Twerk is International

When I was in second grade, I won my first twerk contest. Yes, you read that correctly. I doubt I had anything to twerk, but I definitely had the technique down packed.

My friends and I loved to twerk. They even let us do it at school dances. It was definitely the culture of my city despite religious saturation.

When DJ Jimi’s Where They At started playing… It was over with. Then came Juve’s Back That Ass Up… These are two of the most prominent ass shaker twerk songs for my generation and region.

Sex wasn’t a thought in my mind; at least not consciously 😉. Twerking from my perspective is cultural…black culture… and many other things for me personally as I am recently learning.

Once sex did enter my mind, ya girl had the moves…already. Twerking is deeply feminine, exotic, and ritualistic. It’s not for everybody. Understood. Still not a reason to demonize it.

Twerking is lyfe

I do not care what anyone else thinks about it. Y’all gonna learn to stop factoring other people’s opinions into your experience.

This is a key reason why most people are confused about their bodies and their purpose and the purpose of their bodies.

I’m gonna tell you right now. In the grand scheme of what is YOUR life, they don’t matter. 🖕🏾

I get my twerk in every morning, sometimes at night depending on where I am. I almost dropped my phone a couple of weeks ago trying to twerk in a parking lot, knowing I don’t have a screen protector. That could have been TRA-GIC. But hey, 😜 #twerkislyfe

I got a little bit of skills. And most of the time I enjoy the attention. Just don’t touch me 🤬

Twerk is Spiritual

While in Guatemala, I am learning about the Mayan calendar and the Mayan zodiac. Mine is Nawal Kan which is the serpent or the snake. If you are into spiritual awakening and you’re thinking Kundalini energy, you’re exactly right. So you see, sex means more to my purpose than I could have ever conceive. The Mayans knew it even before I was born.

For the last few weeks, I have been playing the City Girls featuring Cardi B Twerk song on repeat. Watching the video gave me so much life 😍 I’m definitely trying to get flewed out (all expenses paid) after that one.

While hanging out with a couple of the locals in Guatemala City, Jose and Daniel, one of them asked what genre of music I enjoyed listening to. I responded by playing a couple of songs from my playlist and City Girls, Twerk was one of them. Daniel immediately identified it as a twerk song and asked if I had any twerk videos. I laughed.

I had been conversing with Daniel and Jose for almost an hour. Neither of them spoke English well as I do not speak Spanish very well either. Un poquito…however he had no issues making that request clear and I had no issue understanding it 🤣🤣🤣 #twerkisinternational

I felt so inspired by the request, I wrote a status update on Facebook 😆🥰

Unfortunately I have no twerk videos to share at the moment but that will soon change. 😁

Who wants to hold the camera? 😝

Modesty ain’t for me.

✌🏿 Enjoy…

Pretty Pink Lotus Bud for sex-positive spaces; #WomensOrgasmMatter; the sexually liberated woman, proheaux, sex magic

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Review: Zumio and Satisfyer for Blended Orgasms 🌊

This post contain links to my affiliate account to make your purchase quick and effortless. You’re welcome 😊.

Yay me! This is officially my first toy review ever. Why oh why did it take so long? I’ll tell you why.

Many people pride themselves on being thrill-seekers. Me, I am the ultimate pleasure seeker. I need everything to feel better than good or else it isn’t worth my time. I haven’t quite had these toys for a year, but you better believe that I have been putting in work with them. Experimenting with them and my body in every kind of way 😏

I needed time to develop my pleasure-seeking technique with these toys.

Another thing is my body requires dual stimulation in order to reach my pleasure peaks. I went through a lot of trying this with that and that with this and this with this and that with that… Yeah you get the point. 🎯

The toys that I am reviewing live in my bed and I never let them die. I mean, this combo is way too good for top drawer action 😂😂. Yes, this thing is serious. Both are rechargeable. Because I only fux with rechargeable toys The End…

I just learned about a new thing a few days ago… Blended orgasm. That resonated deeply for me. That is why I enjoy using two toys at once. Talk about the ultimate blended orgasm… sheesh!

No wonder the CES banned this mouth simulating robotic sex toy for women. When more women start having blended orgasms and entering new realms of pleasure and manifesting their most innate desires… It’s over with for patriarchy and believe the time is drawing near.

I’m going to go ahead and get into this review. As I mentioned before if you are a regular consumer of my content, I don’t do a whole lot of details so if you have specific questions upon the conclusion of this review, feel free to ask. I love answering questions 🥰. It’s free… For now 🤑

Zumio X

I received a Zumio as a gift when I attended Eroticon in London March of 2018. Although it did not seem very popular among some of my peers, I adore the Zumio. And it’s in my favorite color. BOOM! 💥

It’s tiny little vibrating head is perfect for my tiny hidden hooded clitoris. It allows me to identify my pleasure zones with pinpoint accuracy. I’ve never had the opportunity to get to know my genitals so well in my life. I mean, besides my 30 day orgasm challenge.

I’ve spent a lot of time in my mirror exploring the full span of my clitoris, and not just the part that’s visible, in order to discover new pleasure sensations within myself. I have done that and so much more with the Zumio. Mission accomplished. It also does wonders for nipple stimulation, too. 😊

Rechargeable and water proof although I cannot personally vouch for this feature because I’m just not into water play. It has two buttons; a power button and a hi and low setting button shaped like an infinity symbol or the number eight 😁. The buttons are on the front and the power button is located just below the hi-low button.

I sometimes confuse the silver 3d logo button for the power button and wonder why the damn thing isn’t turning on. But that may just be me 🤷🏾‍♀️.

It’s Ugly but it does Beautiful things 😍

I also like the Zumio because it has a large handle. I have large hands. When I first saw it, with it’s tiny buzzing, vibrating head and proportionately large handle, I was like, “What is this ugly little alien-looking thing👽.” The handle makes it easy to hold onto when my body is spasming through my climax.

This makes for a better orgasm experience when it comes to clitoral stimulation. Unlike with the Satisfyer Pro 2; I damn near always lose suction and it’s hard to keep my body still during orgasm 😩.

No worries though. I’ve found the Satisfyer to be good for other things. It’s also still a good clitoral toy despite its shortcomings. Kinda reminds me of everyday people.

