Why my sex positivity is not without fear shame or trauma by Myisha Soule- Guest Feature for PrettyPinkLotusBud.org

Why My Sex Positivity is Not without Fear, Shame, or Trauma.

Sex positivity, like social justice, like self-care, is becoming a catch phrase that is being used sometimes loosely and without a multifaceted understanding of the phrase’s function. Frequently, sex-positivity is often used to categorize or define free spirited, and fun sexual behavior. I myself have used this word to describe my message around masturbation and its benefits to Black Womxn or to provide context to my nude art.

Art for Bold, Beautiful, and NonBinary

Bold, Beautiful, and NonBinary

I’m a non-binary human. I say that first and foremost because I think there’s this unspoken “radicalness” to it. People don’t necessarily want me to be honest about who I am…to exploit the lie that is the gender binary. Ultimately people are scared of what they don’t understand and I think for lots the binary has been this constant that they’re used to and are comfortable with through conditioning.

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I thoroughly enjoy sharing my experiences through Pretty Pink Lotus Bud. I can say without a doubt, this is my therapy and my path to freedom, so when others invite me or accept my request to share via their platform, I am excited and honored by this opportunity. I know sometimes my tribe and others who visit may not be aware of my guest features on other blogs, because there is just so much going on around the web. As my list of guest features grows, it’s not so easy for me to keep up with where I’ve be featured.