Harness the power of the full moon: Created during a full moon ritual, when used this potion will work to attract wealth, abundance, success, prosperity, and give you the confidence to follow your dreams. With the delicious scent of cinnamon, ginger, and patchouli essential oil which are very powerful for attracting wealth, you can mist this potion on you or other objects to harness the energy of abundance.

Abundance Ritual and Money Potion

Not so long ago, I was very confused about my spirituality. I wasn't sure what to believe in. I knew that I did not believe in Christianity, Buddhism, and all of the other high profile religions. I didn't even realize that religion and spirituality, although related, were two different things. I was lost at so many depths. I had no spiritual practices, no rituals, no formed (or forming) beliefs. I'd stopped going to church because once again, I didn't believe in any of it. I felt like I was mocking other people's beliefs by pretending to believe. I lived inside my head a lot and wanted no part of the life I was living. In all parts, I felt stuck.