Satisfyer Pro 2

I enjoy using the Zumio alone, but it is so much more enhanced with the help of the Satisfyer Pro 2. I like all the Satisfyers that I’ve tried. It’s usage comes with a bit of a frustrating learning curve, but once you get over that hump you’re home free.

You got to find the right spot to get the right kind of sucking action going. That part is relatively easy. If you’re a whining hip thruster like me, keeping the suction is the less easy part. The shape, handle, and large suction silicon makes this particular Satisfyer the optimal choice for such a task. Trust me, you know when you found the right spot.

The Satisfyer Pro 2 is a suction toy as Angel tells us, “with pressure wave toys, the stimulating effect is only achieved when there’s an air seal around the area you want stimulated.” This is how it achieves that sucking sensation… No seal…no suck 🤷🏾‍♀️😆 You can read more Satisfyer reviews on Lupe.Space.

New Discoveries

While using the Satisfyer, I learned something new about my body. Something that I was familiar with yet unaware of.

My vaginal opening is highly sensitive. 😮

I learned that I can bring myself to orgasm just by playing around with that area of my vagina. This is an awesome thing because when it comes to sex toys, penetration is not very high upon my list of things I enjoy.

While the Satisfyer Pro 2 may have been designed for clitoral stimulation, I also recommend it for nipple and vaginal opening stimulation as well.

You can control the suction with a simple few clicks of the plus or minus control setting. It has exactly two buttons and it’s rechargeable. One button is the power button and the other button is the hi-low control setting button.

You don’t have to look at it to work it, basically.

The way I use them for dual stimulation is first I place the Satisfyer to my vaginal opening and I’ll do that for a little bit and use the Zumio to stimulate my nipples.

Whew this toy review getting explicit! I might have to put in a session after this 😉

After I’ve gotten myself to where I need to be I transition the Zumio from my nipples to my clitoris while still stimulating my vaginal opening with the Satisfyer Pro 2.

The Resolution

Things peak pretty quickly after that; A perfectly blended buzzy, rumbly clitoral, vaginal orgasm 😌😴. I’m totally immobilized. And I’m not moving from my bed. Which is why these Afterglow cleansing tissues are so great and so appropriately named.

I got these from a vendor at Woodhull SFS 18, and I love them for convenience. They’re pretty odorless and they don’t leave behind those white little fibers. The package recloses well so your wipes don’t dry out quickly. The packaging is really sturdy. I can say that because I travel with these as well and I’ve thrown them into bags and suitcases and they still come out wonderfully intact.

This flavorful review has been brought to you by none other than the beautiful, Qu33n Victoria.

Pretty Pink Lotus Bud for sex-positive spaces; #WomensOrgasmMatter; the sexually liberated woman, proheaux, sex magic

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orange crop top

New Year, New Opportunities

Welcome to 2019 people. I do realize we are an entire 11 days into this new year. I call myself resting right now and taking things slowly. My holiday season seguing into twenty nineteen has been a lot to process. The entire last three months in 2018 have been wonderful and magical; filled with introspection and self-reflection and lots and lots of down time.

orange crop top

My children and I traveled to my hometown of Canton, MS. It had been almost two years since we last visited. It was a short somewhat cold, rainy trip. It was a joy to see my grandmother and my niece and nephew…everyone really. I’d missed them all so much. I plan to go back and stay a bit longer once the weather warms up.

I have been somewhat absent in my social media presence and more present with my desires…love, family, travel and a bit more dating than usual (more stories for my blog).

I started this year asking a ciswoman out on a date. I’ve been on plenty of dates with women, however this is the first time I’ve ever asked a woman out. I’m excited!

This year, I’m prepared to encounter many, many firsts as I embark on a journey of manifested wealth. *Rubs hands like Birdman* In the words of one of my conference bae’s…this year is stirring up “Big Honesty Energy”.

And my only resolution for 2019 is to share my truest Self, my whole Self with the world. The fucking world deserves me and I without a doubt deserve the world. So you’re about to get all of this truth whether you want it or not. What you do with it is up to you.

Another year of opportunity

My birthday is in 8 days. I’m about to turn a cool ass 33 and if 32 was a preview of what’s to come at 33, then gobdambit I’m ready! I have been through some tough seasons in my life: death, divorce, dis-ease, homelessness, loneliness. Living from a place of fear as I worried endlessly about being able to provide for my children with zero to limited support (I got some thangs to share with yall…trust). Growth is seasonal. I invite you all to witness this pollen-free flowering of a Goddess stepping into her own…fearlessly uninhibited…ready for the world.

Mythical Goddess Tarot- new deck

In 2019, I’m manifesting a plethora of paid travel opportunities, paid speaking opportunities, sponsorships and collaborations galore. I see production cameras.

I won’t be able to accept all of them, yet I ask spirit to guide me to the best of them; Ones that are ideal for my personality type. Because I’m tired of being told I need to change in order to capitalize on a certain role. Nah, I’m good. I love me so goddamn much, I just don’t see the benefits to me in being something I’m not or more accurately, holding back all that I AM.

In 2019, I plan to place more effort into relationship building by doing the work to understand others and helping them to better understand me.

Just as all of these things are happening in the wake of seasons past, I am also celebrating my 3rd year as a sex blogger. My greatest profession yet! If ever I’ve loved any work I’ve ever done in my life…THIS IS IT!

This year is beyond magical RIGHT NOW.

What’s New?

Personally, I’ve been slow moving this year with divine purpose. Because once this year really gets started, although I’ll be enjoying every single moment, I’m going to wish I could slow it down.

It is eventually going to slow down. So I won’t start making promises that I have no idea whether I’ll be able to keep.

That being what it is, I’ve got a treat for those of you who like feet. Truth…I’ve been doing this foot fetish thing for a little over two years now. I love it! And under the advice of a longtime friend and client, I decided to start an Insta for my feet.

foot fetish


In the words of another client, “Beautiful from head to toe.” Y’all can’t know how much I enjoy being worshiped and showered with praise (and paid). ALL THE FEELS!

Next up! Some folx got questions…cool…I can dig it. If you got questions you can ask them anonymously via askfm PrttyPnkLtsBd. Then there’s always my contact form.

Finally…at least for this post…You can subscribe to my uncensored content on my OnlyFans profile. Anybody down for some topless tarot…?

I do have other projects and content in development. I’ll keep y’all posted as those things enter stages of completion. In the meantime, share and subscribe.

