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Blog Keeping: Updates & What’s New

I’ve decided to start writing Blog Keeping articles. The purpose of blog keeping is to update my readers on what is happening with the Pretty Pink Lotus Bud empire: what’s new, what’s out, the projects I’m working on, features, and money matters.

Since I’ve been working on several different projects recently, let’s get into it…

We have three updates today. Nothing too, major except the last one. I was pretty geeked about that one and it ended up being a lot of fun.

First up, I have decided to cancel my Exclusive Footage series. I love foot fetish stuff and it’s been a decent source of income. However, I’ve been more interested in other projects recently so I’ve decided to invest in other ideas. I may come back to it later depending on appropriately considered pros and cons. I’m leaving it up until I make my final decision.

And if you would like to see more from the Exclusive Footage series, let me know. Feedback is helpful to my decision making process.

Next up, I’m collecting and updating affiliates for a monetization campaign I’m working on. I’ll likely give details about this at some point in the near distant future. Special thank you to Hey Epiphora for helping me out so much with putting things together. Go check her out. She’s a vet in the Sex Blogging arena.

I lied when I said there were only three updates. There are actually four and I didn’t remember till now. So I’m doing the thing I remembered last cause I’m pretty excited about that, too.

Third thing…tomorrow, I am being featured as a guest on The Wett Spot podcast (wettspott IG) hosted by the bajan poet on Instagram. The topic is about coming into your sexual beingNess and sex as a catalyst for healing and therapy. Tune in and tell me what you think about what we shared regarding sex and healing.

Finally, I did it! I signed up over a year ago (which I mentioned in my New Year, New Opportunities article in 2019) and after so much time of mulling over whether or not I would, I finally posted to my OnlyFans account. I ultimately decided that I want more freedom to post the intimate photos of myself that I love so much. And by intimate, I don’t mean naked or nude (although most are). Check it out and you’ll see what I mean…completely vulnerable and unrestricted. **Long sigh of relief** It’s definitely about the freedom more than anything.

I’m excited to post content there especially because I’ve already created so many of the things I want to share. I wasn’t quite ready to share it when I originally created it. I wasn’t sure that I would ever be willing to share and here I am. I’m sharing some seriously intimate parts of myself and I’m looking forward and accepting all that comes with this part of the journey. Look at gawd!

I’m incredibly proud of myself!

That concludes all the updates I have for now and I’m looking forward to checking in again soon. Let me know how much you enjoyed this post in the comments below. You can also let others know by sharing this article and other featured content.

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