Pretty Pink Lotus Bud

Pretty Pink Lotus Bud was birth from a personal desire to openly express my thoughts and feeling about sex. I NEEDED this space. I needed it without shame. I needed it without guilt, and I needed it to share my sexual experiences and explorations as well as those of others.

As I have been a very sensual person since before my sexual debut, I have resented the idea that I must hide this huge part of who I am as to avoid being ostracized.

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This blog is from a very personal perspective. All experiences and opinions are my own unless I say otherwise. PPLB is a space to honor those perspectives and the things I love the most: sensuality, intimacy, connection, and boundless love.

To praise the almighty orgasm and worship the power of the pussy.

Here, we celebrate sexual liberation, empowerment, open expression, and feminism.

We raise awareness on sexual health and social responsibility.

We explore our sexuality, both anatomically, spiritually, and psychologically.

We bring sex out of the darkness of secret and shame.

We recognize the connection between sex and spirituality.

We empower women to become instrumental in their pleasure.

Learn more about the #WomensOrgasmsMatter campaign.

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