Enjoy your stay, love.

Pretty Pink Lotus Bud for sex-positive spaces; #WomensOrgasmMatter; the sexually liberated woman, proheaux, sex magic

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Vaginas are Portals to the Unmanifested

Prefer to listen? Here’s the sound cloud link to audio for “Vaginas are Portals to the Unmanifested” read by yours truly.

For the last couple of months, I’ve awaken from my sleep with no place to be. For the first few days it was really giving my mind a flipping workout. Oh how my mind loves to take situations of which it has never dealt with to try and make sense of it; to fold it ever so neatly and place it in a cute little box, perfectly wrapped for the season and say, “Here you are, Victoria; the perfect solution.” How does one come up with the perfect solution to an issue you’ve never encountered? How Sway? Your mind will have you convinced of the lies you tell yourself.

Yes, the perfect solution backed by repetitious behavior patterns and familiar learned responses that haven’t worked out once for you, yet. I mean what’s a girl to do every single morning with no place to be; no one besides me to carry me into the temporary bliss of orgasmic forgetfulness. Although it is a familiar state of being, it was out of place for me in my recently acquired position as an educator. Dealing with such would require quite a bit a of reprogramming…but from how or where?

I went for a walk. I talked on my walk. At first, I talked to myself. Then I started talking to the the little black dot in the upper left corner of my phone screen. This just felt like something I needed to capture…purposes yet unknown.

I took a short trip. First, to SoFlo where Mike met the kids. Then a longer, one to Colorado with my sisters. It’s what I do in these situations. I leave. Funny thing I’ve noticed is that as often as I leave these situations, these situations never leave me.

After each of my getaways, I got exactly what I needed. I needed to refresh in order to process this particular situation with renewed perspective. I needed the space to separate manic from manna which requires a significant amount of manual labor if you will. Here, I understood that this was a situation that did not require a solution and certainly not one I could offer from my own mind.

Seeking Guidance

Prior to entering the Universal year 11 that is 2018, I asked what I might need to bring on the journey into the new year. After two days of meditation alone in my place, the answer was a single word: COURAGE.

I printed an image of Courage the Cowardly Dog, traced and painted him on canvas, then hung the piece on my bedroom wall as a sign post not unlike the ones in the Colorado mountains reminding you to take caution in the curves ahead; Caution not fear. Those signs didn’t say don’t go nor did they say turn back– I just understood this. Any who, I brought Courage into 2018 with me. I didn’t know what it meant or why I would need it. Although it is very, very clear to me, now.

courage the cowardly dog on canvas

Fast forward through one of the most amazing years of my life, hands down no competition, on the literal cusp of my 33rd year I find myself entering yet another season. The universe says to me, “Those old behavior and thought patterns can no longer serve you, here.” Thanks for the word. If old patterns won’t work, what of new ones, of any at all?

Lost yet again, I look to my cards…my guides often speak through them. The response came swift. “The answer is within,” they said. Still lost and now a bit frustrated, I decided to dive into “Becoming”, Michele Obama’s book I had preordered months prior and had just gotten around to downloading on Audible.

I love Michele Obama. She is exactly the bare-bones, January 17th Capriquarian I’d expect her to be (my birthday twin)…unlike Steve Harvey but then again, he’s also a man encouraging women to think like men (ewwww!). I was half hoping that reading about the life of a different person born on January 17th might offer some insight to my own life. It worked…kinda…not in the way I had expected.

Just as I was about to download Becoming, another book populated my phone screen…The Power of Now. I’ve known about this book for a while and I’ve owned it for perhaps a bit over a year and had been waiting to get my hands on it for longer than that. It ended up finding me in my usual place; lost among books in a thrift store. It was obviously time to read it now.

The (useless) Attack

There is a savage attack against sexual freedom and the freedom of sexual expression as we speak. You can educate yourself via this wonderfully written post by my blogging colleague, When will we stop fearing sex? Sorry guys, no more of my lady boobs on Tumblr.

Maybe it’s nothing and maybe it’s because the Universe is expanding at an extremely rapid rate (go look it up) and the fact that vaginas are portals to the unmanifested (you’re free to research this as well). It also might have a lot to do with the fact that the energy being released into a rapidly expanding universe is similar to that of the rapidly expanding waist lines of pregnancy in preparation for labor.

Colorado the beautiful!

Maybe it is because such a labor is used to give birth to new consciousness and I’m not talking breeding and procreation. You can keep pretending you don’t feel this energetic shift all you want. Pretending you can solve life situations with old muddled mind habits. You can’t. You could also write this off as a conspiracy theorist rant because that’s definitely an option, too.

I remember being in labor with my daughter and the midwife yelling for me to “wait, wait, wait,” because she wasn’t quite dressed to receive the birth. My daughter came through anyway and as a result, I received seven cute little stitches. Moral of the story…ready or not, here it comes.

Teen Pregnancy Revelation

This past August I attended a workshop at the Woodhull sexual Freedom summit about teen pregnancy. I’m not sure or at least I can’t recall what I might have been expecting to hear at this workshop. However I was not expecting to hear what I heard.

We’ve all been taught that teenage pregnancy is “bad”. Ask anyone and you’re likely to get the same kind of answer for the same kind of reason. What I learned at the workshop is why teens pregnancy is seen as a bad thing and why there is such a huge campaign against it.

You might think these stats come from maybe mortality rates, maybe health departments, maybe premature birth rates, perhaps even Child Protective Services, or something of that nature but no.

The facts are that individuals who become pregnant as teens are less likely to receive college degrees, less likely to hold “better paying” jobs, and therefore contribute less into the country’s GDP which is how much money the country makes. Makes total fucking sense to me, now!

In conclusion, teen pregnancy is a bad thing not because of the risk to the parents or the children but because of the lack of contribution to the revenue or the profit that this country makes.

You can look that up, too.

So if you’re expecting anyone to be honest about the uninvention of sex or if you’re accepting the whole, “We’re protecting our children,” speech as truth, I invite you to wake up. If there is any protection to be had, any that is necessary, knowing is the only protection there is.


I love sex conferences. I learn more at sex conferences, particularly more things that interest me than I’ve learned at any formal institution I’ve ever attended. Interest may have been sparked at these institutions. For example, my interest in sex beyond the physical act was sparked in my GSU sex and society class junior year in college. However, this is not where or even when actual exploration of the subject occurred.

