half expected that the next one would take longer to achieve. Nope, that didn’t happen either.

Masturbating every day for 30 days straight using my fingers and a variety of toys did not cause me to become less sensitive.

In fact, I found that I became more in tune with my sensitivity. And by that I mean I learned which spots were more sensitive which methods of stimulation produced greater pleasure sensations in my genitals. Overall I just became more aware of what felt good to me and what brought my body pleasure.

The trajectory of my orgasm was within my complete control. Basically, that means I was able to control what I felt and how I felt based on which toys I used and whether I use my fingers or some other method. I was able to control how long I wanted my pleasure to last and if I didn’t want to take up too much time I knew exactly where to go to induce a 2-minute climax whereas when I first started the fun challenge, it easily took me an average of 8 minutes to reach orgasm.

The sensation of my pleasure did not decrease and I was able to shorten the time it took for me to reach orgasm.

Then came the final test of “too much” masturbation. Would it make it more difficult to reach orgasm during intercourse with a man?

Here’s the thing, whenever I spent all that time masturbating it is easy to assume you might become less interested in sex in general. Typically people talk about masturbation being a replacement for a body either directly or indirectly. I don’t know how anyone else feels about it, but this certainly isn’t true for me.

The more I was masturbating, the more I’d crave human touch, the more I’d wish there was someone enjoying the sexual experience alongside me. Because masturbation with a partner is quite an experience. Once the day arrived to fulfill this craving I was able to have multiple effortless orgasms. They took less time and there were more of them. Mind blown 🤯.

With way more confidence than I’d had before, I was able to tell my partner exactly where to go and exactly what to do for the maximum amount of pleasure. Now assuming you have a partner that takes directions well, this can be a magical experience; by magical I mean the entire constant masturbation for 30 days and then having this mind-blowing sexual experience with your partner afterward.

I did not require more work nor did I require more stimuli to reach orgasm. Specifically for me, I came faster.

And there you have it from me anyway. I encourage you to answer these questions for yourself and discover your own experience. It is beyond worth the journey; one Miss Scarlet describes well of her own masturbation journey.

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