An affiliate is simply someone who receives commission for bringing a visitor to a merchant’s website or for helping customers find and purchase products from a merchant’s website.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is very broad and could be sometimes complex for the beginner affiliate so, the number one step to becoming and affiliate marketer is understanding what affiliate marketing is all about, the pros and cons, ups and downs, rights and wrongs and important concepts that every affiliate marketer should never forget. The good news is there are too many educating information about affiliate marketing on the internet and if you can dedicate just a few hours to read about it, you will be just good enough to dive into marketing.

Personal Statement

When a post contains affiliate links it means that when you purchase I will receive a percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you. So for those who make a purchase, thank you for your supporting this sex blog.

I give all honest reviews of any product I recommend.

I’m an affiliate for the following companies. This list is updated regularly so check back often.

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