My exploration of sex actually came from a budding spiritual journey hence the name Pretty Pink Lotus Bud with reference to my pretty pink (*) spiritual journey that is constantly shedding old petals for new ones and all those other things that lotuses do and represent.

I launched this blog in February 2017 and attended my first conference just six month’s later thank’s to my blog squad and a beautiful crowd funding campaign that allowed myself as well as two others the financial privilege to embark on this journey of sexploration. I can say, never before had I been welcomed into any community with such embrace. Not in my own family, not in “work” family, and certainly not in any church family. I have made the most unexpected wonderful friendships with individuals all over the world of which sex is not a no options game. #relationshipanarchy

Since then, I’ve attended a number of conferences throughout the US and one in London.

During the most resent conference, I attended the Punany Politics workshop hosted by the legendary TyShaw. I could try and explain to y’all what this workshop was about, but I won’t. I couldn’t do it justice if I attempted. It was a language, spoken in english with several references to tribal deities that only my soul could understand. She was actually talking too fast for my mind to do anything with it and I’ve come to the conclusion that this is a great thing.

Me and TyShaw

Punany Politics

In 2010, I graduated from Georgia State University with a bachelor’s degree in marketing. With that degree came classes on macroeconomics and microeconomics, finance and accounting, and a ton of bullshit on supply and demand.

And with all this knowledge on supply and demand I’m still confused as to why I’m not legally allowed to use my pussy to capitalize on the riches that are on the other side of my orgasm.

It’s my pussy. All of this knowledge that I have about sex is my intellectual property. How does this capitalism thing work again? Never mind. I think I’m pretty familiar. It only works how mostly men making those muddled mind habit decisions I mentioned earlier believes it should work. That why part is what always gets me stuck.

Why do you care what I do with my pussy? Why is my pussy such a threat that you need to make its use for monetary purposes illegal? Why is my pussy such an issue that you need to make my individual choice to abort a pregnancy illegal? Why is my pussy such a threat that you do your best to make it illegal for me to even post pictures of it on the Internet?

Because vaginas are portals to the unmanifested and we are in labor to birth a vision this world could never perceive.

Pretty Pink Lotus Bud for sex-positive spaces; #WomensOrgasmMatter; the sexually liberated woman, proheaux, sex magic

Save the Tatas, Free the Nipple

As we bring the month of October to a close, let us give honor to those lovely peaks of flesh: boobs, breasts, tits, jugs, cans, hooters, knockers, melons, rack, etc, etc.

Breast cancer ain’t really my thing. I’m all for awareness, but there is just so many other things around it (capitalism) that just doesn’t sit well with me. It’s an energy thing and if you’d like to learn more in regards to black women/black bodies and breast cancer, you should definitely search Ericka Hart. As a breast cancer survivor, and sex educator and advocate, she offers so much more insight into this world than I ever could.

Even so, I fucking love my boobs. And for obvious reasons of the sexualization of women’s breast, the true depth of this statement will not be fully comprehensible to most.

Too many of us believe women’s breast are for male consumption. Nope. They are not. They are for infant consumption. This is where my love for breast originated at 7 years old, with the single hope that I might one day posses a set by which to nurse my own children.

Making their debut at a 34 B, my boobs were the loveliest mounds of flesh I’d ever laid eyes on. They were everything to me. Not even exaggerating 😆.

While other girls I knew who were as developed as I was at my same age took painstaking measures to hide or minimize their boobs in our small southern Bible belt town, I’d proudly put mine on display in low cut blouses and crop tops.

Of course me being the helpless, naive, temptress of a woman that I am, I was obviously putting my breast on display to get attention from boys and seduce grown men and not because I was simply excited to have breast and I genuinely enjoyed looking at them damn myself 😑.

Let the record show that a woman is capable of loving and furthermore appreciating her breast much more than a man ever could. Not even up for debate; that came from the source.

But again, everything that a man deems sexual about a woman is clearly for the attention of men even when said woman is lesbian. Oh, but I digress.

A decade after my girls made their debut, I gave birth to my first born. What an exciting moment!? I’d been fantasizing this moment since I was 7 years old. Talk about a dream come true.

I couldn’t wait to cradle her in my arms and nurse her into the perfect image of health as we continued to build this amazing and effortless bond on the outside. Being able to nurse my children from my own bossom, as my grandma so lovingly calls them, has been one of the most priceless and humanly authentic experiences of my life.

It’s baffling that so many people see the female nipple only as a sexual segue. Oh it is soooo much more; What a limiting perspective!

I wrote all that to say, yes, let us do the work (research) to save the tatas 🎗️, but let us also do the work to free the nipple ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾.

Pretty Pink Lotus Bud for sex-positive spaces; #WomensOrgasmMatter; the sexually liberated woman, proheaux, sex magic

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Fuck Me Like a Gentleman

Last Thursday, I had the honor of performing for some beautiful Houstonian melanated people on the Nawfside. I don’t think I ever tell yall how much I love my people…lies…but not nearly enough ✊🏿. They’re the same ones I hung out with earlier this summer. You might remember from my insta-stories if you follow me on Instagram.

And for those who did not realize, yes, I am spoken word talented…sometimes. Spirit has given me some good pieces…they just don’t come that often (I’m working on that, too 👀). When I host people be expecting me to spit all evening and I be like, “Wait, wait, wait, I ain’t got but three poems; can I save at least one for next time?”….😆

I mean, I will be up in here hosting every OTHER Thursday for Slowed Down Thursday


I performed one new piece and another piece that I’ve performed only a few times, but has been well received each time I’ve performed. The piece is entitled, “Fuck Me Like a Gentleman”; I call it my multidimensional woman poem. The last time I performed it was in Hollywood, FL On the B-Side with Ms. Ingrid B. ObbieWest was in the audience with his beautiful, deeply melanated Self ✊🏿. #hesofine

That man makes my vagina do kegels which intern causes my uterus and fallopian tubes do jumping jacks. And just to be clear, this particular reaction is completely energetic. Don’t worry about it if you don’t understand. Chile, let it be. You know what they say, “The Blacker the berry; the brighter the light.” No? That’s just me. Anyway, it’s the truth.

