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Burning the Midnight Sage: 3 Ways to Clear Toxic Sexual Energy

The evening is my sexy time. I’m such a morning person but I cannot deny my lifelong love affair with the night. I come in from work and take care of my evening duties. I shower to rinse the day away, kindle my tea light oil diffuser, and smudge in the nude.

Ideally, my favorite time to have sex is between one and four am. I say ideally because given my current work schedule, unfortunately, it is likely that I’m long asleep at those hours.

Being both clairsentient and clairaudient, it is the time when I feel the deepest and hear the clearest. It is the time I feel most connected to my creative, sensual, and sexiest self. My thoughts roam openly with minimal interruption as all the world is quietly sleeping.

In case you missed it, I recently had my guest post cherry popped. I had the honor of writing an amazing piece on whether sex can be spiritual. In the post, I talk about toxic sexual energy. As an empath, I realize how easy it is to become inundated with emotional information whether through intercourse or other means.

I would love for you read it and let me know whether or not it resonates with you.

I wanted to share these ways that I limit, manage, and discharge toxic and excess energy that I take on throughout the day.

When it comes to my spiritual upkeep, I prefer to keep things simple. Everything has energy and because I’m still learning about myself as an empath, I still haven’t quite learned to manage these energies.

In light of this, I gather spiritual materials as needed; I keep few things on hand. For the sake of simplicity, as a rule of thumb, I follow this guide for managing, limiting, and discharging toxic sexual energy or any toxic energy for that matter.

  • Water for cleansing
  • Salt for protection
  • Sage for clearing

They can be used interchangeably and I’ll share the ways I use each.

Water for cleansing

Water is life; water is refreshing; water is rejuvenating. We are made up mostly of water.
In the early stages of my sexual debut, particularly as a college-aged young adult with open space and complete freedom to have sex with whomever I desired, how often I preferred, in whatever manner I choose, I enjoyed showering with my partner before and after intercourse. I could tell from their surprised reactions that apparently this was not a normal gesture. But of course, they didn’t turn it down.

I felt it for sure, but I didn’t know then what I know now about how those pre-sex rituals were affecting my sensual energy exchange. I don’t doubt they contributed positively to my amazing sexual journey even when I had limited knowledge about spiritual cleansing.

I’ve always been who I am even when I didn’t always do me the way that I do me now.

There are many cleansing water rituals to try; do a simple Pinterest search and you’ll discover this for yourself. I’ve looked into quite a few that I’d like to try.

In the meantime, a simple shower infused with positive, high energy and mindful intentions works amazingly. I just visualize myself rinsing away any stress and excess energy that I’ve collected throughout my day. And if you’re able to, as often as I’m able to, I love to swim in the nude; also known as skinny dipping. It completely enlivens your beingness.

I convinced my friend to go skinny dipping with me last summer. Although she’s a bit timid and reserved, even she admitted that she enjoyed the experience.

I am a huge fan of crystal charged full moon water for its healing power. Depending on what I need, I usually infuse it with oils, herbs and of course mindful intentions. I plan on sharing a recipe very soon. I usually collect rainwater for such occasions as the more natural your water source, the more potent the healing potion.

I’ve heard great things about rose water and I’m looking forward to trying this recipe I found on Pinterest very soon. I feel like you need to create a certain atmosphere when you’re making such a thing (as with all rituals, right) which is why I’ve been postponing it; timing seems off.

Salt for protection

I don’t use salt very actively but I use it daily and consistently as my Himalayan salt lamps release an aural, hypnotizing glow. I love them for meditation. Sometimes my kids unplug them and I can always tell when they do.

Salt is amazing protection against low energy sexual experiences. Low energy sexual experiences are caused by ego and not spirit. All higher being experiences are benevolent anything else is ego using energy in a negative way. So regardless of how evil or how angelic a person might seem, we all have the capacity to be the complete opposite of that within ourselves. It is all about choice and balance. Make higher choices. Regardless, spirit and ego are yin and yang in our physical form, one is nothing without the other.

I have this enchanting ability to read through ego to the innermost desires of a person’s sexual beingness and I still have some wondering how I do it. It is the power of seduction. From a sexual perspective, I love showing a person this version of themselves. Essentially, I do it by simply mirroring their “thought” energy. Another awesome empathic ability that I have often taken advantage of even when I didn’t know I was an empath. A person is much more open and unguarded in their sensual state.

If you couldn’t tell by now, intimacy is my favorite way to use my empathic abilities. Because of them, I have had a totally different sexual experience than that I had been taught to expect. An experience I have come to crave over and over again, which is one reason I’m so against the social narrative of sex as it currently exists. People are missing out on so much because we are all empath, you know.

I use this ability to draw on high energy emotion in combination with salt, to ward off low energy emotion, for a higher sexual experience even in a casual context.

I use salt to line entrances to my home: doors and windows. I use salt circles during meditation, card readings, and consulting with spirit (which I do often). I use salt around my bed. Not only does it protect you from low energy sexual experiences but it also keeps the nightmares at bay along with the added protection of my dream catchers.

In general, salting usually follows cleansing and smudging for me. Unrefined salt works best. Paakai or Hawaiian salt is my personal preference; no specific reason that I’m consciously aware of. If you want to learn more, I found this article about the spiritual power of salt to be very useful, and I’m certain you will, too.

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Smudging for clearing

Since discovering the why of my longtime, uncanny ability to read people, I have been slightly obsessed with developing my psychic gifts. I almost feel like I attract more energy now. Either that or I’m just more sensitive to the energies I attract and carry. Because of this, smudging is my favorite method of clearing energies. It covers a larger area over a shorter period of time. There’s less residue. It’s quick, easy, and it lingers.

I love watching the smoke rise as it dances to energies in the atmosphere.

I stick with White Sage and Palo Santo. Simple is easiest for me, however, there are so many different types of herbs for smudging. I smudge very often, as often as necessary, rarely going a week between smudgings.

You can do it anytime. I’ve discovered that the best time for me is evenings around midnight hence the title burning the midnight sage. This time is perfect because, at this point, my children are asleep, the businesses in my area are closed, most of my neighbors are asleep, my cleaning is done, and the world around me is still.

It is a good idea to smudge anytime you move into a new place or if you will be staying in another place, at a hotel or as a guest in someone’s home, etc. As a cutesy, ask if it is ok. It is also good to smudge before, after, and between all rituals; before and after house guest. I don’t just smudge my space but everybody in my home including my children and pets.

Lately, I’ve been having crazy dreams so I do a Palo Santo smudge before bed. Being an emotion magnet has its benefits, however, residual effects are not fun at all. It can be overwhelming in many cases.

It’s an infamous movie cliché to smoke a cigarette after sex. Me, I prefer to light up the sage and enlightenment my lover on its purpose and benefits. Burning sage is calming. I’m up writing this post right now as my children sleep, but I’m sure I’ll be editing later and finding other mistakes long after this.

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