Blog Keeping: Growing My Fanbase
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Blog Keeping: Expanding My Fanbase

I was going to write this as growing a fanbase but Yeah…more like Expanding….It has been a while and I’ve been a busy, busy Qu33n.

Thank you to all of my subscribers and fans for allowing me into their feeds, inboxes, and their lives to share my journey and my story. I truly, truly appreciate you. I’ve gotten so much love in exchange for my courage. A thousand kisses to you!

September was a pretty lit month for blogging and YouTube content. I got in quite a few more posts than my normal output. Yay, me! Here are a few of my favorite:


I’m so proud of my growth. Fifty-seven followers up for the month of September on my YouTube channel, The Qu33n Coven. I’ve been posting pretty regularly to my onlyfans, too. My fanbase is growing and I’m excited mostly because I don’t push my OF so I know those who discover it and subscribe are really checking for me…like truly there to support. 

Well, that’s my personal theory. I could be wrong. *SHRUG*

October has been a bit slower even though I did have some blog articles from early October. My last YouTube video has me pausing because I want to do it over. You can check it out. 

It’s valuable info. I just don’t like the presentation and I will be doing it over eventually. I really want to talk more on the topic of improving your pleasure, but I’m feeling like YouTube may not be the place for that. For this reason, I’m considering starting a Patreon. I’ll do more research, though.

Shifting Focus

Honestly, I’ve shifted my focus to getting my store ready to launch and growing my fanbase. I did my first broadcast on Chaturbate three days ago and that has been so fun and also I make money and grow my fanbase.WIN.WIN.WIN. This is a good way to bring folks to your Onlyfans, too.

I bought a digital course that teaches you how to grow your reach and following. I’ve gotten into the first bits of it and I like the info. I’ve begun planning and preparing as instructed. I’ll let y’all know how it goes. And if you’re following me, you can just watch for yourself. I’m setting real ass goals. I’m ready!

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