So last Thursday, I performed my multidimensional woman poem and it got the kind of standing ovation that I wasn’t really expecting. A 62 year old man sitting in the rear of the crowd near the entrance of the club stood up out of his seat and proclaimed quite loudly into the crowd that my poem made his dick hard. Yes, he used those exact words. He later confided that he doesn’t get aroused very often.

I’m definitely still high off of that fanning moment. My work has the power to arouse without touch. Not as though I didn’t already know that; a testimony is everything. It raises credibility…if you ever doubted me. Please See Audre Lorde’s Uses of the Erotic.

Hopefully, all of you reading will get to see me perform once these tickets go on sale.

Fuck Me Like a Gentleman explores the various dichotomies of being a woman and respectability politics in a user friendly, easy to digest, and comprehensible format. It uses simple language with minimal complexities and ambiguities which I can overdo sometimes when I write. The piece was inspired by the way I desire to be treated in and outside of the bedroom. This along with the way I dress, speak, or the way I move in this world does not determine my respectability. As you can imagine, I’ve heard my poem interpreted from a variety of perspectives which has been the most interesting thing of all.

How can what I’m saying be so different than what you’re hearing? I’m still trying to process that part. 🤔

After I finished the poem, the entire room was quiet for a brief moment then the ladies in the room began to nod in agreement, insert standing ovation, and there were still men arguing whether or not this is something that can actually be done…😣

“Fuck that treating like a gentleman shit; I’mma treat her ass like an animal,” one man responded.

And that’s probably because that’s how you want to treat her, right. Not because that’s how she asked to be treated or even how she wants to be treated.

I had to tell him, “That’s the best advice I can give you, sir and that came from the source so pay attention.” I’m just glad he paused to even consider that statement.

That was amazing and not in a good way. Imagine, a woman is standing before you, telling you how she desires to be treated yet you still decide that you will treat her how you want or believe you should treat her for whatever reason you use to excuse your behavior. Somebody help me pick up my bottom jaw off the floor. Wow, just wow! 😮🤯

We have so far to go with just the basics of consent…then there’s communication, connection, intimacy…so many other things that factor into great sex. And if your woman/vulva owning partner is not having back to back…what I call rolling orgasms complete with aftershocks then I’m pretty convinced your sex is not as great as you think it is. Say want you want and I’ll say what I will (wield). #fightme

The sixty two year old gentlemen later joined me at the stage where the conversation took a deeper turn. But ya’ll gonna have to wait for that one… Subscribe and to find out how that one went.

Pretty Pink Lotus Bud for sex-positive spaces; #WomensOrgasmMatter; the sexually liberated woman, proheaux, sex magic

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I need my children to see me in love

I am polyamourous. I fall in love often and mostly this love exists under certain conditions. Falling in love unconditionally is me in my rarest form.

The last time I was unconditionally in love with someone was before my children were born. Although that love carried through into the first two years of my daughter’s life, she didn’t really get to witness that because that love was not for her father, whom I was with at the time.

I need my children to see me in love.

I never saw my mother in love. I heard stories. I read letters. I saw pictures of a high school sweetheart and weekend getaways, my mother in rare form. I saw the joy in her face as she stare at the ring on her finger, the devastation in her voice when she realized she’d lost it, her tears and anger as she grieved the loss…of the relationship. The regret of not following her heart. I’d often wonder where it all originated.

In those times I didn’t understand that this is love.

She never explained to us that she was in love…it was just something we had to assume if we knew any better. I didn’t see her being affectionately cared for, kissed, and held. I never heard anyone say to her, “I love you, Dianne.” For some odd reason, someone somewhere thought this might be more damaging than helpful for children of single parentage.

It seems as though the idea was to hold motherhood separate from such acts particularly if you are not married to the object of your affection. My mother had never been married.

I’m so in love

I’ve written about Mike many times throughout my blog. There is no question about it. I am in love with this man…this person. We met five years ago. In that time we’ve spent many fleeting moments together. We’ve shared passion in passing. I’ve often found myself questioning the validity of it since it doesn’t quite look the way I’ve been taught that it should. I recognize it only by the way it feels…by the way this feels. By the way I recall my mother feeling. I finally know what it looks like for me.

I love that he loves me exactly where I am. We don’t have to go over all the technicalities of gender roles and such. He understands that I exist way outside of those parameters.

Recently, this man I’ve known and shared this connection with for the last five years was granted the honor of meeting my children for the first time. This is not the first time my children have met someone that I’m involved with, however it is the first time they’ve met someone I am in love with. Someone with whom I interact with differently…more affectionately.

My children are the primary objects of my affection…and my cat. They get all the hugs and love and kisses. Mike doesn’t know this truth though because I shower him with the same loving affection. Yep, I’m so in love.

My children deserve to see me in love.

On the day they were set to meet him, I prepped them first. Yes, I did. My children have never seen me in love. They don’t know what that looks like and I wanted them to be clear so they wouldn’t have to make assumptions the way I did as a child.

When I sat them down, it was brief. I told them today they would meet Mike. I let them know that today, they would bear witness to what mommy looks like expressing romantic love. I let them know that they would be catching all the love vibes and why it was such an awesome thing to witness. Finally, I asked them if they were ok with that and not to my surprise, they consented to seeing their mommy in love. I would have done the same.

We spent the evening on the beach me, Mike, and the kids. We talked to them more about our relationship, how we met, and other things. I talked with Mike about my relationship with my children and the values that I’m cultivating with them. All of these things are important to me. My children got to witness that the way I express my love for Mike is not very different than the way I express love to them.

This love is infinite even if my relationship with Mike is not. I’m not concerned with its end. I’m concerned with what it is and more than anything it is NOW. And if you know like I know, now is the only time that matters. It is an energy that my children will reference whether consciously or subconsciously for a lifetime. They will measure their own love by this energy and that is a good thing because this…this love is great. It is all those things that l read that love should be in 1 Corinthians 13:4-8.

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To Love Love is Unheard of

Compersion has rarely been an easy feeling to explain. By that I mean when I explain to people what compersion feels like, I’ve never had anyone say, “Oh yeah, I know exactly what you mean.”

Story time

Imagine a child who comes to sit in front of a grandparent, criss-cross applesauce, elbows propped on their thighs, and fist tucked snuggly underneath their chin eager to hear a story that they’ve heard a hundred times. That’s me listening to my lover tell me about their love and their love-making sessions with another lover and all of those beautiful acts of love.

