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Blog Keeping: Going on Hiatus

It’s time for a break. As you know, I run the Pretty Pink Lotus Bud Empire all on my own. I’ve worked long and hard. I’m not seeing the results I would like to see so I’ve decided that I’ll take a bit of a hiatus. I plan to do some self-reflecting, read a few books, and go back to the drawing board to reevaluate my purpose here.

I’m not going anywhere permanently, though. I enjoy writing and creating content around sex. I definitely need to consider what type of content I want that to be now, what changes need to occur in order to make that happen, and what my long-term goals are for this blog.

While I’m gone, you may see me become less active on social media, though I still plan to make a few guest appearances with others. I’ve been through a lot and I need to figure out the purpose of all that has occurred over the last year or more. I need me time. I miss me. I miss me a lot. On some level I feel like I’ve lost sight of who that is or that I’m going through so many shifts, I just can’t keep up.

During my little hiatus, I’ll just be doing stuff around the house that we’ve just moved into. I love little home improvement projects and this house has lots of opportunity for that. It’s a well-maintained house that was built in 1942 with a huge yard that I love so much. I just bought a weighted hula hoop….Lots of things are new. It’s great. It’s wonderful. It’s interesting. It’s also a bit overwhelming. The energy of it all is soooo magnificent. I really have to sit still and be like…

Now what do I do with all of this? Should I be doing anything with all this. I have such a brilliant mind and sometimes it just runs away with itself. I’m working on how to cope with that…I’m also working on how to cope with frustration when my needs aren’t being met.

I think that is what I’m going to work on most. I’ll let y’all know what I come up with. I’ll still likely be active on my non-NSFW IG account just cause it’s a place where I like to post non-sexual everyday stuff that’s going on with me.


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