That’s unheard of… That makes absolutely no sense at all to most people I know and those I meet. Imagine having people attempt to try to figure you out by placing you into their box. Imagine you constantly have to remind them you don’t process that way; that yes, you are aware of that way of thinking and feeling, but that is not the way you think and feel. Therefore, you cannot answer the question the way they want you to answer it without that being just a conditioned response and not really how you really feel.

Does that make any sense?

You are so different.

The first time that I ever noticed feeling compersion, I was in the high school. A guy, whom I had a sexual relationship with that I very much had a connection with had a connection with someone else. He had been reluctant to tell me about that connection because he was concerned that it might interfere with our connection. And of course, due to our conditioning, rightfully so.

I was glad he decided to tell me the truth anyway. When he shared the story about how they had been separated unexpectedly and were finding one another again for the first time in almost a year, it made my heart skip a beat.

It was like that feeling you get when you watch The Notebook or some other romantic movie you love 😍…This Rush of passion.

I ended up driving him to meet her at her school’s Spring Dance. I watched them embrace outside of the gymnasium doors where the dance was being held, then walk in hand in hand. It felt beautiful to see him, someone I cared about so much, experiencing love with someone else.

I love telling that story and when I do people think it’s weird. They question my motives, my intent, my means to an end 😆. Indeed, I have a beautiful mind especially when people aren’t trying to pick it apart.

You are so different.

It’s something I hear often when it comes to my feelings of compersion. Some people I date find it helpful and others not so much.

Just an anomaly

I was 28 years old before I knew compersion even had a name; before I knew it was a thing that was called something; before that I thought I was just an anomaly.

I was sitting in a hotel room across from a person who would become my friend. I was in post marriage confession mode. Speaking my greatest joys and passion into the Universe to people who were once strangers.

This particular evening I was confessing these feelings of feeling joy of my lover being with other lovers almost in a whisper…those whispers that come out very forcefully when you’re passionate about what you’re saying, but you don’t want to say it too loud.

The next thing he said absolutely blew my mind. In his Irish accent he said, “What you’re talking about is called compersion.”

“Come-what,” I responded.

Compersion. C-o-m-p-e-r-s-i-o-n.

The feels that I have been feeling had a name…has a name.

Is compersion a really awesome and great thing? Fuck yeah.

The world around me doesn’t always treat it as such. Many times I’ve had to walk away from a person I adore because they refuse to accept me in my compersion. I understand what you think, I understand what you feel, but that does not change who I AM.

I cannot love you the way that I desire to or even the way you desire me to if I cannot be who I am comfortably and completely.

Compersion is a magical feeling and to know that I get to experience a feeling so rare; a feeling so few relate to is such a magnificent journey.

To my loves… May I always love the love you love.

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Pretty Pink Lotus Bud; Sinful Sunday; Waist beads

Waist Beads

I don’t know very much about the traditions of waist beads. I’m just so proud to be of African heritage because I get to wear them without having to know anything about them and people won’t give me shit about cultural appropriation 🙄.

They’re really popular these days…nostalgic for me. I used to make these back in hs with my friend, Kay who is from Africa. Didn’t know much about them then either.When I search the interwebs, I see things about weight loss and waist training and such. Although I did find this one video to be helpful in learning about them—–>

All I know is that they make me feel incredibly sexy and that is enough for me. 😌Pretty Pink Lotus Bud; Sinful Sunday; Waist beads


Visit the linked lips below for more sinful shares 💋💋💞

Sinful Sunday

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Manifesting: Mirrors, Magic, and Masturbation

This is actually the title of one of the workshops (Mirrors, Magic, and Masturbation) at Sex Down South Conference. I didn’t attend that workshop but I liked the title so I decided to use for this post.

When I was primary school-age, my grandparents had a mirror mounted in the kitchen. Every evening I’d get to the table before all my cousins so I could sit and glance intermittently at my reflection as I ate dinner. This seat also happened to be at the head of the table.

I don’t recall how long I did this before my great-grandmother banned me from this seat and told me that I was “stuck on myself”. There was truth in that. I see that now. Back then, I was obsessed with mirrors; very little has changed.

I used mirrors to look at all parts of my body and not just my face. In the evenings, my grandmother would complain about how long I was taking in the bathroom. If you guessed it was because I was busy ‘looking up my ass’ as my grandmother called it, you’re absolutely right.

In school, I was always the girl you could ask for a mirror. I’d carry around those round compact mirrors that I never paid for…mirrors seemed to find me everywhere. There’s more to it than that though. I was manifesting MIRRORS.

When I was in college, I hung multiple mirrors in my dorm room. It was the first thing people noticed when they walked in. My first apartment had mirrors as the closet doors and I still bought more mirrors.

I once visited a friend in high school and there were mirrors everywhere in her house. She said, “Yeah, my mom loves mirrors.” And I thought, “When I get a place, I’m going to do this in my place.” I did.

My great-grandmother was right. I was certainly stuck on my-Self.

Mirrors are portals to magical realms. I knew that even before I knew that. Often times I’d stare into the mirror with intention…unaware of what those intentions were…didn’t make them any less powerful. I was manifesting beautiful thoughts of myself and didn’t even realize it.

I am a Master Manifestor.

As an adolescent, I’d sit on the bed with the soles of my feet together, prop a mirror there, and begin to open the floral folds of my pussy, exploring mySelf as I stare in amazement at the reflection.

Even then I knew my pussy was magical.

There was nothing sexual about that touch. There were simply the thoughts, “This is so fucking cool; Is this really mine? I wonder what it can do.”

I’d been touching myself for years. To see and touch me and watch me as I touch me was an entirely new level of elevation. I was manifesting PLEASURE. I have had quite an abundance of that and to be totally honest, it’s one of those things I live for….Its one of those “if I could have that one more time before I die” type of things.

Earlier I told you that mirrors are portals to magical realms…as are pussies. Do you see where I’m going here? It’s totally ok if you don’t. Because you know I’m going to continue my story either way.

Even from a teenager, I have had an amazingly pleasant, pleasure-filled journey with my many partners. And as I listen to so much of the traumas that my sisters have been through in their sexual journeys (that I can absolutely relate to) I am so thankful for the beautiful perspective of my own journey. No doubt this message came from mySelf. I was manifesting this EXPERIENCE.

I hadn’t realized.

I was 28 years old experiencing a divorce when I began to recognize I was manifesting my DESIRES…not me though…mySelf.

Also, I and mySelf are not separate. One is just subconscious and therefore woke as fuck. They teach you that the subconscious is asleep; declare that it is awake. Know that the subconscious is awake and playing a vital role in your being-ness even as you may be unaware. So don’t worry, you’ll always be exactly where you’re supposed to be.

Lots of people were sure the divorce was all my ex husband’s fault. After all he was the one having extra-marital affairs, being disrespectful, and violent. Shortly there after the separation, I met a person that I fell in love with instantly. I knew I had been the one to cause this experience.

While talking to a friend of mine, I confessed that I had not been happy in my marriage and that I’d just been pretending to save face. Truth…I pined for love and pleasure, something I always had, had suddenly been gone with two simple words, “I do.”

When I was married, my thoughts would often start like this, “Once this is over…” Sad, I know.

It was here that I recognized my MAGIC.

I broke free so that I could discover that love and pleasure I’ve become so attached to. Once I recognized my power, I begin imagining all of the things I could possibly manifest. It was everything I needed to focus and practice.

Manifesting through mirrors and masturbation is a regular practice for me. It is indeed a magical journey. My practice is insatiably sensual and intelligently intimate. MySelf knows me better than I could ever know mySelf. It is here in the climax of my self-induced orgasm that I relinquish all that I Am to mySelf. To gain control, you must indeed let go.

Today, I have this special mirror…it’s heavy. It reminds me of the mirror over the kitchen table at my granny’s house. The frame is gold. I prop it against the wall in the hallway of my place as I lean against the opposite wall. I watch myself touching myself and sometimes I record myself watching myself touching myself as I rock back and forth manifesting through mirrors, magic, and masturbation.

Making magic with Mirrors and Masturbation

Yes, the mirror matters. Not as much as you do. Special mirrors have special effects and special may vary. The more sentiment you attach to the mirror, the more powerful it becomes. This becomes even more powerful when there is not physical attachment to the mirror. That way the object does not have power over you…see…let go.

I’m a bit frugal. I am also nostalgic. The mirror I use reminds me of my childhood and I thrifted it. Now, that is special to me.

I’m not going to tell you to strip naked and start playing with your pussy. You might not be there yet. Start slow…if you need to…and if you’re unsure, ask your-Self and trust that answer.

Sit in front of the mirror everyday with all your clothes on, perhaps a favorite outfit, that may help you feel beautiful or sensual and simply ask yourSelf, “Who am I?” Do that everyday until you are comfortable removing some of your clothing. Touch your exposed skin. Watch yourself touching yourself. Pay attention to the thoughts that populate your mind. Decide if you’d like to change those thoughts. Note whether you love those thoughts.

Do this everyday, removing more and more clothing each day asking yourself only one question, “Who am I?” Don’t answer it though. The answer is already there. Keep a journal of your thoughts, feelings, and changes each day.

Dance in your mirror. Have a conversation with yourself…speak objectively about what you see, speak sensually about what you see, speak candidly about what you see, speak kindly about what you see…love on yourself. Make this experience unique to you.

Here are some things I say to myself:

You so fine.
I’m so fly.
You are so amazing.
I love mySelf.
Hey, Beautiful.

When you’re ready, cultivate the space you need to allow your fingers to explore nonsexually…If it turns sexual wonderful….if it doesn’t just as well.

When you’re ready.

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Sometimes we think of sex toys as replacements for actual sexual intercourse but what are they really for.

I don’t need a toy; I need the real thing 🍆

You will find the word sex toy a lot in this post since it is indeed about sex toys. In the finale of the summer 100, you will find that I have linked the words “sex toy(s)” to several awesome sex toy stories and reviews so that you can discover the world of sex toys from a variety of perspectives! 🤗

Sometimes we think of sex toys as replacements for actual sexual intercourse but what are they really for.

What is the purpose of sex toys anyway?

Are they for…

A) relaxation
B) pleasure or
C) a replacement for actual intercourse

This past May my child-free friend, Christy invited all of her friends with children over to her home for a nice little barbecue and pool party. 🏊

As we gathered for drinks and conversation, I told the ladies a little bit about who I am and what I do as a sex blogger. I gave them each a copy of my business card and of course, my women’s orgasms matter button and we started in on a conversation about sex toys.

“I have one,” one of the ladies shared. “I’ve been using it a lot since I’ve been single.”

“I don’t need a sex toy,” another one said. “I need the real thing.”

Sex toys are cool; I have a few, but I have a man now though so I haven’t used them in awhile.” the last one shared.

“Well, Vikki can certainly tell you anything you need to know about sex toys and her blog is so amazing 🥰,” my friend Christy chimed in.

Although, I know this isn’t totally true, the fact that I have mad resources thanks to my sex blogger posse filled with toy reviewers, I could certainly get these ladies all the information they desired.

Sex Toys & Group Think

In retrospect, I can recall many situations of both directly and indirectly associating the use of toys with being single or not having a person there to assist me in fulfilling my sexual desires. In my mind, that’s what sex toys were for.

As each of us shared our stories about our experience with sex toys, how we use them, and the purpose we see in sex toys, I begin to notice a theme and it was not unlike my own thoughts about sex toys before embarking on my blogging journey and eventually the 30-day orgasm fun challenge.

Why do we believe the things we believe about things we've never experienced?

When I started my blog back in February of 2017, I had no interest in sex toys or plans of incorporating them into my sex blogging journey because of this belief. Little did I realize the Universe definitely had other plans.

This encounter cause me to question what we believe the purpose of sex toys to be and how I and other sex bloggers and individuals who use sex toys regularly could possibly change this perception. I’ll admit, I’m probably a bit easier to convince than average. After all, my motto has always been, “I’ll try anything once, twice if I like it.”

I’ve noticed that so many of us, most specifically black women, who lack experience with them believe that sex toys are replacements for actual bodies. This statement absolutely includes me.

It was during this conversation by the pool with these ladies that I realized my belief about sex toys acting as replacements for bodies had actually been a symptom of group-think.

Group-think can be this thing that happens when we believe something about people, places, things, or ideas often times without having any experience in whatever that thing is and allowing those beliefs to influence how we interact with those people, those places, or those things/ideas.

And here, we hold these ideas about sex toys without actually having much experience with sex toys at all.

The Pleasure Advocate

The pleasure advocate

I shared with these ladies that I once held their same perspective. Then I got the opportunity to dive into a world of sex, including the toys, and I quickly learned that there are so many sex toys that do so many magical things. Sex toys don’t replace bodies; they can’t! In retrospect I think to myself, what a silly thought. How did I even come up with that?

They are there in some ways to enhance bodies, to compliment bodies, and to help us explore and discover our bodies in new ways; in spiritual ways even; in ways we might not have explored our own being-ness had we not been introduced to toys. I can certainly say all of those are true for me.

As we sat at the poolside between sipping mimosas🍹 and reapplying sunblock to our children, I continued telling the ladies about rechargeable toys and some of my specific favorites including the zumio and all the satisfyers 😍. I could tell by the expression on their faces that this was all new territory for them as it had been for me.

I had no idea of the power and magic so eloquently dubbed “the wand” that could be held in the palm of one’s hand. I explained how the design and technology of sex toys has evolved to more pleasure centered roles with research to support. So much so that you might actually discover new ways to orgasm, new kinds of orgasms, and that even the same type of orgasm can feel vastly different depending on the type of sex toy you’re using.

They were all suddenly wide-eyed 👀 and intrigued. “I’m going to have to take a look into these new toys,” one of the ladies responded. Success! My work is done. I can officially add sex toy pleasure advocate to my resume. 🥰✊🏿🤩

I am a total sex toy novice and I love, love, love sharing all of the new discoveries I make with my own body. So I encourage you to dive into the world of toys and see what new things you might find.


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Signs of Men I’ve Loved

Spending this last week with my love has me thinking about all the men I love and connecting the dots of what they all might have in common. I absolutely love the way we do relationships in a variety of ways including this way as expressed by May More.

One thing I’ve noticed is that I’m forever falling for society’s weirdos. The ones that have been called “Gay” “weird” “Black Sheep” etc. They move differently; all of them sensing or sensitive type. I would even venture so far as to say they are all Empaths like me… Perhaps.

As we all know by now if you follow this blog, I am polyamorous. When I fall in love, I don’t fall out or at least I never have. I might grow apart from the person I love, however to this day I love them still. I think about them often and some are still in my life. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

One thing I love about me is that I love in the moment and without attachment. If my journey with the someone I love has ended, I accepted it as such because I know I can never lose that love. They may have brought it out, but that love originates in me. At its source, love is infinite.

So without further Ado let’s get into this, shall we.

The sign of the first guy I ever loved at 14 years old. Yeah, I know too young blah blah. Yet, here I am at 32 still claiming him as my love and he claims me as well. We know what it is… anywho.

Leo a fire sign— what did I love about this guy. First of all, needless to say weirdo 😆. He was/is a “fuck you looking at” class clown type to make me laugh until my stomach hurt. I love the things he said about me; the way he talked about me to other people when I wasn’t around.

The messages would always get back to me. In my head, I would be like, “Aww, he said that about me.”

I’ve always expressed my love through touch and words of affirmation. I like writing letters and almost every man I love his gotten a letter in some form from me.

Today, I’m learning that my love is actually in writing down my feelings.

Next up, the Sagittarius. I fell in love with how this man was on a mission to find out who I was before ever approaching me. He interviewed a couple of folks from my neighborhood. I thought it was the cutest thing ever. I also love the way he’d stare at my lips and into my eyes as I was talking while actually listening because you know I test for these things 😆. Again, he was constantly verbally expressing what he loves about me and why he loves me. What can I say, I love hearing beautiful honest and unusual things about myself. 🤷🏾‍♀️

Next up, another Sag. He once said to me, “You are so beautiful.” I said, “I know.” He responded, “No, you don’t have a clue.” I knew in that moment that he could see who I am. He took such care with me. He was corny level hilarious and I was partly laughing with him and at him at the same time. He’d often share the private men-folk conversations that were being had about me. People didn’t know we were dating so he enjoyed listening to the conversations. We’d laugh about them later.

If you’re noticing, all of my lovers so far have been Fire signs, but this one is a Cancer.😭 My first water sign. Seeing him cry was a beautiful experience. It’s funny now because the interwebs are always talking about Cancers the criers.

I’d rarely seen men cry outside of the death of a loved one. I loved his effort. His willingness to step outside his comfort zone. So sensitive 😍, verbally expressive of his love for me, very protective of me, defending my honor when I wasn’t there to speak for myself. You know the type.

Them : Shut up, you just saying that cuz you like her.
Him: So

I love a man with integrity. Obviously here in lies a trend. He could read me like a book and I loved it because it meant he was paying attention, close attention to the things I didn’t say.

Water sign once again, this time a Scorpio. This one doesn’t do much talking, but his expression towards me and to the things I say are everything. His smile, his eyes, his laugh, his eyebrows say it all. The way he reacts to me, staring at me when I’m asleep, and kissing me awake. The Cancer would do these things as well. All the PDA is my fave. He once made me a mixtape. It was actually a CD; mixtape just sounds better.

He loves to kiss. ‘Kisses all ova’ is what he text me. The way each of them expresses his love is what I seem to be falling in love with.

And Sagittarius is up once again. Could you guess that he’s a clown; silly and sensitive. Fire signs aren’t known for being sensitive, but they are… at least the ones I’ve dated. His words, his integrity… very protective of me and he expressed his love for me through the care of my children and of course of me. He was so selfless in his love for us. I never experienced that before; Even being married.

Then there was a Pisces; the briefest love affair I’ve ever experienced… I’m still in love with the magic of how it all went down. When we touched, energy surged through my body. I never had such a physical reaction to someone before. It was instant and we were inseparable for about 36 hours give or take. Once again, protective of me always in a chivalrous way. The way he talked about me with his mother 😍 He is super silly, resourceful, talented, skilled and also a clown.

They’ve all been the resourceful and very family oriented: home, children, siblings. I tend to attract men with historically (not scientifically) feminine characteristics.

Some might say that I couldn’t possibly have been in love that many times, but I say love is a friend that I’d recognized anywhere and it was so easy to identify in these men that I love.

These are all the signs of the men I love. What patterns do you notice? People boast of falling in love twice in their lifetime or three times. I guess I’m lucky in love; currently at 7. Oh My polyamorous 💓.

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